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01 BMW 528i, thermostat replaced. It starts at once but after 5 mns acts erratically, engine runs fast but water in the radiator is normal. If turn off, it becomes hard to start untill cool off. Thanks for your help.
White smoke coming from grill when I shut off car
My car had a gear engaging noise from the back after I start the ignition and my electronic shifting gear won't let me shift to reverse from the first attempt it shift after second attempt and the car jerk from the back after I stop just before I take off my foot from the brake pedal while I am driving any ideas thanx
bad head light
how difficult is it to replace valve cover gasket myself.
My car just started making a repetitive rattling/clanking noise when I drive over 20 mph. The Mechanic thinks it is a transmission-related issue, but cannot pinpoint the cause. No error codes or dash messages appear. Manual Transmission. 44K Miles.

I am wondering if it is this:

Any help is greatly appreciated.
How do I replace my heater control valve ?
How can I tell if my heater control valve is not working ?
My car was detailed today at a car wash and when I went to pick it up, the key would not go into ignition slot. I got a warning light with a slash through the key. After several tries, the car started, but the key wouldn't stay in the ignition and the warning signal stayed illuminated showing a slash through a key. What could be the problem?
I drove my car to work and when I started it up after 12 hours my idrive, radio, display screen didn't come on. I also noticed that my milage was in km and time set at military time, when it was not like that before. This is the first time this has happened and wondering if this is the start of major electrical issues.
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