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no reverse,all other gears work
reverse does not work but all other gears work
1994 Ranger 3.0 no fuel no spark was sitting for a while before I got it, replaced the fuel pump, distributor and coil still no spark or fuel.. What is next ecm???
Just changed the radiator today. Put coolant in to see if anything was leaking. Transmission fluid was leaking from radiator top and bottom. So I put piping tape on it.and it stopped leaking. So I cranked it up and the temperature started fluctuating up and down. Even when I was driving to see if it would continue to leak.
I have a 2007 Ford Ranger 3.0 and every time i accelerate i hear a high pitched chirp or squeal. I have replaced both the idler and tension pulley because that is where it sounded like it was coming from but it still chirps. any thoughts on what else i could do?
The engine is also rough idle How much would it cost to repair this
I have put a new thermostat and water pump and temp sensor in the truck. When u start it the temp gauge goes straight to hot and the engine will begin over heating in 2 to 5 min running. Whats causing this? There are also no visible leaks of any kind.
Turn Signals will Blink 2 or 3 times than stop, every Time
1995 ford ranger 5 speed. I don't see any leaks as of right now. It very slowly went up to 3/4 of the way and I shut if off. Cooled down in about 5-10 minutes. When I shut it off it was making a rumbling maybe gurgling noise sounded like it was coming from the low right infront of the passenger dash .I don't know to much about vehicles my friend will look at it here soon but I'm just trying to help figure out the cause a little quicker. Previous owner said to have changed the thermostat just 2 weeks prior to buying it 1 week ago. Thank you for the I'll in advance.
The axle don't engage to the wheels
I have a 1999 ford ranger 4x4 with 4 0 v6 it starts to squealing while driving over 25 mph I have replaced all brakes all u joints both hubs and it still squeals I'm out of ideas can if I can't figure it out here I'm at the point of letting whatever it is break so I know what to fix lol
Recently got myself a 2003 Ford Ranger for relatively cheap. Most everything runs fine, but the frame is completely rusted through almost everywhere. I know a replacement frame would be a few hundred dollars, but generally how much would it cost in labor to get the frame replaced? I'll be asking around for estimates tomorrow when everything's open, right now I'm trying to get some help online.
ive got my truck that has a mind of its own. speed domoter goes crazy moves up and down then transmission starts slipping. the slipping only happens after the speed dometer goes crazy. ive replaced the fluid the filter the speed sensor. just not sure what else to do need help. cant drive far some days it works fine and others it acts up. took it in to a shop they said it didnt do anything and thye charged me 160 bucks. any ideas would help thanks.
Automatic locks don't work Ford ranger 2000
Automatic locks don't work Ford ranger 2000
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