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How long does the car drive before it dies?
Is there a check engine lamp on

is it the camshaft ? if so, then where is it located at 2000 dodge caravan.And how to replace it.

Cruise control doesn't work passenger side window only goes up/down on driver side. And the back windows won't open

I checked the radio fuse located under the steering wheel but it didn't look blown but I replaced it anyway. Is there a fuse for the radio in the fuse box under the hood?

Replaced coil still no spark, charged up battery and cleaned terminals, still crank but won't start.

van wont crank over

We bought this van a while ago and have never been able to get the DVD display to turn on. The speakers play the sound from the movie we want to watch, but there is never anything on the display.

I think the heater or the air conditioning has a problem --after running heater 20- mins. after returning home there was a strong burnt smell coming from unde3r the hood on the passenger side.

The right directional blinks fast but only light up very dim, when you turn on the lights it don't work at all. Bulbs are good. I was told I need a new light assembly $50.

I lost my car key fob

My power steering line is broken, and I want to know how to stop damage from happening to the power steering pump. Can I disconnect the power to the pump so that it does not hurt itself. Or should i clamp the broken line, so that the pressure can still build up. (I'm fine with driving with no power steering, just don't want anything else to break)

Third fuel pump from auto zone and have checked all lines

The alternator is fine

And the car is fine,i never saw this small red light before

Its on the driver side

reset there's no sensor.What can I do?

Trying to swap rear hatch doors from a 97 dodge caravan sport to a 98 dodge caravan

What could be wrong with a 2002 dodge caravan ? We have replaced the the motor,the computer,fuel pump,fuel filter,cam senors,plugs,plug wires it will turn over and spit and sputter but that is all .Checked all fuses

When I press the driver side door handle and then the door latches and closes but if the door handle is out away from the car the door will not close.

How do I change/find leak behind engine?

need upper and lower seals replaced smelling burnt antifreeze should I replace any thing else and what are these seals

Ok I got a 2000 dodge caravan sport. Sometimes when I start my van the abs light stays on and all the gauges don't work. Also when this happens the digital thing on the ceiling of the van don't register. I can get them to work by pounding on the dash. Today they didn't work and I hit it and the speedometer needle fell off. How do I fix all of them do it doesn't happen anymore

the lights start flashing on and off and the horn keeps blowing and cant figure it out

Engine will crank but will not catch. Never had any problems before today.

then comes on strong--When Oxygen sensors are acting up acting up will it cause this condition ?

I think it is the piston but i dosnt know if i have to take the transmission out in order to replace it

all gauges are inop, checked fuses all lights in panel are good

all dash display instruments are inop as well as odometer function lights work great and no bad fuses

while installing a new upper blend door actuator I moved the clutch wheel I just want to see or know if i'm doing it correctly. I believe the actuator i'm changing is for the position selection for air flow to cabin

located above gas pedal on the right, mounted on cabin a/c component box 1 part # is Dorman 604010 I can not read other one