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i have to disconnect the battey if i want to tun it off. need to know what prt has gone bad and where its located
my mechanic told me three times that I didn't need a tire rotation now my tires are all chewed up and he says it's because of my alignment is it his fault?

Why do people often say be careful when replacing car brakes, I thought once the car brakes were on the car that nothing could go wrong, am I mistaken ?
My car has no power like battery was dead..but still battery has juice the is on sleep mode..
I tried opening my hood but because it's bent inwards it won't let me open it. Was curious how much something like this would be to repair?
Will tht make my car 2001 bmw m3 not start only lights come on
looking to get an estimate cost repair on a dent, scratch and broken tail light. Hit and run. Gas tank door area was hit with a scratch extending back to light. Dent is no bigger than a text book. Depth of dent is no deeper than in inch or so.. Part of tail light is broken.
Has a faulse reading on dash....says it's in neutral but its actually in drive and won't start.
Is there any simple ways of increasing performance. Adding any additives
Can a faulty tensioner cause the alternator to fail.
On cold starts knocking sound that seems to emanate from vanos unit.After 5 minutes of driving the sound subsides and hard to detect.Any thoughts?
It just , put water back in and started back up.about 5 got hot..look like it was coming out on left side.was to check.
Car feels ruff when turning, clunky when turning at speed, what are the symtoms of bad subrame bushings?
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