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The dealer is telling me the lines need replacing for another 4K. Why?!
While driving it said engine failure and went into safety mode never happened in all years I've had car just had it serviced 10 days before
Its a mini cooper s terrible notice sounds like strings coming though engine
I have a 2006 M5 with 80,000 miles on it. I took to a shop and they said its showing codes for the catalytic converter going bad. I don't believe they inspected the catalytic converters.
He says the brake, oil, track etc lights up it goes off and on I need to know what it is before I buy it and how much it would need to fix
i have a problem in my hydraulic pump e60 m5 Euro it's engaged on 2nd gear and there is no startup i will change pump motor definitely but i don't know if there is another parts i have to change or not idon't want to spend alot of money i want the best decision and i know the pump is expensive and the worst thing ever. i heard that there's tuned pump and more tough is it real ?
I'm from egypt and there's no dealer ship but i can order the failure part need help
I bought 2007 m5 smg with 79.000 miles on it and the gear box is stuck in 2nd gear .well it's not stuck but when I put it in drive it shows neutral but it jerks like it's trying go in to gear ,does it like 3 or 4 times and then the display goes to 2nd gear and transmission malfunction. If I'll give a little gas it jerks and the engine dies I'll put it in reverse then it's like it's trying to get in gear,jerks litely but after like 3 or 4 times the transmission malfunction comes up and it won't go any more in to the reverse. And every time I put in gear you can hear the shaft clank a little bit. Please let me know if anybody had this kind of problem
Dash shows car on lift icon.
My repair shop is saying that this is a well know issue even though the previous shop was using 5/40 obviously 100% synthetic on both
it happened at the highway
All these for SMG
I change clutch plate, reprogramming,bleeding,
same cod coming
Last summer I had the clutch replaced in my M5. A couple months later the car just refused to go into gear one day. When I towed it to service they said the transmission was nearly empty (~2 liters low) so the car automatically stopped to protect it. I am looking for an opinion as to whether replacing the clutch could be connected to the leak. Thanks very much.
increased emissions message is on my dash ...i put the computer up to it n read ..dmtl leak detection. oil conition sensor. fuel system dia diagnostic bank 1 . activation clutch. ? whats wrong with my car n how much would it cost to get fixed?
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