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when stopped at a stop light the a.c. suddenly goes hot and blows hot air. but when moving it goes cold again. any thoughts on what the problem is?
The codes are thrown for the mass air flow sensor but is it the sensor or MAF?
New ac compressor, updated maintenance
04 Mitsubishi Lancer
2004 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 4cyl 158888 miles. Codes- p0102 p0441 p0107 p0122 p0113 p2228 p0421
New AC compressor causes motor to run awful rough
New battery, spark plugs basic maintenance
AC is now blowing warm air
I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer and the battery is not charging while the car runs. The alternator and the battery was recently replaced because the door ajar light was staying on all the time. The switch was replaced and a new interstate battery was put in. The battery light and the brake light both come on after you let up off the accelerator just for a split second and they are dim as well. Is there some type of relay or regulator going from the alternator to the battery?
changed out the fan blower and the resister and now theres no power to the ac/heater controlls
Coolant leaking into cylinders 2and 3. Have replaced radiator spark plugs thermostat water pump sensors. The water pump had no veins they were all broken off? The car was getting hot and she kept driving it.
we have pulled out engine removed head and gasket coolant in 2 and 3cylinders. dont know why. what do i do to fix it thankyou
Camping World did not come up with the Lancer. On the repair site. Said I needed to contact someone at Mitsubishi to see if hitch can be installed.
is regular oik change by dealer only or can i use my personnel choice
I have a mitsubishi lancer 2007 automatic, my gear shift wont from park and i dont have any problems with the breaks or anything, by watching videos i see that each car has an overside slot which mine doesnt have so any help?
drove car an parked car rolled forward. tried gear shift and it felt like it wasn't attached to won't crank the car hasn't never done this
This started a couple days ago. I hear it mainly in the back.
why dont i have spark at my injectors on my 2002 mitsubishi lancer
When i turn on the car right after turning it on. I feel the car hits something but it starts with no problem
While trying to bleed clutch I’m unable to get any fluid to move down from reservoir to slave cylinder. Also no clutch pressure.
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