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White smoke coming from under hood, resevior full to the top and there's coolant everywhere
I'm getting a p2111 code. Says the throttle actuator stuck open but I look at my valve plate and it's in the resting position.
I get off and stop the beeping
How long have you had this problem? Just bought car can you help
Over heated and want start.i try to started it sounds as if it wants to start but want..
the engine will run perfectly until i shift into drive and then shuts off completely,why is it doing this.
what could be the problem
It started a week ago . It has done it three times so far.
The small "box" to the left of the gear shift won't allow me to shift.
replaced my car battery and the positive battery terminal, car starts but i have no exterior lights and my car wont shift out of park
New fuel pump new fuel pressure relay
Trying to find correct part number for RWD 06 GS300 ECU/ECM. Found several on ebay but don't see consistency in part numbers.
I have recently had the timing belt replaced and put in a new battery, but my car will not start on the first try. The dash indicator lights come on but the car will not turn over. I let it sit for a minute and try again. Sometimes it will take 3 - 4 tries before the car will start. I must also have the doors closed and my foot on the brake or it will not work. I work 45 miles from home and I am afraid to drive the car to work for fear that I might not get it started to get home. Any ideas as to what the problem might be?
The original wires are black, blue and do I match them up?
Its turning like it wants to start but doesnt fully turn all the way over
My car was running hard, I told you husband. He checked it out to find that one of the wires was not connected. He says someone had to have removed ut, but no one has been under my hood. Can a clamped wire gomez off on its own?
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