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i turn on the car i forgot i unhook the battery so i went to hook up the battery-- i hook up the positive first then when i tryed to hook up the negative i heard this clicking noise so i stop then i tryed again heard the noise again and stop--then i remember my car was on i turn it off then hook up the battery but when i went to start the car up i noticed the clock time was wrong in the clock got dimmer when i tryed to start it, i could tell it would start but i didnt start it.... do you think I damage anything?????
Check engine light stays on computer states p0456
It's a lancer 2002
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing light stays on
How long have you had this problem? About a month
First my AC was leaking into my passenger side and it was wetting my carpet on the passenger side really bad, left a puddle behind the passenger seat. It would leak only when I turned left or go left. My AC worked perfect with all that, Slowly my AC went completely out and nothing was working. My uncle said it was the blower because everything else was working and because nothing was blowing and because it had got wet, he checked the fueses and connection and it worked so we dryed the motor on the blower and then it worked again. But my AC kept leaking and now my AC went out again. Since the AC Stopped working the water finally had stopped leaking, everything dried and now my blower goes on but doesn't blow anything. I have to get lucky for AC to kick and it'll only go for about 2 min fast or 30sec Really low. Idk if it's anything else?? Please help!!
the squeal is constant above 25mph, the pitch does not change with rpm. the noise does stop when under 25mph. the noise can be heard echoing off other vehicles, buildings ect... also has a rubbing/grinding noise when making a right turn, coming from left from wheel. im thinking wheel bearing but could it be something else. i already checked drive belt and brakes for possible issues causing the squeal. also wind noise i checked for. this noise is a constant squeal above 25mph and the pitch does not change due to rpm increase or decrease. it also does it if put into neutral while driving as well as turn key off while driving (not suggested to do this tho) but anyway regardless the squeal is still there even in neutral as well as engine off just enough to have controlled steering. no check engine lights or nothing of that nature... any help or ideas be much appreciated. Thanks! Russ
when the car gets warm, driving it hard or also after about an hour of driving it devopls a pound whining coming from then engine any idea what it could be? my guess it's coolent pump but have had time to replace it
The map sensor was broken off after an accident. What is the process to do a cycle drive so when replaced it will go off?
i check there just 1 fan working from 2
that happen on the Ac mode working
So about 4 months ago my A.C. stopped blowing cold air. We put coolant and no luck, and it didn't leak either. Now, if I turn on the A.C. the battery light will turn on and the car turns off. Any suggestions on what could be wrong ?
No other issues or problems, just a temporary vibration that I can't locate. Thought it was a shield or exhaust pipe/hanger but private mechanic sAys no.
I just bought this car and didn't see the cluster of wires under the dash. A wiring diagram for the SES light would help. There's other things that don't work like the door buzzer and the lights for the shifter and the anti theft light. But they're not really important. I need to fix the SES so it can pass NY inspection. It failed inspection..... MIL COMMANDED Failure and cylinder 4 misfire that I'm hoping is just plugs,wires etc..
I go out every morning to start my car and warm it up. But when I come back outside to leave the key is still on but the car is shut off? Why is that? It does it evey morning
I bought an extended warranty but they have voided it because I put a cold air intake on it. This didn't cause the issue with transmission and nOw they said it will take 16000 to get new transmission. Can get a new car for that price.
Diagnostic code P0442 what does it refer to?
car runs fine turn headlights on or radio you can drive it a while and the car will die
I had a hard time getting the car to accelerate then it started blowing white smoke from the tail pipe. I stopped at a gasoline station to find that the oil had a yogurt like consistency. I had a change oil right there and then. I was able to drive home but the problem persisted until morning. I took the car to the shop.

So far:
- No trouble codes were found
- 4 faulty spark plugs were replaced
- Idle is okay
- Compression test turned out okay

It has been a week but the guys at Mitsubishi service still don't know what exactly is wrong...
Car is Lancer EX GTA 2013 model
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