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Strobe lights while the truck is running and idiling. As you give it gas the flickering stops and we have also took the positive side off the battery and the truck remains running....

I hot wired compressor to take couple cans freon but as soon as I take hot wire off, the compressor kicks off therefore it will not take any more freon. Someone said there is a switch behind the glove box that makes compressor stay kicked on to take more freon?

Truck sat for 4 days. Tried new battery, but no sound.

changed it but used a 6cly sensor

The seat belt light blinks on and off once the truck is cranked. How can I turn this light off ?


I took the dash out to replace the radio and I unhooked all connections to install another radio that would work. One was the air bag light and it is put back together and the light continues to flash all the time.

I am trying to know if I have to remover the steering column to replace a broken Windshield wiper switch arm

So I gave her a tune up; new wires, cap, rotary button, oil, oil filter and fuel filter. What else an I do before I start bringing to a mechanic cause my worries are that it's the cats and I don't want it to mess up worse if I can fix something simple now, sugesstions?

Just started after new battery installed

I have all other gears but 4th. It also makes a bad whining noise. Any help would be great

Stalls after breaking to a stop

chirping about every 1/4 mile and sometimes it really squels

Drove 20mins to work, had to stop at loading dock, shut off engine, now it won't start. The lights and radio come on but it won't turn over.

I can reverse and drive in 1st and 2nd gear but will not engage in drive, when put in drive it just goes neutral hit the gas and is like I heave it in neutral?

Scraping noise when i shift my 5 speed

I am replacing my engine Frontier 4.0 with torque converter attached. I cannot seem to get it all the way back to the bell housing I have spun the crank to no avail to line up shaft splines

Just replaced cam shaft and crank shaft pos. Sen. Started up fine drove fine, when stopped an turned engine off, it doesn't want to start back right away, have to let it sit for a few mins before srtarts back again, an stalls or shuts off when driving, same senerio lat sit few mims starts again, same thing problem occurs again

I have cleaned the carb put new fuel filter but still won't idle need to know what to check or what to do. Thanks.

There is a large light on the backside of the cab (outside) that usually stays on for a few minutes after you park the truck...just long enough for me to get into the house!! It will not turn off!! How can I get it off?? Thanks!

When I get it started I go to take off and it's starts dieing gas pedal doesn't work then shuts off

I've replaced both front and back o2 sensors within the year. The coder said 1 o2 sensor but mechanic said it was gaskets, is this so? The labor is 4 hours.

Won't go in reverse at all.

My frontier has been giving me problems for a while and around me someone suggested that I should replace the engine with a 3.5L V6 infinity 2002 engine that, it will perform well and everything will be fine. I need your advise on what to do as I love this truck.

Thank you.

recently when i start the truck in the morning, the pulley on the supercharger
makes a rattly noise. is there any maintenance to do on these.
2001 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner
3.3 liter SC

The yellow windshield washer fluid low indicator light on dashboard will blink for a few minutes while operating the vehicle, en will stop pulsing and stay solid yellow. Also my cruise control will turn on but when trying to engage this function, most of the time it won't catch or "set". Possibly related?

No matter where I have the temperature control dial set, in the blue area or the red I get heat from the vent. Don't want a/c just fresh air which should flow from center and side vents with the air flow control dial set on head position. No idea how the temp control dial works or where it is?

I broke the timing belt and need to know if I need a valve job. If it is a non interference engine, then I don't need it.

I went to get an oil change and was told there is a high pitch sound when engine is reved.