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My taillight are broken and I need replacements cheap. My Dodge shadow 1993 will any other Dodge light fit it's tail light area?

Fixed Motor mount new plugs wires distributor cap roter still vibrating when idling.

Happens all the time no brake lights.checked fuses and bulbs

Ignition switch works. No power to starter. Neutral safety switch? Trace procedure. Everything was chill until trans install. Any idea welcome ✌

I have a 92 colt, car says Mitsubishi title says Dodge so I don't know what it is. It's a 5 speed manual transmission. It started jerking violently when in high 4th gear and 5th gear. I changed the plugs and wires and oil and oil filter are new. I still have the same issue. I have to pull over and shut off the motor for a couple minutes then start it back up. But as soon as I pass 50 or so MPH it starts up again. It's a 4 cylinder and I also put in some fuel cleaner stuff to no avail. I ordered a new fuel pump and fuel filter for it but it cost me more money than I can really afford and am just looking 4 an answer to what else it might be please help me I have to work in the morning

i cant find the secondary fuse box i think its a bad fuse but in not sure

I need my power steering belt and my serpentine belt put on my Dodge Shadow show me how 1994

need to use for car navigator the lighter doesnt work

All vacuum hoses are checked. clamping off all vacuum lines does not help.

1992 dodge shadow sat for 6 years just replaced fule pump and car starts right up but for some reason wont shift past first gear also when i jut it in drive or reverse i hear a clunk any ideas on how to fix this problem?

I'll start the car and after 10 minutes it'll shut off and when I go to restart it it won't turn over. I've replaced the fuel pump and filter before brand new. Now the car won't start doesn't turn over. I'm thinking it could be the cat because I have a exhaust leak but not sure. Maybe the distributor any suggestions

Then extreme hesitation on acceleration, works in reverse fine but sometime when put in drive will not move forward at all with transmission fluid present. Then oil pressure sending unit got loose or something and car now leaking oil again and will go fine in reverse but won't go in drive unless you put pedal to metal it revs real fast and inches forward help!

Sometimes when I start it the gas gauge don't go up and it has a mess to it and sometimes when I start it it don't do that . Someone said it might b a ground wire

my keys got locked in my car while running, after about a half hour the engine stopped running, when i finally got it unlocked it wouldnt re start, filled the coolant filled the oil changed the ignition coil and it still wont start, i dont think its getting spar, what should i do?

yeaterday i accidently locked my keys in my 94 dodge shadow with the engine running in park. while i was waiting for my buddy to come over with the jimmy to get it unlocked my engine suddenly stopped, ignition still on, doors still locked and everything. he came and we got it unlocked, but now i wont start, the engine is getting fuel and air, i took out a spark plug to feel air flow, also tested the spark plug and it wont spark, my thoughts are replacing the ignition coil first, if not than distributor even though it seems tight and fine, i just dont understand how this could happen just sitting in park idling for maybe 20 minutes, this has never happened before. any thoughts?

Well first problem occurred about two weeks ago, whenever the gas was below a half tank , ONLY left turns would make it stall, now i think that is from cracked baffles in the tank, but just yesterday it stopped turning over completely and just makes one loud click every time the key is turned. Help me please. Im so frustrated.

there is know one in town that knows were to find one

car starts fine, fire up every time, i let it run for 10 to 15 minutes, its been 10 degrees all week. yesterday i put it in reverse to back out and before i can even get to drive it stalls. fire it right back up with a pump of the gas, put it in drive pull back in put it in park it stalls. it always starts up and seems to idle fine in park and neutral. what should i replace or try to check out.

Drove car last night it was fine today started it up cant put it into any gear. Stick moves but cant put it in gear


I need directions on how to replace a brake light switch on a 1991 Dodge Shadow America. I can see the switch but unsure how to remove it.

I first became aware of this problem when my engine started to overheat about three weeks ago, thinking I was overdue for an oil change I went to get one and the mechanic said that my oil pan was leaking, after taking his overpriced estimate I went home and when I checked my oil pan out it seemed entirely sound. My engine is nearly covered in oil mostly on the right side (if you would to be standing looking into the engine bay across from the cab), the oil stains go up almost to the top of the engine but not quite (much further than the oil pan {dumb mechanic}). I'm at quite a loss as to explain as to what's wrong with my car but if a reader could shed some light I would be forever grateful. Thank you.

The cam shaft is not turning but. The harmonic balancer is turning on the block. Can I just replace the cylinder head instead of having to but another engine? Please help!

The panel controls the defrost to other positions There is no vacuum in the connections

my 1994 dodge shadow stalls when warmed up after about 20 mins and will not restart till completely cooled ....i replaced the rotor button ,distributor cap and plugs and wires but didnt help ...please help i dont want to keep replacing parts aimlessly and i cannot afford to go to a mechanic right now...thanks so much ive researched and found so many answers fuel filter,idle air control valve,mass air flow or 02 sensor etc...

I checked the fuses under the dash but all are ok. Is there another fuse box somewhere? Or anyone know what the connection between those 3 things not working is? Thanks

this vehicle needs a lot of work, I would like to get it running first. Thank you.

switch it is

I drive my car long distances about 100+ when I noticed the noise.
I took my car to the shop and they told me it was the blow out bearing. so they replaced that and got a new clutch kit.
[125,000 mile on the gauge.]
[just had the oil changed 3 weeks ago]

Now about a couple of months later I drive over 100+ miles and I stop at a gas station and turn the car off. When I come back out and start my car. I hear the loud knocking again in idling state. I wait 5 minutes but it continues to knock. I decided to keep driving and driving 25 mph it continues. When I get on the highway, 4 gear the knocking stops.

When I arrive at the next town 70+ miles I don't hear the knocking.

When I press the clutch in the knock doesn't stop, but changes into a different knocking (nothing worse or better, but you can tell).