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I had my 2001 olds intrique taken in for a recall for ignition then I lost one key. How do I replace the key and how much will it cost?
when driving it will not push motor fast with rpms..and when at a red light is feels like its going to shut down but does not.

I replace spark plugs and wires I don't know if I am supposed to tighten wires a certain way or not ?
Message center rings and has a low idle and sounds a little sputter from the tail pipe but still runs great
the right wiper works but left one won't move, operate, like connection from the motor to the wiper is stripped..
engine light came on and it started losing compression on the hills it would only do 20 mph
In drive its miss and lose power
My 97 Cutlass Supreme has recently begun having serious issues.

For the past month or so there has been a steady coolant leak. We have not had the money to bring it to the shop so we have kept it topped up. The coolant only leaks when the car is running.

Yesterday, the car stopped running, and because our gas gauge does not work well I thought we were out of gas. After refilling it the car would not stay running. It would turn over fairly easily at times but it would not idle comfortably - it would accelerate and decelerate on its own for 30 seconds or so until it stopped running on its own. It was at this time other the oil lamp light, and battery light came on.

We are trying to anticipate how much we will save for repairs. Does anyone have any idea what the problem(s) could be?

Thanks in advance.
Why wont my regency start after i put in brand new battery and starter
Reservoir leaks but pump is fine, see they are sold in tandem.....looks like two clips hold res on to pump, is there any way to disassemble and replace res. without pulling the pump?
When using the turn signal, dash light signal flashes at normal brightness briefly, then continuously flickers at levels barely noticeable. I was directed to replace the flasher part "EL12" by the local advanced auto parts clerk. Now, I need help finding this fella. I suspect this to be in the steeringcolumn or behind the ash tray. Any direction would be most helpful and appreciated. As I don't want to spend all evening turning wrenches playing hide and seek with this component.
Interior lights dimmed stereo turned off headlights turned off then when stopping the car turning the car off it would not start again
Rear lights work when in park but not while driving
car never over heated serpentine belt broke so I parked and it sat over night the next day I installed a new belt car wouldn't start after several minutes of attempting to stsrt it finally fired up but after a few minutes white smoke started pouring up fron the water pump area so I shut the car off and gave up after a few attempts of tryimg to start it car a 2001 oldsmobile auroura 3.5
I have a 1999 Oldsmobile 88 and the heater controls would work then they would stop now it doesn't work at all any suggestions on what could be wrong I have no heat or AC air blowing the next one is my temperature gauge and when it's heated up all the way we'll hang out at zero and make a little chime noise then go back up to operating temperature it does that all the time when you're driving down the road any suggestions of what is wrong with that one
When its just idling in park it feels like its going to cut out I had the spark plugs wires and fuel pump replaced but it doesn't do it when your driving
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