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So about 4 months ago my A.C. stopped blowing cold air. We put coolant and no luck, and it didn't leak either. Now, if I turn on the A.C. the battery light will turn on and the car turns off. Any suggestions on what could be wrong ?

No other issues or problems, just a temporary vibration that I can't locate. Thought it was a shield or exhaust pipe/hanger but private mechanic sAys no.

I just bought this car and didn't see the cluster of wires under the dash. A wiring diagram for the SES light would help. There's other things that don't work like the door buzzer and the lights for the shifter and the anti theft light. But they're not really important. I need to fix the SES so it can pass NY inspection. It failed inspection..... MIL COMMANDED Failure and cylinder 4 misfire that I'm hoping is just plugs,wires etc..

I go out every morning to start my car and warm it up. But when I come back outside to leave the key is still on but the car is shut off? Why is that? It does it evey morning

I bought an extended warranty but they have voided it because I put a cold air intake on it. This didn't cause the issue with transmission and nOw they said it will take 16000 to get new transmission. Can get a new car for that price.

Diagnostic code P0442 what does it refer to?

car runs fine turn headlights on or radio you can drive it a while and the car will die

I had a hard time getting the car to accelerate then it started blowing white smoke from the tail pipe. I stopped at a gasoline station to find that the oil had a yogurt like consistency. I had a change oil right there and then. I was able to drive home but the problem persisted until morning. I took the car to the shop.

So far:
- No trouble codes were found
- 4 faulty spark plugs were replaced
- Idle is okay
- Compression test turned out okay

It has been a week but the guys at Mitsubishi service still don't know what exactly is wrong...
Car is Lancer EX GTA 2013 model

I have a 2.4L engine. I don't know where to start.

every once in a while car throws p0171 to lean bank 1 doesnt stay on more then a day ...... roughly 66,000 miles ,, help please !!

There is no skid plate happens only once in awhile almost sounds at times like wind going through plastic

I took out the battery and then put it back on and then the problem started. I have a manual transmission.

It sounds as if it's coming from the front wheels.

It also makes the same sound sometimes when turning completely to the left.

It's an older model so I don't know if it's worth paying extra for Plus or Premium

When transporting large items or lots of groceries, I would like to be able to lower the back seats

How can I use cruise control for when I'm driving on high ways?

I can manually lock and unlock the doors by either flipping the lock on each door or I can unlock all the doors using the key in the driver side door but both the passenger and driver side interior door lock switches quit working at the exact same time. What causes this and how can I fix it?

It does not happen all the time

Was driving my 09 lancer for about 1 hour on the interstate going about 70mph. Car was saying "slow down" Having to pull over and let it cool down. All fluids are full, was running the ac but turned it off and still did it. Temp outside was around 100 degrees could this have an effect? What could be the problem?? First time this has ever happend.

When driving the car runs good but when slowing down the rpm reach 1 the battery an break light come on on the dash but battery an alternator or brand new

this happens in the morning after running for 10 min or less, then suddenly the stalling starts. the engine runs smoothly when it is not rev up.
When you rev the engine it stalls and when you stop reving the engine shuts.
The stalling is like, there seems to be a mixture of water in the fuel, the fuel is not burning properly.
The stalling disappears after reving for a few minuites and runs like nothing happened.

My car over heated when I was going some where and then when I got him and checked my filter had oil on it , a lot

ts. and stop signs. but it will start back up. and drive more untile i make another stop

Abs and svc engine lights came on at same time. Had codes read and came back as low/reverse shift solenoid malfunction. (P1773) how can i tell if the problem is in the wiring(where would i begin?) or the solenoid itself? Should i be concerned about driving while this issue hasnt been addressed?

It happens every time I drive over uneven or dips in the road, I have no vibration in wheel when driving on smooth roads.

A 2.0 litre with only 60K miles on it and before this, whenever I would change my oil (every 3-4 k miles) the level was always full. Probably the absolute best little four cylinder engine I have ever seen as far as power and performance and I certainly don't want this motor to go down without a fight! Thanks for your time.

Is this an easy fix with a part? maybe a fuse going out? money is tight. Please help.