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While doing an oil change it looked as if there where two mufflers one in front of the rear axel and the one you can see when standing atl the rear of the vehicle. Just asking g if I'm correct in that matter. Thanks
Can alternator be replaced without removing coolant or fan?
Can i fix this issue myself?
Won't restart till it cools down I don't have money to replace everything o see this engine does this alot
I can take key out but batteey light still on u til i sit and wait a few seconds then it makes a CLICK sound then i can turn car all the way off. I can still take key out but the battery light will still be on.I have no alarm
I thi k it has something to do with the ecnigtion switch
The warmest the engine gets the more it misses. It doesn't matter if at idle or when driving. It is sporadic.
The cover over the oil drain plug broke on my 2002 Oldsmobile bravada and I don't know what it would be call so I can find a new one
My 1997 oldsmobile achieva was losing power coming off the interstate and stalled at the junction. The car kept trying to start but just wouldnt start, it started for a brief second and stalled again. There is a quarter tank of gas in it . Any ideas ? Any help is greatly apprieciated
We just changed gaskets and my husband broke one of the rod things so we had to buy another one brand new will it make a difference
wont shift into 4th gear--overdrive
The reduced engine power light came on on my 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada. Took it to a shop found that number 1and3 coil packs were bad. Still comes on. Not getting the gas mileage was before. Why?
Hot water doesn't travel from pump through tube to core. vacuum issue? Faulty pump? Obviously water is cycling through the motor but not to the heater core. Its been replaced with new core and still doesn't receive water from pump.
The car run fine for a few minutes or a couple hours and then it the belt just starts to shred like it's running off the pulley
I have a 95 oldsmobile supreme with 52k mile. It has a rebuilt transmission with only 7k miles on it. On a interstate drive home from school, the rpms dipped a couple times but with no real discernible effects. When almost home, I turned onto a side road going up a incline, and the car`s acceleration dropped to nearly non existent ( struggling up a small hill at 20 mph, momentum carried me most of it ) and it started shaking bad enough it felt like my front tires had gone totally flat. Almost home, I kept going, and when I let off the acceleration the problem stopped, then after a short period of normal acceleration, did the same thing. It continued bad enough the next day I had it towed instead.
My shop looked things over, it did the same thing to him, diagnosis was a likely transmission problem. Had it towed to trans shop ( under warranty ) and the problem had stopped by next day when he looked at it.
I fueled up on way home before it started.
Used fuel stabilizer after problems
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