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There us a popping noise on the passenger side when turning right. We have changed the rack and pinion, tie rods, control arms, ball joints and the cv axle.Changing all that fixed some of the problems of popping noises. The noise stopped for about a week and it's back. I have no idea what it could be. Also the transmission is slipping.
I am trying to replace the cooler line myself. What do I need to know/do? Pretty much how do I change it
When I put it in gear waiting on a red light, the engine seams like it wants to die but it hasn't yet. When I put it in park or neutral it does just find. What is it causing the problem?
I replaced the 2 resistors in the fuse box but still only runs on high
smell of gas
i have a 3.3 engine and it takes a lone time to heat up but the heat indicator is at half way point and it still a while to get heat from the heater
Misfire worst on low idle. Engine was smooth before changing torque converter. Shakes bad when parked.
I popped the hood and on the passenger side, above the tire, a bolt or rod, seems to be bouncing off the hood when I hit bumps.
Breaks are grabbing n letting go just backing outta driveway, have replaced pads, break lines, cv axle, sensors, calipers, checked roteries, they are ok, is still locking up
The exhaust sound is similar to that when there is water in the fuel. Codes logged are P0340 and P0740. The stall starts gradually with no power, then power resumes and increases in frequency until it is just no power and shut down. As soon as it cools, it starts and runs normally.
neither side sliding doors will open or close using key, pillar or overhead control. They will lock fine using the key or overhead control. First the passenger side quit working, then the drivers side. About 3 years apart. Also, I also have to use the key to manually open the liftgate.
thank you
The van is stuck in park and will not go into reverse or drive
pedal go to the floor when going after stoping and picks up speed
Why my heat blowing cold air now that I got intake manifold gasket put on
I replaced the resistor and it olny worked for 5 minutes.
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