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we have a kia mohave with issues that not start engine with normal voltage, but if you make a buster with 24volts its start noemal. what can be the problem. i am stuck....
I notice that when i installed the battery it did not flash when i lock it no lights at all/
inable to jump since it don't go pass ACC
I just bought my 2009 Kia Borrego Lx about 3weeks ago. I have done a Tranny Flush about 10times bc the Tranny Fluid was Milky & the Tranny wasn't shifting. I can get it to kinda shift & go take it around the block a cpl times & then I come back & park it & try starting it & doing it again & then my car won't shift or move. So it's picking & choosing when it wants to do this, but mainly choosing to NOT shift & go. I DON'T feel that it's a BAD Tranny, I feel like it's something else, but what idk?! I've been doing research & research to try & find out what it cld possibly be & I haven't found much help yet at all. Research I have found so far is a LOT of ppl are complaining of the Tranny as well & why it's NOT on recall?! All I NEED to know is IF there is 1or2 PCM's to this car & I NEED to KNOW what this Tranny Problem cld possibly be! Any HELP wld be greatly APPRECIATED!! TY 2009 Kia Borrego Lx Owner who should have done Research 1st!
Her electronic rear hatch lock is not engaging. Cause of that the security bell chimes indicating it's open. Any suggestions on how to reset it or fix it?
sensors check out good.
KIA said my oil control valve was bad is this the problem
Also when locking with fob the lights dont flash anymore or beep, it does lock though? Happens with both fobs. Car is 2009, 80k miles
Check engine light keeps coming on. Replaced Crankshaft position sensor. Came back on. There was oil in the connectors. Cleaned oil off and light came back on. Now they want to replace the oil control valves. Does this sound right?
where is this located
My trunk release was working fine last night. This morning it would not open my trunk. It will unlock the trunk but it will not open! When I push the button I can hear the lock release and it will seem like it is going to open but it is almost like the lock is stuck and will not fully open. Please help!
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