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trans slipping between 1st and 2nf, high rpm before shifts, changed trans fluid, filter and pan gasket, added new fluid and Lucas trans additive ? pulled codes ftom fladhing test light hook up - 526 , 521 , 412 and 116 I think ?
counted blinking test light hook up for codes ?
While Driving my car a short way, the car over heats, i have changed the thermostat which definitely needed it, still overheats, then i flushed the system added new coolant then drove it less than a mile and it overheated noises,no leaks. What could the problem be?
Broke ignition switch
Check engine light with code comes up after running the engine a few minutes at any speed.
I Am trying to find a wss but only seeing connectors and wiring harnesses.
My 02 Lincoln continental rear air springs are no good. I can't find this car in any auto salvage yard around. So I was wondering what other vehicles that are NOT CONTINENTALS would have the air springs that can fit my car.
I would like to know how many bulbs do I need to replace my cluster and what type of bulbs do i need
Car won’t start. New battery. Alternator and starter is fine. Fuel pump replaced. Car was in accident few months ago been sitting. Mechanic looked at it saying anti theft issue. All crank no start. No anti theft lights on at all when trying to start. Not sure what’s the issue. Seen a video showing corroded cables under battery causing an issue with the grounding. Not sure at all
I've done the following:

1) Checked to confirm spark from spark plugs. I have spark.
2) Cycled the key a few times and then depressed the schrader valve on fuel rail to see if fuel came out. It didn't.
3) Checked to make sure inertia switch in trunk is depressed. It is.
4) Disconnected wiring plug from inertia switch and tested for power. I do have power in those wires.

Am I correct to diagnose this as a fuel pump needing replacement?
During a tire change the air ride was not disabled. Now the car sits very high and the ride adjustments does not seem to work. How can it be reset?
engine idles over 2 grand and wants to cruise the car at 35 to 40 mph after warmed up, won't idle down then sometimes does. 97 lincoln cont. 96,000 miles
The car struggles on acceleration. Like it is cutting out.
How do I change the crank sensor shaft on a 1998 Lincoln Continental and where is it located
Nothing out the ordinary. Came on on my way to work .just bought car. All fluids seem in tact.curious what causes it to come on
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