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We believed it to be the catilac Converter causing it to stall and die randomly while driving but after further investigation we are unsure what the issue is, we've checked the starter , alternator, battery,Cadillac converter and all fuses. I believe it may possibly be the ignition control module but not sure and have no idea where it is or how to fix it ? Is it in the dash or w coil packs? Please help me!

can the noise isolator causes to lose fuel pressure

Car started losing power while driving on freeway with some shuddering and whining, slowed to a crawl, then stopped and refused to continue. when gas applied, white smoke coming from below car on driver's side, where my automatic transmission is located. Starts up just fine, but refuses to shift into any other gear and will not drive. when I checked the trans fluid the day after I broke down, it was empty. Filled 2 qts back in, but dipstick is light, can't really read it, but unsure if I should put more fluid in. I can hear a strange rattling/electircal shorting or fluid burning off noise from near the transmission that is an erratic sound. Some smoke (white) burning off around engine block (could be from coolant, radiator hose came unconnected during the breakdown at some point). Car has an external engine oil leak, but doesn't seem to eat much oil, don't know if its affecting my transmission or would if I got it fixed. Any help is VERY appreciated. I'm very broke and about to move back into my car which does not even drive right now. Please give me good information. Do I need to replace my transmission? Or are there simpler tricks? Tried to shift again after pouring in the fluid, still no movement or shifting.

Changed all plugs and wires. Was driving down road loss power then died. No restart after that.

Key ringing on auxiliary

stalls twice a week while starting. give it gas and idle a while to get it to go.

Just started today. Doesn't turn over, just clicks. When attempting to jump it did the more of the same. battery issue or alternator?

when I start my car it will start but the oil and charge light will come on and the car will not move until I turn the car of and restart the car what is the problem with this issue?

Once it cools down it will start again and do the same thing all over again

Odometer speedometer is not working and fueses are good

At start up car keeps revving until I turn off engine

When I try to start it all the lights come on correctly but all I get is a click. Then I keep turning it off and on without turning the key completely. After I do that several times real slow it eventually starts. It didn't use to do it as much when I St bought it. Now it's gotten worse. I'm not a mechanic and don't know most of the talk when it gets pass the basic parts. I would like to know if I should go straight for the starter or the ignition switch? Thanks in advance

The motor is a 3.3Liter V6

If transmission does nothing when shift into gear is it to late to change solenoid, fluid,and filter

Definate blown head gasket, probably blown engine

Juat blowing out hot air

tail lights and dash lights went ouy at same tim

My security light flashes every time I try to start the car...from what I have researched , the problem is the VATS, PASSLOCK, OR PASSKEY, OR do I need to replace the ignition lock cylinder due to broken wires inside steering column. I need to know which PASSLOCK system is to my make and model, and the step by step if how to manually uninstall the security system. I have no money to pay anyone to fix this kind of issue. The "brain" of the car isin the passenger side floor in a sip
A ziplock bag, which the factory dealer installed since it got wet from a leak in the windshield. I have had this problem ever since, and GM REFUSES ZTO TAKE THE FALL. THERE SHOULD BE A class action lawsuit against them, considering how many thousands of people's lives this EXACT issue has affected. What do I do? My boyfriend recently hooked up speaker wires and an amplifiervwithamplifier WITH many unnecessary wires hanging out all over. Couldn't this be affecting it as well? Please help me.....this happens daily every time I try n start the car...diagnostic codes are 58 or48

Can hear a clicking from fuse box under glove box. Have switched some relays around still the clicking there and nothing from starter. I am able to jump starter from siliod.

Typical AWD problem,won't engage

My sun roof wont seal tight, no electronics.

the buttons on the bottom row are all dead

When accelerating from a stop my car is very sluggish loss of power.

My car has many issues. I'll try to put them in the order they began (more or less). It's possible it's caused by more than one thing. We've replaced the idle air control valve, the maf, spark plugs and wires, throttle position sensor, exhaust, air filter, alternator and battery within recent years/months. Doesn't matter what temp it is outside, although it seems worse when it rains or is windy.

1) Car lags/jerks during acceleration and sometimes while at a fairly consistent speed, usually between 60-70. Can happen at nearly any speed though. This has happened for 4+ years now; basically the whole time I've owned the car.

2) Code often says transmission component issue, yet if I manually shift everything is smooth and I have no problems shifting to park or reverse either. This has also displayed for several years.

3) Car has somewhat recently decided it doesn't like making multiple stops (within past 6 months primarily). I'll drive to a few stores and find that, after a couple stops, my car doesn't want to start. It turns over and sometimes catches, but then sputters out. When this happens, even when it manages to catch and hold, it will sometimes die or lurch/lag badly when I push on the gas to go forward. It has misfired during this time as well a few times, and the check engine light has blinked. This will also sometimes happen if I idle for longer periods of time. I will put it in drive and then when I push the gas, it will sputter and lurch or die out.

As you can see, we've replaced quite a few of the usual suspects. With 240,000 miles, I'm don't want to keep throwing in parts without more certainty. Thank you!

Have water leak that just happened without warning. Already replaced the ones on both sides of the engine. Its leaks quickly. But from under the car see only water. Cant tell where the source is. Its at the rear of block. From the top looking down cant see water or frezz plugs? does that mean remove trans?

The emergency brakes go down to the floor. How do I adjust them? I pushed on the emergency brakes 6 times and it didn't readjust them.

Looking for used alternator for my 1999 Olds 88 which years Olds has a compatible alternator

It keeps dying while I am driving. And my check engine light is on.

Need to reset the theft system

Radio is not playing