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All I have
This engine check sign cone mostly 3 week I calculated and all tym dealerships says ECM code . This car has onlt 3300 mile amd i am really tired of this engine check sign.
My car has remote start installed from toyota in december
Where does the fuse go for the fog lights
sometime cars making noise which hurts and vibrate ears it fron right hand sight passenger sides took to lots of mechanic could not found whats wrong it it slow poising if drives for months you feel it 2014 corolla got 78000 miles on it thanks.
The trim on the lower corner of windshield on driver side has come totally loose. Can this be glued back on and if so what type of glue to use. Car is a 2014 Corolla.
1994 Toyota Corolla 1.6 engine. Automatic 196,000km
Drove for 20-25 in 2nd gear on highway (went up to 120 a few times for acceleration but mostly stayed at 100km the whole way). (was wondering what the weird but subtle noise my car was making and why) and my bf noticed and shifted it back into drive. Nothing else happened and the temp gague went from 1/4-1/2 of the gague back down to almost zero. I'm in Canada so we warmed the car up for 15 min before driving. The car drove smoothly for the last 15 min of driving. Wondering if I should be worried, or get the engine checked? I over heated the engine in September when the power steering belt and alternator belt broke off, and coolant spilled everywhere. Just hoping I don't destroy my engine
It turns over but wont crank .
I roll my driver side window down with the button and I cannot roll the window back up
As long as you never let the gas get to half a tank it runs good. Once the gauge reaches half tank it starts missing and stops and will not start again until you put gas in.
I have a 96 Corolla ignition wont turn even when I jiggle the key in the wheel is locked
Right rear wheel I'm hearing a scrape scrape scrape when driving and it grinds when brake is applied. Sound like rear shoes / drums to you or something else ??
every gear seems to work fine, but the reverse.
theres times where it'll actually catch the reverse and works just fine.
when put into reverse; its all noise, no movement.
scanner brings up p0500 which is a speed sensor. any chance this may fix the problem?
It as well occur when entering into potholes after driving for like 2hrs.

But when you off the engine and on it back, the indicator light will disappear and everything will be normal back till when it occurs again.
Just blows cold air no matter what car don't overheat. Plenty of coolant in the car. But no heat.
My electrical wiring was flooded out during a storm. Wires under seat may need replacement. Air conditioning won't blow. Air bags may not deploy. The wiring for both systems were under water.
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