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Plus the cruise control does not work when lights come on..

Switch off - restart car - ok for 5 or 6 miles then all on again.

What is the issue?
When driving
What if a plastic piece of air freshener goes inside the AC vent?
I just had my G37 2009 rear calipers , rotors and pads replaced because the dealer said they were seized in the open position. After several thousand dollars of repairs costs, I drove home last night and the emergency brake is not grabbing tightly enough to stop the car from rolling down my driveway. They claim its a totally separate problem and want me to pay for the adjustment - is that correct or is it a result of them doing all this break work?
cars still working well atm but would like an idea re: service mileposts
It only happens when the car is on and only when it's on fresh air and not a/c.
Makes a loud noise when initially pulling off or turning.
Everone else is talking bout. Would that cause me to burn oil? I get oil changed every 4 months and I'm always having to add a quart between oil changes.
This is one of the pumps that lifts and reclines the convertible top. They said that HEAT caused the problem. Really, in Southern California? Who'd expect it to get hot here. They want $4k to fix and I'm looking for options. I have a 3rd-party extended warranty, but it only covers electric motors for the top.
I tried a different control switch but it did the same thing. What can it be help
Brake light comes on and car shifts while driving it.
I hit a dog. Airbag deployed. Can't drive to get estimates. Need airbag repaired.
While driving on the highway all dash lights when off an on several times while the key light on the dash was lite, after 3 mins car died ( while on the highway) got it started after a few mins, did not shut it off . Took it right to the dealership where the car would not shut off. Now after 5 days there , their response to me is that nothing is wrong with the car lol but we did have to disconnect the fuel pump and battery to shut your car off . Any suggestions on this problem
I'm hearing low frequency hum/rumble that sounds like it's coming from the driver-side front wheel. I replaced the OEM Goodyear tires with Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 tires in July 2015.
When manually shifting in DS mode the car goes back into D mode, and wont go back into DS mode.
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