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Engine sounds funny and this is the first time it has happened
Could a small head gasket leak cause this
2001 Toyota Corolla. Battery light keeps flickering on and off eventually lead up to a dead battery. I replaced alt fuse. Put in a new battery and a new alternator. Battery light came back on a day later wiring all looks good. Connections are clean and tight. No other fuses are burnt. Not sure what to do next
I don't see a belt around the AC compressor, what would that belt be called and how would I replace it?
speed sencor is new as well can the old ECM wipeout the trany also speedo not working
Why does my dash lights come on when i step on the brake pedal
If i get in my car i dont start it or nothing but if i step on the brake pedal the dash lights come on
while slowing down to a stop the engine shut off and will not restart thought maybe it was the fuel pump relay that I can't seem to locate but when you crank the engine over I have power to the pump and now when you try to start it the engine keeps turning over like its stuck you have to turn the key back to stop the engine from turning over
The brake line is rusted
I need help locating the exact location of the cabin air filter on my 2001 toyota corolla so I can replace it.
1996 Toyota Corolla - if driving at low speeds say under 80km and constantly stopping and starting at traffic lights the temperature gauge gets to and sits at the half way point - it never goes past though. If i go faster after a few minutes the gauge goes back down but will go up ahead as soon as I stop a traffic light. Ive had no issues other than that but I know it cant be a good thing. Its always very very hot in the engine when I do park and turn off the car. I have changed the fan fuse as I didnt think the cooling fan was coming on but it is still happening. What should I check for next?
Just won’t catch
When it warms up it backfires through the intake .plz help
Check engine light and vsc lights blink and car will not run pass 2 rpm. When hitting the gas pedal the car seems to startle.
I have a 1998 toyota corolla le. when purchased it did not have a keyless remote but i purchased one online. I programmed the remote to the car and it seemed to work but it will not lock or unlock the doors. if i hold the top button it will panic and set off the alarm but does not arm or disarm system. i have checked all door switched and verified that they do all show as closed but system still does not respond other than the panic. it has the rs3000 vip toyota system any help is appreciated.
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