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I just purchased a 2007 pontiac torrent. Had 4 days..just today the check engine light came on and the rpm guage is not working at all. I can clearly hear the engine reving so i am assuming it is ok. But i am no machanic...i hope this is a problem i can fix! Without an arm and a leg being sold! My lileag is 115762.
This is the second time it did it this year near zero weather it did the same last week I charged the battery last week and it started this week battery charge and still make growl low clicking sound in the dash
Window is broke out
All lights came on but won’t go off
High beams on on but when I pull the high beams switch to shut them off they will not go off.
Just trying to figure out what fuse to change as the booklet is not clear.
Happens everytime we start the car and cd player says not loaded but also cant load it we did have a dead battery when we came home after being away 7 weeks???
Driving rhe car 2007 pontiac torrent and the atabil track light came on when the brake is applied. Goes off and reaeta after it is off for awhile thwn comes back on

What seems to make the problem better or worse? When you apply the brakes
How long have you had this problem? Today
The temperature gauge is reading hot, but the water and antifreeze is not. You can turn the radiator cap off w/o getting burn. The fans are running. The thermometer shows its getting hot and to turn off the engine, you are losing power. So we sit and wait until it settles down. If we run 40 miles an hour its good if we go 55 miles per hour it shows hot.
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
How replace the heater core put everything back in and my turn signal switch is smoking when you turn your turn signals on
The manual says it's a self defense mechanism when it senses the transaxle overheating. It switches into 5 th gear and the car slows down when this happens. Then it returns to normal speed.
It has been flashing occasionally for about 2 weeks.
Just purchased used unable to lock steering wheel.
When not startING door locks are locking & unlockING .high beam indicator starts to flash on & off .you can jump. start. the vehicle.
Heater coil also replaced, radiator flushed radiator seems to be getting Airbound.
I replaced the thermostat because the car was blowing out cold air. Still blowing cold air, and trying to overheat.
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