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75000 miles on the car
I can turn my key in the ignition and start my car ,but when I put it in park and turn it off it won't let me pull the key out of ignition. It drained my battery so I replaced it , then replaced my alternator but it still won't come out . The key no longer has the push buttons working on the top. However it's been working manually could that be the issue. Someone suggest it's my gear shifter. That it's not going completely into park . Please help.. I'm a single female not knowing what to do. Thank you ..Frances 213 3226862
The stereo in the car does not work because it has an antitheft lock and the antitheft stereo system is a cassette deck P6802 how do I get to share it to work again
engine light came on i ran the diagnostic and code p 1705 came up the check engine light went back off but what part do i need for this code?

My odometer is not working also my power steering, brake, abs light is on my wheel is hard to turn
what part is this i need when P1705 pops up on the code reader
There is a loud buzzing sound coming from driver side mirror for about 15/20 seconds upon starting engine.
replace code 14, igniter and car does not start, code is not cleared.
The down-up button on the steering wheel should shift when in manual mode. They do nothing. Is there a fuse?
It has erratic idle to it and often drops to 450 rpm, have not had it die on me or cause any problems. The Lexus dealer told me they cleaned the throttle body and the code keeps coming back and also told me he thinks my throttle body needs replaced possibly for a cost of around $1100.
If i replace the throttle body myself will it screw the computer up and cause me more problems?
Driving and plastic bag covered my grill, next thing I notice was car was staring to smoke and run hot, now car won’t start? Not sure what problem can be
I bought a new battery for my 2005 Gs 300 n every morning I have to give it a boost . I also change my alternator , can you help me
Heats not working climate,plus audio not working

I am using Lexus GS300 2001 model and having some problem. especially in the morning once start the car and change gear to D (Drive) it's not moving only after pushing accelerator strongly its start moving, same time RPM go very high and the engine check signal also showing for some time) but at the same time if I did reverse gear its work smoothly. Please note not only in the morning but also after a long break like after 5 or 6 hours also same thing happening. I have visited many mechanics everyone saying different issue can anyone please suggest me the solution and reason for this problem.
thank you so much
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