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shifts funny in higher gears shakes at idol , pick slow
sould someone be messing with my gas tank , possible vandalism maybe
The car shake and shut off on idle poor power very low rpm Rough running, hesitation replace all coils spark maft sensor oxygen sensor and the check Engine light still come back
few days ago i went to the store to buy radiator coolant, there were various brand and i was confused to pick one. can you tell me what brand is the best and which colour should i use for my 2000 Toyota Corolla ?
Remove and replace including timing chain set, water pump and thermostat.
Hello I have 1999 Corolla that has 150K miles on it and there is a burning smell that is coming out of the backseat seatbelt compartment, it smells like burning wax and it's coming from the middle seatbelt hole.
I slid the knob over from cold to hott one morning and I felt it pop now when I slide my knob to heat it doesn't get warm it just blows cold what could it be ?
I recently changed my oil and my spark plugs and they were fine then about a month later I checked my spark plugs and one of them had a oil all over it was wondering what might be the cause of that and how would I fix it
I have a 96 Toyota Corolla. Ot has been running fine then all of a sudden as I was coming to a stop exiting the interstate it started having a bad idle and stalling. I've drove it like this for a few days now and have noticed it only starts idling bad after the engine warms up and the longer I drive the worse the idle gets. I had a head gasket job done right after I bought the car and at that time the valves and all where checked as well. Someone I know had me leave the engine running and pulled the plug wires one at a time and on cylinder 3 there was no change in the engine when the wire was removed, OTHER than bad compression could anything else cause this, like bad plugs, plug wires etc??? Could I possi ly use sea foam to try and free anything up if something ia stuck?
Shift issues
cost and time to replace control arms on a 2004 corrolla. should I change the shocks at the same time> is alignment neccessary?
Hello, my name is Aaron and I have a 2009 Toyota Corolla S that was repossessed, but when I got the car back, the A/C, Blinkers, Radio, Power Windows, Wipers, & Power Steering do not get power. I had a Breathalyzer and a car audio system in it that they pulled and I'm guessing that's when the problem occurred. I have checked power and the "10 AMP" fuses do not get receive power from the battery in the fuse panel under the hood, the first 4 in the upper left hand side. I believe the Cooling Fan is also out of power. I have even checked a few relays. Seem to be ok. The lines in from the battery are hot and the fuses are not blown.
Thank you if you can help!!
I checked plug to see if that's powered and one side of plug is getting power the other side not, which I'm assuming is the way it's supposed to be like a if power is getting there...and it's a new blower motor..?
It is a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE and the check engine light goes off after I fill up the tank. The light then comes back on in a few days. What could be causing this? This did not start until after I took the car in for an oil change.
This has started to happen about two weeks ago. It comes on when car is started and stays on until car is turned off.
I had to take the battery out so I can change the headlight bulb and now the car is running slow
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