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I changed map sencer, fuel filter,and coil pack Nothing worked. Tried copper seal in case of cracked intake still didn't work. Drove it and it runs fine at high rpm but misses at low rpm.
Then lights went dem and it stopped running. And I get nothing now. I just bought a brand new I don't know what it is
I can turn the key off and on off and on off and on and keep trying eventually it starts sometimes five tries sometimes 20 tries what is the problem
Car idle at first the car runs good when driving
I've tried resetting the computer the fuel pump the fuel cutoff I've checked about everything ignition module is the only thing I think it could be but I don't know
Speedometer and gas gauge not working?
smoke is coming out of my exhaust really bad 3 5 and 6 cylinders are burning oil bad anybody have any answers please help don't want to scrap my car already put to much work into but it's getting on my last
My 03 alero gauges all just stopped at once can't tell how fast going ,oil,gas or anything,an just had wet floor found out windshield is leaking any ideas
The heater blower was working then stoped I can feel heat but the fan won't work but once and awhile

Car will start but dies within 3-4 seconds. Security light is on solid "not blinking" I've don't all the tricks to reset the security but nothing is working. What should I do now?
the car isnt runnig on all four cylinders the coil is good and so are the spark plugs im trying to check the fuel injectors but i dont know the statistics
I can take key out but batteey light still on u til i sit and wait a few seconds then it makes a CLICK sound then i can turn car all the way off. I can still take key out but the battery light will still be on.I have no alarm
I thi k it has something to do with the ecnigtion switch
The car run fine for a few minutes or a couple hours and then it the belt just starts to shred like it's running off the pulley
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