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my 1994 mazda mx3 5 speed manual will not accelerate past 23mph on an incline. This began after I gunned it trying to get it to start on a very hot day. It drove fine for about 5 minutes then, would not accelerate past 20 mph, and would not gain any speed at all, it would rock violently when trying to accelerate it. Left it alone for a week, it ran fine around my area where speeds don't exceed 25-30 mph. Then when I took it up hill onto a bridge it would not accelerate over 23mph on the incline, righted itself at the summit. The catalytic converter looks good, the air filter is fine, the plugs and points are fairly new, it is a well maintained auto. What could be causing this problem
Automatic transmission. Won't exceed 45 MPH. Felt trans slipping, but Non I do not feel it slipping. Seems to be running ok? But, still don't want to go over 45! Is it possible the trans could have "fixed" itself? I start in 1st, go to 20mph and put in 2nd, then around 30 mph go to Drive. Seems like it is ok now?
Today I was washing my 92 mx3 and left her running I suddenly popped the hood and sprayed the engine at the car wash after I washed everything I hopped on and went and clean the inside of my car and went to back out after starting it up again and noticed it was idling strange and sounded different after getting on the road and trying to give gas it doesn't have the same amount power sound and it doesn't get going very well at all now and it also dies and first gear is hard to get going with out it dying did I get water in my distributor, spark plug wells, maybe the air filter? or did I really mess something up? I'm a beginner with cars it's my first car. Please give me any good advice or tips to help this problem.
this guy put the plug wires in wrong it jerks then it dies when you drive.i put in new. spark plugs.but he took the wires off without marking them.
Idles good but wont rev pass 1000 RPM
When in gear
Well I accidentally put the battery in backwards and now I insert the key and nothing at all I checked most the fuses please help.
Always idled rough, replaced computer 2 years ago and egr. Just replaced the distributor and gave it a complete tune-up 2 weeks before it quit.
Our car seems to being over heating and even sometimes the gauge says it over heating 2 mins after starting up. So I will put water in it it will be good for 5-7 days.
No water leaks No cracks in the rad. Oil is good there no visible reason for it.
Any ideas?
Just replaced the backup lamp switch and that's what iT does now they didn't work before.
I was driving and heard a pop and I pushed in on my foot clutch and coasted. It won't pull its self. The clutch is hard to move I can get it into every gear but first but they all sound like I'm in neutral.
Dissapears after 1600 rpm, my buddy's uncle thinks it could be the oil pump is going bad and not getting enough oil at low rpm, does this sound like a likely problem/ fix if I replace it
I already replaced the distributor. Whats next? I have not been able to get the codes from the dia.
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