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My father who is not a huge fan of high tech vehicles, happened to drive my CX-7 the other day. Without knowing that you could manually shift gears on an automatic transmission, he had it on manual and thought the car was just running rough, and was going to stop at the gas station near by to check what the problem was... Well, he didn’t go to far, maybe 1.5 mile and the car died on him, he turned it on one mere time and drove about 30 feet before it died again, and never came on after that. The battery and starter are both 6 months old. All the dash lights come on but no crank or anything at all when you try to start. What could it be?
((( HELP )))
my heater is not boowing hot air is coming out but not that cold,and the aircon is working car is mazda cx7 2008 model.
i recently changed the intake and bought a new mass airflow sensor and after that was installed it just starts but dies right away the lights still turn on and the battery isnt dead, i need help please.
Motor was starting heavy, like if something was holding it back from cranking it was cracking like if the battery was dead but it wasn’t, the battery was replace just in case and so was the battery terminals and starter, now all it does is the click of the starter trying to rotate/crank motor but nothing happens. No cranking.
The car stalls when slowing down and coming to a stop
There was a black mesh "netting" or fabric that was hanging below the car, near the middle of the car. It was dragging the ground. I have pulled it off, but what was it for? Do I need to have it replaced?
passenger side window rolls down and up from passenger side but not from driver side.
My mazda CX 7 2007While in motion the power just goes off , which I will need to park before I can start the car again which will come one , what could be the problem started this like 2 months ago my Mech checked and said the fuel hose is blocked which he changed, the car was working, but 2 days ago the problem is back , plz what could be the cause
I topped up the oil and now the car hasn’t got the same acceleration
It’s sounds like the engine has lost power
Its worse in the cold but seems to lessen once the temperature rises.
Every time I start the engine, (hot or cold) it sounds as though the tappet gaps are not set correctly. It only lasts for 5-10 seconds, The noise disappears, it doesn't come back until the engine is restarted
.Is it possible to loose the oil pressure to the cam shaft when the engine stops. If the engine is restarted immediately after it is stopped, the tappets are noisy for approximately 5-10 seconds.
o2 sensor reference voltage circuit high bank 1 sensor 1
I recently replaced the battery since the old one was "cold weather dead." After disconnecting the old one and connecting the new one, I attempted to crank the car. Put the key in, turn to "ACC" and the accessory get full power power. Turn the key to "ON" and all dash lights come on and cycle as they should. Turn the key to "START" and all power is killed and will not come on. turning the key back off or even removing will not restore the power. The only thing that will restore power is waiting a while with the doors closed or disconnecting the negative terminal and reconnecting. This immediately restores all power to all functions until attempting to start the car again.

The battery is good and the terminal connections are good.

I am stumped.

Karl in Kansas
Tried jump start it and it didn't work. There is a clicking in the fuse box and the neddles on the dash are acting strange. Is this a security system malfunction and could replacing the siren fuse fix the problem?
The truck want drive a long time it start right up
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