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Air conditioner stopped working no air blowing out of the vents compressors kick in on all fuses are good
Left gas cap loose. Warning car check and vsc slipping lights on Replaced gas cap but warning lights did not clear.
Alarm when getting too close to objects not working?.
need to replace, doing it my self, but don't know exactly where that sensor is
Humming noise at about 35 to 40 mph, gets louder with speed.
Not having any problems yet except for lights coming on in car check engine and vsc and traction
vcs and abs lights popped out on dashboard how to fix code C1246? It is brake booster or brake actuator?
My car will start and it goes into every gear smoothly but it will not go forward or backward. It will not move. What could this be acomputer issue like a sensor?
The doors are closing before I can get out of the car. They need adjustment or replace the hinge that controls the door swing speed?
What repairs to expect for repairs when buying a used Lexus 350 with 105 thousand km
Do I need a water pump? The water pump I have is not leaking. There is a slightly deductible whirling noise which I️ am told is the water pump. I was told That there is give in the pulley and that the pump is worn and can go at any time. Sound reasonable or not?
Trunk won't close, latch not functioning.
VSC light and all lights came on. Cannot start vehicle. changed battery in FOB and checked gas cap to insure it clicked. what does VSC mean and how can this problem be repaired.
Had freon replaced at a local shop yesterday and it apparently leaked out in 24 hrs. Cost $109.00 . Can't locat LP fitting so I can try using a sealant and doing it myself. Is it under the car?
Had no prior issues with the oil pan. No oil leaks what so ever. Went in for a routine oil change and the representative called me into his office to tell me the oil drain plug was worn out and stripped and couldn't be put back in and tightened. He said I would have to replace the entire oil pan. I had never heard of an oil drain wearing out. I thought this could only happen if you either put it in to tightly or putting it in crooked, both of which would cause it to strip.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? N/A
How long have you had this problem? no problen until I took it in for an oil change
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