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It will happen then clear up and idle smooth for few minutes then do it again it only lasts for maybe 5-10 seconds
2004 Nissan Frontier 3.3LSOHC engine, automatic transmission, 4wd 76K miles. I have a lengthy written problem / repair attempts background and lengthy list of related detailed questions, These are too large to cut and paste here. I there a alternate means to send this background info and detailed question list to you for evaluation and if found acceptable rough answer and advice cost estimating ?
It died on me when turning. The negative battery cable wasn’t loose . I tightened it and it would turn over but not start. I replaced the crankshaft sensor. And nothing . I sprayed starter fluid just a dab and it started but idled rough and immediately shut off. I hooked up code diagnostic tool to it and it read error. I’ve checked all fuses and relays I could find and still no luck .
What it might be and why does the diagnostic tool show error ?
I could not remember if the shaft o-ring needed light grease or just clean motor oil when installing. And , yes, I did put grease on the new distributor gear. Should I take the distributor out and wipe off the grease and put oil on the o-ring ? Thanks for an answer.
I have a 2010 Nissan Frontier 4.0 v6. It stalled on me in turn lane . The negative terminal was loose and I tightened it and it will crank but not start.
Was told the ecm was bad and needs to be replaced, can not locate the unit on a 2005 Nissian forester
Change battery need to find ac relay
Changed battery no ac and recirculating switch doesn't work
Water leak from top corners of rear glass
1998 Nissan. Frontier 2.4L
Done a timing chain done now when I press on the gas it makes a rattling noises now
I have replaced plugs, wires, new distributor, tps and still get rid of p0300 code. Engine light used to come on and off but now it just stays on. I noticed there is a bad exhaust smell now. I am planning to change out crank sensor and fuel filter as they are cheap to replace.
it's a 4 cylinder
Mosstly the noise is after vehicle warms up noise is in the headeds
My 2007 Nissan Frontier makes a metallic screeching/squealing sound when I accelerate over 2000 RPMs. Normally if I start driving fast for long enough, I can “kick” it out of making the noise. It sounds like the engine is whirring when the noise starts, but the engine is much quieter when the noise isn’t being made. It’s also normally the worst when it’s warm outside. It’s been to different shops & whenever they drive it, they don’t hear the noise. Any ideas what it is? It was leaking coolant which was fixed, but still leaking some oil which hasn’t seemed to be much of a probelm. I had the fan belt replaced a year or two ago, but the noise slowly came back. Thanks so much!!
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