Jaguar XKR Questions

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no check engine light, car ran when parked, sat 3 mos.
oil coming out by rear view mirror
It seems there is leak in the small radiator for the supercharge system.
When started this warning comes on and stays on.
my jaguar mechanic states I have electronic shocks @ $2500 full front and back replacement. I dont have the money for that so I need to see if there is a more standard, inexpensive route. Someone said I may be able to disconnect the electronics and use a standard shock. Thanks.
Oil is coming from latch that holds top
Top will start to rise then stop
ed by previous owner
Car smells like gasoline immediately on startup (cold) inside of car
Forward alert can not be turned off so runs down battery.
Having transmission issues for a while now and seems to be slipping there's no noise at all just doesn't want to accelerate seems to be sliding RPMs continue to rise put it on put it on a code reader and the only code that it spits out is p0175 for the speed sensor not knowing whether its the transmission sensor itself or the wheel sensors the dealership said we might be able to get aftermarket for the transmission sensor because they no longer carry it and it cannot be ordered
oil changes brake pad replacement
Car sputters on right side exhaust pipe when high acceleration is done and also if trying to take off at a stop. What could be causing this?
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