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I know carplay was introduced on 2017 models of porsche, but I done know whether it was standard on all porsche cayenne s's.

It shows that porsche connect plus in standard on all new porsche cayenne s's... and connect plus includes carplay.
Need to know if I'm replacing the part.
It works for a short time and then stops. If I leave it for a while it works again for a short time
Has been like this for a few weeks
Was the plastic coolant pipe a recall item?
hi pitch air noise similar to a "whistle" during driving into frontal winds of 25-40mph or any time driving 75+ mph at 5000 ft elevation. Noise appears to emanate thru the luggage area.
I heard that the steering rack has to be replaced if the tie rod is bent.
I have Failure spoiler control indication, air bag and a system fault , visit workshop and a triangle in a circular
Car does start I have front lights and emergency blinkers
Headlights won't come on. If I pull stick back for high beers they come on. They won't stay on unless I keep pulling the stick back
Airbag deployed while driving. Left driver and passenger door. 2004 cayenne
On damp days and a/c is on water leak on top of passenger side well
Battery is charged but car says e-power not available
radio cuts out when I hit a bump. If I hit the transmission tunnel it may come on.
Dash panel says to repair shop for coolant problems. I checked coolant and added about 16 oz of coolant. Panel still says go to repair shop! I don't have any overheating problems but panel cooling light remains on!
Car is a 1999 Boxster that does not appear to be leaking in the trunks or through the roof but I have found water under the passenger seat. Thank you!
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