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It won't work when needed during rain and turn signals won't work either
I have a 2005 dodge caravan 4 cylinder. When I try to accelerate, it slows down and shakes. Even when I put it in neutral, the engine will hesitate and shake when pressing the gas. Check engine light is permanently on.
Need to put water every 50miles or so
I am putting in at least 3 Liters a day now, also the mileage has gotten worse since this oil leak. Don't know anything else, I put oil in it and it leaks out all over the ground
Airconditiiner looses cold air and will not keep the van cool. Put freon and seal in. Still gets hot compressor comes on. Bought a can of sealer and freon together used half . Started to go to the yellow on gauge. Still no cool cab. In the morning I have aircondition. Wonder what to do?
left turn signal works in front but not back the brake light and the turn signal dont work work on the back
I have noticed on my recent trip that the oil pressure will begin to drop and then recover at highway speeds. Oil is new and fresh with a filter change. There is no noise detected during the event. My oil pressure gauge show the pressure on the middle hash tag and then drop one hash tag and then begins to recover back to where it was ……….. Is the oil pump going out ? Is there an oil unit on the out side on the block ? Any help would be appreciated.
It's a steady stream of transmission fluid flowing from the transmission the back of the motor
Sequence of problem.
Began misfire 50 mi. from home. Check engine light been on for a week. Visual inspection. Open radiator. Low, small bubbles. Fill before driving home. Temp is higher than normal
Drove home, 5 miles out misfire stops
Next morning, starts normally. Starts misfire after warming up. Check radiator after filling reservoir. No bubbles now.
Same next day. Decide to change plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Discover fans aren't working.
Change out front bank plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Decide to start and test drive. Engine runs smooth, but retarded, lack of power.
Remove windshield wiper linkage pan, serpentine belt and alternator
Change out rear bank plugs and wires.
Reinstall alternator, replace serpentine belt.
Decide to test start before reinstalling wiper linkage pan. Get no start.
Test for spark with special spark tester
All plugs and coil have 1/2" spark
Decide no fuel to engine is problem
Where to begin testing. Have dig multimeter and years with mechanic dad.
Im getting a p0203 code, the injector has been replaced, i checked continuity of the plug from plug to first harnesd break point and its got conitnuity. I added a conductive grease to the pins of the injector so makes better connection to the plug, also has a new ecm in the van. What else could be why its throwing code
Coil pack over heats after a short period. Too much voltage! What is supposed to drop voltage?
Like resin used to
inside lights blink, doors lock themselves,battery warning light came on,went off in just a minute, malfunction indicator light came on while driving, then after arriving home, turned van off then restarted van ,light wasn't on. took van to dealership, they couldn't get a code. could computer be going bad or is it a sensor?
Ok my emergency brake has not worked for over 10 years i need a new on my 2004 dodge caravan
There us a popping noise on the passenger side when turning right. We have changed the rack and pinion, tie rods, control arms, ball joints and the cv axle.Changing all that fixed some of the problems of popping noises. The noise stopped for about a week and it's back. I have no idea what it could be. Also the transmission is slipping.
I am trying to replace the cooler line myself. What do I need to know/do? Pretty much how do I change it
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