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Hello. My tachometer spikes to 3 or 4 when the car is idling. The dial spins in a backwards direction when I'm driving. The car always has a slight rough idle and shakes when slowing down or backing into a parking space. I've had wires, plugs, O2 sensors, water pump/timing chain kit, and something is still not right. HELP!!! I was told that there is a small oil leak and that I might need a manifold gasket.

I don't want to trade it in just yet. PLEASE HELP!!!
the car works fine other wise but the airbag light comes on an stays on an when that happens my window an heat does not work at all
A 20am fuse keeps blowing that keeps it from starting
Company called Henderson glasses windshield and driver side window is not leaking yet water on floor
The problem doesnt occur at all when cold but once it warms up it does! And the other day I had check engine light for evap leak but then check engine light went away. Plz help. 1997 plymouth breeze. 2.0 liter. 5 speed
Tail lights and dash lights went out fuse is intact I can't find a solution to this problem
1997 plymouth breeze want go over 30 mph
When I replace crankshaft sensor with replacement it fails after a short time, I then put the original back in which works for a time then fails again,I then switch it with the previous one and so on and so on
It cranks over but will not start.
I have a 99 Plymouth Breeze heads using a lot of oil but it's not leaking out anywhere.. and the check engine light came on what should I do
I replaced the spark plugs, the wires that send the spark and even the ignition coil, I believe it's called. It's still won't catch one what else could it be?
dealer said not showing diagnositic codes they are puzzled

when I pull over and let it sit for a minute then it starts right back up but then cuts off again as I am driving

always the oil pressure light comes on; and sometimes the check engine light
when I run my A C the air will not move through the top vents , where you want the air to come , it comes through the defrost only
Just had fuel replaced, drove 10 miles now it want start at all. what should i try now
It died while I was going down the road. It turns over and tries but won't start.
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