stalls erradictly

I have that same problem also with my 1979 Malibu Classic.

Head lights come on when ghetto car stars but don't stay on

Lost key and I need to know where can I get new key or buy key switch ignition change difference key to start the car

i can't make it fit

The rear door was working perfectly, staying up as I loaded and unloaded. Now it doesn't stay up.

When I first start it up it spits and sputters a little bit as if I have bad spark plugs also there's a loud whining coming from the transmission I think it's the transmission is what it sounds like and the front end is shaking really bad

No mechanical or electrical connection to the lock. How does it connect to make the key lock the doors?

there is engine oil in my radiater but no coolant in my oil

The stereo/climate control wire harness was plugged back in, with the battery connected. everything digital quit on both stereo and climate control, but manual knobs still work. (tuner/volume/vent and fan knobs)

whats the cheapest route can i make my own bypass modul or remove the whole vatts system

Fuel pressures good, icm was checked n is good

So I took my car in to get a tune up. They guys said my spark plugs were rusted and injectors were gunked up. They changed the spark plugs wires, cleaned the injectors and everything else. Then I took my car in to have the radiator changed out again (due to faulty manufacturing) they said the fluid looked like rust color almost a milky substance. Is this my head gasket? I also have fuel in my oil :(

Check engine light and abs light
comes on and off.
Could this possibly be the Power Control Module?

Theirs blockage by the trunk wall.

Why will this light goes out after repair is done? can I drive it like this?

Is there supposed to be clear brown silicone on the A terminal on blower motor resistor on 2001 Oldsmobile alero

wont shift past 2gear just revs up from there put in 3 gear same thing put in overdrive same thing

It didn't start running bad til I ran out of gas in it bout a month ago

My car didn't start this evening.No noise in starting,in fact NO noise@ all.Everything is working;radio,lights horn,but just willn't start.battery starter,all are working.They are telling me it's a VATS is the issue,caue the secity lights are on and is flashing

While it sits warming up it stays on. When I get maybe a mile down the road it goes off.

some times after driving and car sets for A wile it will turn over but will not fire until it sets fore an hour or so then starts right up

My key fob hasn't been working for awhile.I've put in @ least 4 sets of batteries and still NOT working.I've send for extra key fobs and out of ^ only one would work for about 2 hrs and it willn not stay programed.What would I have to do to get it working?I keep hearing a lock smith can do this? Is that true?Or will I have to go to the dealer?I can lock/unlock doors or trunk by hand,but I would like to use the key fob.Thanks

I can now turn over the ignition but a couple of wires have been disconnected and I need to know what proper wiring to ignition looks like

Drove fine . Came home parked it. Will not start. Will turn but will not start.

I've had issues with it eversince Firestone done a power chck on it yrs ago,but they said they didn't brake it,so now I can't use it fully,what could be the issue?

My mom gave me the car. She had some backyard mechanic replace the ignition a year ago. Since then, it has been having problems. It won't start some days, after sitting for a day then it will start. It wont start sometimes and you have to wait for the security light to shut off then it starts. Last time it died for them, the dome light was flickering and the windows wouldn't roll down. It has only done this a few times to them. I was driving it to work, went to roll the window down and the car just died. It turns over and sounds like it wants to start but wont. My mom thinks it has to do with the guy who replaced the ignition. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

My car a 2000 oldsmoble intrige is over heating after i replaced the termoustate what do i do now

Where would be my first place to check to see what is going on?

Causing it?