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Replaced Ac/Heater control panel and still nothing works.
Replaced my Ac clutch relay fuse and atill nothing works.
I need help in figuring out what might the problem be thanks!

rpm go to 4-5 on hills, does not accelerate and then lurches forward

timing belt ok. replaced dist cap and rotor

timing belt ok. new distributor cap. no spark.

steering pump belt, water pump belt and AC pump change

Safe to drive?

I hv toyota corolla made in canada but using in oman (MUSCAT)
Means i hv to chng oil only ot oil filter also
And let me know how i can fix main req light indicator
5 second flash since yesterday flashing

When I turn left (not from a stop sign or red light) my car jerk to the right midturn it does not do this when I turn right. Also my car squeals extremely loud whenever I turn on my car and lasts until it goes into gear and starts moving.

It blows hot air only

Live in South FL. Freon checked, not the issue. No unusual Noises, just one day stopped sending out cold air while driving.

One morning I found that my blower motor wouldn't come on with or without the AC button pushed. I could turn the blower switch from off to 2 a few times and then it would kick on. That lasted a few days, but now the blower won't come on at all and the AC light doesn't illuminate. The recirculate and rear defrost lights come on still. I checked the fuses and they were good. I also replaced the blower motor and no luck. It doesn't sound like the compressor is kicking on because in the past when I would turn the AC on you could hear and fed it load the engine a little more. Any ideas?


My Corolla's engine will not turn on. When the key is turned, you hear nothing (not even a crank). The starter was checked and it was working fine. Fuses were checked and they were fine. Ignition cylinder (where the key enters the ignition) is not broken. Auto mechanic friend believes it could have something to do with the factory security system. Please advise.

When hot weather of 47c, strong fume comming out from evap canister, what would be the cause? What part to be replace or check? Ty

My VSC sensor initially went out because of me. Let me explain. I was trying to install an amp for stereo, while trying to breach the firewall, I drilled through something connected to the VSC. I took it to the Dealership I bought it from, they said it was the brake boost system. They ended up having to replace the entire system. Upon saying it was "fixed." I drove it off the lot and not 5 minutes after driving all acceleration went out again. I took it back. After a week of waiting they said it was the acceleration system or VSC. And that there were sensors that could be out of whack. They replaced one of the two vsc sensors charged me for it. Then without even giving it back to me told me that the sensor replacement didn't fix everything and that an entire pedal replacement should do the trick, so I said go ahead, after all of this the VSC worked for about a month 3 weeks exactly and the first time I took it out over 60mph it went out. I'm beyond frustrated. This is just bad business to me. Am I being manipulated here? Are VSC's on toyota's this complicataed? Any help would be appreciated

Can not get car out of park. Brake lights work. Can only shift out of park with the manual release.

i am planning to buy a used 2010 toyota corolla LE is there anything major problem with this car like a transmisson, engine ,leaks

dealer estimate to remove clean reseal and reinstall timing cover to stop oil leakage. Sounds high. I have not seen any oil on ground.

The higher the fan the louder the whistle.
Turning off the air and the recirculation buttons didn't make a difference. But turning off the fan did.
It also "appeared" to sound as if it was on one side only but that may be my hearing.

Won't start back up for about 10 minutes have changed the distributor, fuel filter, and spark plug wires

while I am driving , car suddenly no stop , I try to push accelerate Paddle ,but no response , I try to off & start engine no response

It's skipping again,and it run rough when AC is on any idea I'm lost this happen when driving my car, or just idling

I have my power windows broken because the power windows motor does not work. The reason is the brushes which are in bad conditions. My car is a 2002 Toyota Corolla. If somebody can help me please I'll aprechiat it, thanks.

well when I trun the car on the check engine light comes on an the VSC light flashes when it say its off

My air conditioning on my 2001corola s blows cold air with the air control on or also is leaking water on drivers side carpet.

Why is my car cutting off when I brake or turn a curve? And before it cuts off the radio cuts off and all the light on dash light up? Its also hard to steer when this happens.

Plugged in my gps and possibly pressed the on button for too long. Now my clock and radio do not work. Mechanic says the interior fuse box is getting no power. Is this because of the gps?

Buy 2015 Corolla S 1.8 L should I change the transmission fluid in it at 15000 miles

I have 2 pairs of flush mount speakers and I want to hook them up to my car

This is the code I'm getting how do I fix it