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It seems there is leak in the small radiator for the supercharge system.

When started this warning comes on and stays on.

my jaguar mechanic states I have electronic shocks @ $2500 full front and back replacement. I dont have the money for that so I need to see if there is a more standard, inexpensive route. Someone said I may be able to disconnect the electronics and use a standard shock. Thanks.

Oil is coming from latch that holds top
Top will start to rise then stop

ed by previous owner

Car smells like gasoline immediately on startup (cold) inside of car

Forward alert can not be turned off so runs down battery.

Having transmission issues for a while now and seems to be slipping there's no noise at all just doesn't want to accelerate seems to be sliding RPMs continue to rise put it on put it on a code reader and the only code that it spits out is p0175 for the speed sensor not knowing whether its the transmission sensor itself or the wheel sensors the dealership said we might be able to get aftermarket for the transmission sensor because they no longer carry it and it cannot be ordered

oil changes brake pad replacement

Car sputters on right side exhaust pipe when high acceleration is done and also if trying to take off at a stop. What could be causing this?

My car periodically will not start and goes into failure mode. the exterior lights and interior lights flash in a sort of "Morse Code" pattern until the battery dies down. I have replaced battery twice in a year and replaced the key. No brake lights are out and it is not a constant problem. I can't drive the car because I don't know if it is going to leave me stranded. It was recommended to replace the computer. The two suspects are the body computer and the security computer. Does anyone know what the expense of this is and if it might be effective.

It looks like hydraulic fluid. I was able to re-latch but now don't have a convertible. Talked to Jag dealer---said $1100+ Anyone have any comments?


While driving over 60 I lose all power to the rear wheels. If I slow down to 35 or 40 the power returns. Several caution lights have been coming on including the one that disables the car as well as the antilock brakes, traction control and engine light. - but go off when turned off and restarted. The total loss of power only occurs at speed as in interstate driving.

Conv top window fell forward. Glue failed. Jag won't pay under 100,000 jag quality assurance warranty. 33,000 miles. I hear this is a common problem. Please verify. Appears to be a manufacturers defect.

Car will run for awhile. Turn off, then starts and dies, might have to sit for 24-48 hours. It might work again, more frequent on start and dies.

Is that the reason why? Also my restricted performance warning light came on after that but went off

earlier problem battery positive cable insulator in trunk was damaged and shorted to ground costing an alternator and battery

everytime I turn around he keeps coming up with something else that needs repair. He said he had to replace the fuel pump and then he tells me the jag has two fuel pumps is this true? does the jag xkr have two fuel pumps?

dont know if where or when to top up transmission

The pedestrian warning system alarm appears on the dash every time I start up. I have not had any bumps with pedestrians, and the message did go out after a car wash, but has since come back and is always on. Is there a way of accessing the ecu to reset this alarm.

I found one with one hundred and sîx thousand miles. It runs in it sounds really good. it's been well taken care absolutely beautiful. She wants $11,000 . is it wort is it worth it ? thae interior is beautiful the carfax sounds really good never been in an accident . Is it worth 11000 thousand.
please tell me what you think. Thank you very much

just brought this car from private party. gary

I have a 2002 XKR-RS VIN # SAJDA42B12PA26383
with 85000 miles on.

or below the transmission?

Was told there was a problem with venting. What needs to be done? And how much, approx, should it all cost?