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I can't change my screen to read car status such as oil change, nor use my navigation due to my console getting wet from rain.
Interior lights are off. But the speedometer light stays on...the numbers and the needle.
Ran when got it one day lost power replace the battery ran one day now won't start
Got car used drove 1 day an losses electrical power got new battery an after 1 day drive list electrical power . Almost couldn't drive home
The reason I ask is because someone put in the transmission and the car still did not go anywhere with the new transmission what would be your advice do you need a BMW scan tool to replace
Then the lights goes off except the engine light I had the oil change very expensive oil the car has 100 thousand miles the car runs good but I went and had it diagnostic it said code 3 he said I need to get new valves covers the valve is plug they are 500 dollars apiece he said I should just another engine put in it would be cheaper the car is a beautiful car no dents inside is beautiful what advice you can me
I just got his bmw 750li 06 with 80,000 miles. When I accelerate from being stopped it jerks from 1st to 2nd and then it drives no problem. I have no other sounds or the car beeping that I have a transmission issue. And also no problems when it down shifts just when I accelerate from stop. Could it be that I need new tranny fluid ???
2006 bmw 750li
Car smokes sitting still at redlight or in drive way once you start moving it stops until you sit idle a few minutes
Do i haft to get my replacement trasmission programed to my car or could i just put it in. And if i do need to program the trasmission to the car how do i do it. My i wanted to know befor i buy a trasmission.
I’m hearing something that sounds like broken plastic or a broken fan blade
Ran a diagnosis and it said intercooler
When I turn on my air conditioning, water leaks on the passenger side on he floor. I am trying to figured out why. Is there a blockage somewhere? What cause the water to leak on the floor when driving and ac is turned on.
1. The dashboard and entertainment boards are normally supplied with power.
2. It takes about 20 hours for the engine to restart after the engine starts.
The halos work on the driver side but no low beam not even when I put the highbeams on. The passenger side was nobody has messed with never gets the halos on but the low beam and highbeam work. I bought a new $120 low beam bulb for driver side. It is still did not go on . Could it be the ballast for the light.
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