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after hesitating then jerks before regaining speed with stinking gas smell--might run normally for a couple days

check hybrid system light-the battery is coming to its end. "Battery pack deterioration"

AC vent behind glovebox making noise ever time AC turned OFF. Ac won't turn on automatically anymore--have to push button.

fuel drop from pump to exzost and terble smell

I spooned out as much as I could, but the next day the computer detected it. I'm being told by Lexus that I must replace all parts in the system ( $ 9,000). This was done about 4 days age.

I was informed the tabs are attached to the window of my LS460

The window comes off track when I let it down, however holding it, I can let it back up in the track. I was told, I need a new window, but the window is not broken.
I was told it was not the window motor by Lexus in B'ham. Why do I need a new window. The price quoted is over $1200.00 for a window that is not broken but just won't go down without leaning and coming off track.

My car has several warning lights on. It says to stop the car and call repairman immediately. Is this a common problem and does Lexus assist with costs?

Only happen once car has sat in the sun. Cranks, then stalls out. Finally half catches but a ticking sound. I have to give it gas to make it catch completely & run normally. Does not do it when I start car up in garage or during the cold months. Been gradually getting worse past year. Lexus LX460

It did not use to, but I had the Air Conditioner Cabin Filter changed and this is when it started. When I started my car it used to come on at 72 degrees without me doing anything. Now I have to turn the AC Auto button on and adjust the temp down to 72.
Thanks for any help anybody can give me with this.

just had the spark plugs replaces and the air filter has well.

auto has 101,000 miles on it.

a deer ran into my left light and cracked it and crack one of my grill in front in low speed luckily I stopped

stereo and satellite system work , NO volume control; doesn't show volume level on screen

I had to aggresively stop, then after stopping, (there was no damage to vehicle) only the audio function on computer is no longer working, the radio below doesnt function on any buttons. although navigation sound and screen continues to work.

what kind of things can I do or fix or where to go and take care of the issues thanks in advance! it is a slow leak

The noise is constant and doesn't change with acceleration, idling, gears, breaking, etc. Starts when you start the car, and stops when you turn it off. We can still hear it when the stereo is on.
Lexus svc said "don't worry about it", it is "normal", and related (somehow) to the fuel injectors. Web searches have not offered any explanations beyond similar claims. It is, nonetheless, annoying in its own right, and especially aggravating given the car is new. Any hope, explanations, or suggestions to offer? Thanks.

Where is the Cabin Filter located and how often do I need to change it?

I am not using oem - I am using powerstop z23 series

after putting in another new bulb in there still doesn't want to work - and lexus shop wants to charge me 150 to look and 300 dollars for parts and labor and they won't tell me what is wrong with it - thanks in advance!

Had filter changed during oil change service, immediately afterwards screen shows its on and working but not blowing on any setting? Is this normal and is there a reset to get the blower back blowing again? I had absolutely no problem at all prior to them changing the cabin filter?


does the 2007 LS460 require a 4 wheel alignment are front only?