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#1 looking for shop time to replace center bearing.

#2 how long to rebuild drive shaft cv joints
The steering stability light came on. I stopped and put it in park, then couldn't change gears without it sounding really loose. Had to push into parking space, then everything worked fine.
Head light work but not dash light or radio
Cylinders replaced oil change done sensors replaced charcoal filter replaced for gas. Gas sensor replaced. Oil pressure light is not on. Vehicle runs smoothly. Engine light on. Starts smooth. What is the problem. Mileage 221,500. No leaks as far as I know. Not sure why it is losing pressure.
Rough idle...EGR or EVAP light on top right above gas guage..3 and 6 cylinder misfire..stalls lags uphill and idle
I was driving my car yesterday and these poped up on my speed odometer the traction control and brake assist and stabletrack came on then the lights came on my transmission and transfer case was just fixed in the car could that be the reason it has popped up
i have no idea because the vehicle is not in my possession
A couple of months ago, my AC started blowing warm air.. took it to a repair shop and had performed leak detector test as well as checked system.. all looked fine.. Freon level was fine.

After a while we disconnected the battery so mechanic could check something else.. nothing found.. so we hooked up the battery again. started up car and AC worked perfectly.

Recently, the problem has returned and the only repair i've performed myself was to disconnect/connect battery after a few minutes and it works perfectly again for a few weeks.. Problem now seems to reoccur more frequentlly. Mileage is only 60,000.

Its like a hard reset on a computer.. What could be wrong?
My batery is dead and i can't open my car with the key from de driver's door and i don't know how to have acces to the trunk
engine lacks power on take off and loses power went against Power and stable track
My car has a tire pressure symbol comes on flashing then stays on. Tire monitoring system comes on. What causes this and what can I do?
2010 cadillac cts warning tire system flashes and stays on at times. Have a message comes on in instrument panel say tire pressure monitoring system. What causes this? What do I need to do? How much is an estimate? Does checking tire pressure is needed?
2010 Cadillac CTS 3.0. How do I check the cooling fans? Car ran hot while in traffic. Air condition cycles on/off also.
Weather I'm driving or sitting with the car off in the key out of the ignition my dash lights on my stereo in the stereo itself the sound will shut off while driving or sitting still and then the traction control light and the security light on the dash come on in my 2006 Cadillac CTS I recently changed the battery in it and put in a new one and the problem just started occurring
car has been leaking air really slowly, just found out with the soap trick that rim has a small hairline crack in the middle, about or less than .5cm. Here is the crack, is it ok to drive or is it a asap repair? any recomendations
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