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Ac stops cooling, then not
Back & forth

To be able to see I have to use my brights. Don't want to do this. Also, they keep going out frequently; about every 3-4 months. Very expensive to have one side replaced.

I have replaced it 2× thus far and now I need another one
No condensation on the bulb so I'm not understanding

Hello, I have a 2007 Mazda CX-7, 2.3L engine. How can I resolve an error C1168? Thanks!

The power seat will move forward and backwards. I can lay the backrest down but it will not come back up!
Is it a fuse,switch or motor? If it's a fuse where would I find the right one?

The AC Usually Starts To Work And Blow
Cool Air After (10) Minutes. Sometimes
The Car Will Have To Hit A bump In The Road.

Is there a lawsuit, 3 active recalls with all 3 not offering a solution. Already replaced one motor at 50k now at 80k same problem.

The immobilizer in our 2011 CX-7 has locked down our car in our own garage three times now. It is a locked garage, so we are reasonably certain it was not activated in a theft attempt. The dealership has been slow to provide a solution, they reset the immobilizer and send us off without providing feedback on trying to eliminate the problem again in future. This happened once January 2015 and twice in the last month.

I have a 2007 CX7 and want to replace the timing chain, how much would it cost

Changed battery over a year ago. My license plates up 06/04. Since then the car will not pass GA emission inspection. The following non-continuous monitors not ready, Catalyst, Evaporative System, Oxygen Sensor. I have run car through drive cycle twice, put over 3,000 miles with exemption and had it at dealer twice, independent once.

If I'm going to sell my cx7 07 should I replace engine or rebuild it


Just replaced the timing chain in my cx7 as I had a loud engine knock/rattle.

It seemed to work and got rid of the noise completely.

Untill I put it in drive and accelerate.......... its a complete different noise from the first one very similar but different.

Any one else had this problem?


I change the top gasket i need the timing diagram

2008 cx7 started to blow warm air yesterday. No weird noise. Compressor or rf134a needs filled? 82000 miles. No major problems before .

Water has been leaking I to the front passenger floorboard. I think it is the air conditioner could it be clogged?

Check engine diagnostic gave a P2009 code. 74K miles
Intake Variable swirl control valve. Dealer wants $335 to fix w/ note **Further system diag may be required after replacement.
Sounds like more costs to me. Please explain what this is and what the best plan for fixing would be.

i am now getting a camshaft and crankshaft coralation code and still have the code cam A very retarted which started this whole proublem.after chain and vvtc were changed the starter was spin over,but the crank pully was not tightened.the cams were set with the tool for alignment. activating the vvtc valve with 12 volts does not engage the vvtc.are there marks on the cam gear and vvtc for alignment and can the vvtc be put on any oriontation

how can I time my engine after replacing vvtc and cam chane if the crank shaft has been spun by starter

Gas and wen I got off I check my oil level to and it was very low could that be the reason y my engin light came on

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