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Whenever I run my AC, it starts blowing out air that gives a strong urine/ammonia smell.
When I push the left hand stalk forward on my 1993 Toyota Corolla wagon the high beam does not work all else works fine on combination stalk. Can a do it this job? Does this model require removing air bag? What is the shop cost? Thanks
Toyota Corolla 2006.

I had a check engine light go off, this what I did.
1- checked with 2 different scanners.
2-Replaced oxigen sensor.
3- Check engine light went away...for 3 weeks.
4- Cleaned the other sensor with brake cleaner and dry it with air.
5- Check engine went away...for 2 weeks.
6- scanned with 2 sensors, the PO171 came back plus another one #P0741. These codes came from a scanner my son bought for $20 online.
7- Took it to Autozone again and the PO171 showed again PLUS I will write exactly what its in a printout the gave me : ASE certified Master technician have seen this issue on your type of vehicle and the most likely solution is : Replace ECM. ( No code for this)
8- I did some research and found out that Toyota had a recall for ECM's made for my kind of car.
9- Called Toyota gave them the VIN # and they said the ECM was already replaced on my car.
My car runs good, it won't fail to start or respond strangely or randomly shut off while driving. It has 195,000 miles
It doesn't happen often when it acts like it wants to die, but it's only when I'm stopped at a light or sign it spits and sputters and and acts like it is going to shut off. It also vibrates like crazy whenever I'm stopped in drive or reverse
Actually I'm a mechanic...but I don't know how to make blinking code
31000 miles drove perfect went out to start it won't fire had what sounded like a miss fire. Now the anti theft alarm keeps going off. Radio and all lights work , power steering light and check engine light is staying on.
Engine light on obd reader will say P 0456
problem starting when I first try starting until it warms up
Driving a corolla n vsc off flashing with trac light on n check engine light, any answers to problem?
My 1997 toyota corolla uk spec 2 door hatchback has issue with locking and unlocking. It loks fine witrh a key, but will not unlock
Had emission done on my car check engine is on but not displaying so my car failed an was. told I needed to replace the fuse.
The original computer was replaced in 2009 by a Toyota recall. In 2016 the check engine light came on and I was told to replace the computer. That cost $3000. It was fine for a year? and now the light is off and on frequently since Nov. 2017. The car runs fine. Mechanic wants to start over.
Ignore it or sell it?
When I turn the ignition to the on position, car dies. Won't do anything. No lights in instrument panel. Battery is fine. Starter and Alternator also fine.
this is a 2016 toyota corolla.
Normally there is a feature that even if you tried to lock your car, it automatically unlocks it when the car is in the ignition and you open your door.

Also, the extra key will not allow me to unlock the car either.

Why would this happen and what needs fixed?
The bolt connecting to fuse box to the battery is corroded and snapped can i fix it without replacing the whole box?
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