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Nearly bought an MB, C230 'til I found out about the balance shaft issue. Benz is really dropping the ball, not stepping up for a recall. The fix is like $4000!
when car is running, everywhere, most of the time.
Went to move the car last night, put key in as usual, it turned to ignition, lights on and then nothing, the ignition is stuck on, the barrel is locked in place and if i wiggle it the barrel spins but doesn't start or turn off.
The car was working perfectly before and is usually really reliable, it is low mileage and hasn't been modified in any way that I know about, it may have an after market alarm.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
i already have the entire head kit. i had my head checked it is 8 thousadths out and has to be shaved but the machinist told me once i shaved it i wuldnt have enough clearance left for my pistons to clear my valves how do i fix this
ive been told it might be the engine can I verify this
I had everything else fixed
this problem occurs when i reduce speed in traffic when its on drive.
as i was sitting still my car started spraying out antifreeze. i immed shut off car. the next day i started car and sadded water to see where leak was coming from. the car died,and now it wont start.
what else can i check?
Is this a fan fuse I don't know please help
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