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And we bought new fuel pump and can Gerard it what could be roun please help
Truck turns over but won't start, no fire and I don't hear fuel pump kicking pn
My AC doesn't blow cold. After auto shop checked all fuses and grounds, it was determined to be a faulty circuit. I was told it takes three hours to find it.
My heater stopped working in my Ford Ranger 2003 then all of a sudden the check engine light started blinking and it started running really rough I brought it into a guy who told me it’s only running on two cylinders and that I may have blown a gasket any advice can you help me with it’s just running really rough and the check engine light comes on intermittently and of course the heater doesn’t work anymore
Also it makes a bit of a screech noise when I go to start it
I replaced alternator, belt, and tensioner pulley. Truck won't charge battery and the belt is loose. Which direction do I go now? Do I go smaller belt?
Changed flasher same problem
where do i find the kill switch under dase. that will not let the tr crank can you email the diergam. batery has been checked an post cleaned charging syn check cables cheched
First time this has occured. Light shows on dash, vehicle makes noise that it is in four wheel drive mode, but will not shut off. stopped vehicle, turned off vehicle, turned 4wheel drive button on and off, shifted to all drives, but will not change
This happened going down the road 40 mph when it was extremely cold out i never had a problem with this truck before, its not getting any spark to coil even after replacing it , i was told maybe Engine control module or Ignition control module does this truck have both and were are they located if this is what needs to be changed ,it stopped throwing codes after rrplacing the 1st 3 things we replaced , its an 2000 ford ranger xlt 6cyl im at a liss here any help would be appreciated
My Ford Ranger 1994 truck engine will turn over but it will not start wait an hour and it will start perfect.
There is a leak in my a.c.. I charged the system and it would be ok for 7 to 10 days. During this time there is a foggy build up on the inside of the windshield.
Additionally, I pulled the evaporator and inspected the orifice, it was heavily coated with brown powdery substance. It smelled fine, there was no burn.
Can you put it into 4wheel high while driving?
Ran great for first 260,000 + miles. Now dead in the water.
i drive truck for awhile and sut it off and it will not start i have to tap on the fuel override to make it start works only a few times
Knocks like a push tube is off on left side but all looks alright with valve cover off. Idle and with throttle. Missing and no power. Has 257000 miles but has good oil pressure and doesn't get hot.
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