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I need a cooling fan and I don't want an aftermarket one if possible. If that's all that's left what all do I need to change in order for it to work
My car wont click over unless i move my shifters,then it clicks over.
spuddering then while in 5th going around 65 car started slowely dropping rpms and speed went to a lower gear no gave it gas nothing went back to 5th still nothing oil lite and brake lite came on not flashing. All lites and radio still on and working turned car off and wont start
The engine has no spark!
Won't start what do I do
shifts hard, the D light doesn't come on when in drive . the speedometer goes crazy !
is it the relay by driver knee or is there something else
Inner handle was sticking. Cold weather. Need info to get door opened.
my parking lights dont work when i turn my lights on
I have tried to turn the car off and on . Is the problem electrical.
still I AM getting overheating, only when Iam driving not when the engine at home ideling for hours no overheating
horn was shorting the electical system. horn was unplugged by the dealer mechanic. i need to get the horn working again
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