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Engine starts fine, under load it bogs and hesitates.when heavy acceleration, engine missfires. Spark plugs get carbon fouled.

How to set the timing on a 1994 ford ranger

I've got anot her 2.3 for my 86 ranger, sill the old school 4 plug setup... engine had been changed over to carborated, now switched back to efi, had points installed but is now electronic distributor... can get engine to run but have to hold throttle open to get it to do anything. Timing has been set correctly and has fire on all plugs, but still missing on one cylinder... has all new fuel system including lines all the way up to the rail, has new tps, mass airflow, coil, and entire distributor has been rebuilt, but still can't get it to run correctly... any suggestions?

Do I have to be setting still and in neutral to lock the truck in and unlock it

It is a 2004 ford ranger extended cab 4 wheel drive with a 4.0 v6 and a 5 speed manual transmission.

I need a radiator replacement with hoses and thermostat.

I have a coolant leak and I suspect it's the radiator but I'm not sure. What signs are there that my water pump has failed?

Heat hand had not working looking for heat sensor on motor

I can't find a lever to adjust it with. And if it doesn't, can the steering wheel height be re-positioned another way? The steering wheel is to low. Thanks.

Does anyone know what size disconnect I need to remove the fuel filter? I heard there are two sizes, 3/8" or 5/16".

It doesn't do it unless it sits for a couple of hours and when I press the clutch it makes a loud ticking noise and it gets faster as I go faster

Check engine light is on.

the only issue we had with it before is that it would lose power on inclines

Replaced IAC, TPS, CTS, ICM, cleaned throttle body and MAF. Smoke tested.
No codes. Dealer said IAC needs to be motocraft, but part obsolete.

replaced cable ends,checked wires.battery is old but is holding 12.80 volts.

i have disconnected the battery but that is only a temporary fix. replaced tps 4 times in the past 2 and a half yrs

My truck is only going backwards

this can occur while driving I have not had it happen right after driving and it just started

need to test fuel pump pressure but the valve I found is smaller than any adapters I have

Auto parts counter person said it could be a vacuum leak- code p1537

I have had some rather scary high estimates to even evaluate my A/C issues. It is currently not blowing cold air on the coldest setting. I have read that these leaks are difficult to find, even with dye. And I have also read that the stop leak products will seal up rubber as well as metal leaks. There appears to be good sound chemical engineering taking place to help a person like me (low income) to fix a problem that could cost more than the vehicle is actually worth. I was wondering if someone has some insight on this subject (other than Amazon reviews). I do not want to become a crispy critter this summer!!

When driving in 2nd and 3rd gear there is a persistent loud rattling noise that has gotten worse and worse over the past year or so. Months prior to this noise showing up, I did have my muffler welded. The weld is GOOD and still holding fine. The rattling noise literally sounds like a loose bracket or metal strap clanking against some other metal part. I do not know a mechanic that would allow me to actually look under my own vehicle while it is up on the lift.

My truck bucks when driving it has had poor gas mileage and hesitation and loss of power issues. I have replaced starter, cleaned mass air flow sensor, changed spark plugs and wires, changed distributor cap an rotor, checked timing, compression, and still having

Knocking and popping noise and I feel it through the floor boards. Sounds like metal to metal

My brakes have been check, have plenty of brake fluid

Starts right up but misses no. 5 cylinder has lots of fuel in it.

alt. tested ok power comes back up when I let off the gas.

Has new front axels and the u-joint on the front drive shaft seems ok. Can hear the tick come and go when switching between 2wd and 4wd. Tick speeds up and down with speed of travel.

has a jerking feeling when going up hill or accelerating sometimes but not always