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o2 sensor reference voltage circuit high bank 1 sensor 1
I recently replaced the battery since the old one was "cold weather dead." After disconnecting the old one and connecting the new one, I attempted to crank the car. Put the key in, turn to "ACC" and the accessory get full power power. Turn the key to "ON" and all dash lights come on and cycle as they should. Turn the key to "START" and all power is killed and will not come on. turning the key back off or even removing will not restore the power. The only thing that will restore power is waiting a while with the doors closed or disconnecting the negative terminal and reconnecting. This immediately restores all power to all functions until attempting to start the car again.

The battery is good and the terminal connections are good.

I am stumped.

Karl in Kansas
Tried jump start it and it didn't work. There is a clicking in the fuse box and the neddles on the dash are acting strange. Is this a security system malfunction and could replacing the siren fuse fix the problem?
The truck want drive a long time it start right up
So I have replaced All Plugs (Denso 5339) And all Coils (Karlyn 5104) Since this is the only brand Worldpac had available.
Anyway, after all this, I am still getting a check engine light on for the same Cylinder 3 Missfire.
I need to find the location of the transmission filter
Are there problems associated with this particular model regarding the Chain/belt issue?
Assuming that this model has a timing belt, when does the manufacturer suggest that the belt gets changed?
No check engine light
Car runs good no misfire
One in a while when come to stop vehicle cut off
Please help
Ac stops cooling, then not
Back & forth
To be able to see I have to use my brights. Don't want to do this. Also, they keep going out frequently; about every 3-4 months. Very expensive to have one side replaced.
I have replaced it 2× thus far and now I need another one
No condensation on the bulb so I'm not understanding
Hello, I have a 2007 Mazda CX-7, 2.3L engine. How can I resolve an error C1168? Thanks!
The power seat will move forward and backwards. I can lay the backrest down but it will not come back up!
Is it a fuse,switch or motor? If it's a fuse where would I find the right one?
The AC Usually Starts To Work And Blow
Cool Air After (10) Minutes. Sometimes
The Car Will Have To Hit A bump In The Road.
Is there a lawsuit, 3 active recalls with all 3 not offering a solution. Already replaced one motor at 50k now at 80k same problem.
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