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Dome won’t go off when door is shut would like to know the location of the switch on the door
It only overheats while driving up an incline or mountain road but cools back off coming down the incline. What could it be?
After running for awhile and the engine gets warm truck cuts off when put in reverse.
throttle postion sensor receiving too much voltage. all sensors have benn checked and are good. not alternator not voltage regulator in computer not the computer. in park engine running too high and when in motion transmission does not want to shift properly. can you help us out????? what should be check next.
missing, engine light on, bad fuel mileage runs horrible.have done plugs,wires,fuel filter ran fuel pressure check, replaced fuel injectors,throttle sensor,pcv,upper intake manifold gaskets,cataylic due to it got red hot and raw fuel was going into them, ran sea foam in fuel.
90 ford ranger no start fuel delivery problem. Will temporarily start with start fluid. But with switch off check engine and batt light stay on.
My a.c. worked great then in the winter my blower stopped and the airbag light came on. I changed out the fuse and it worked for 1 day then blew again. Now when I change it, it blows asap.
96 has coil pack 93
Happens constantly. Installed new clutch and throw out bearing in 2010. Been working fine until now.
Automatic choke kicks out after starting (when cold), won't stay on. It also won't shift into 4th gear & idles low.
TPS is ok.
what things do I need to put back in to fix it I got airbags
my 2001 for ranger just started jerking when put on park and when put back on reverse. it started doing this after i left the radiator cap loose by accident and drove it on street for about 30 minutes. It never overheated transmission jerking a little when shifting
I have a 2000 ranger 2.5l I put a battery charger on it and it started and my charger has a engine start feature so I I put it on that started the truck up and the charger slowly drops the amps and when the amps got low the truck started to run weird. The truck only has 65,000 miles so I dont know , I think it's the alternator , I have one on the way in the way I just wanted to verify, either way the alternator is getting changed
when I first start 1992 ford ranger 3.0 v-6 and start driving out of neighborhood about 1/2 mile away truck feels as if it goes into neutral and wont go forward then it dies. After 5-7 minutes it restarts and does alright. This has happened 3 times in a row so I dont drive it far but within 5-10 miles seems to do fine any help would be greatly appriciated Thanks in advance
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