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Battery is good but car won't turn. Turn key on and check engine light doesn't come on.

my car has a code of PO420 that indicates that the bank I catalyst system efficiency was below threshold for a predetermined period of time. Do I have to replace the entire exhaust system or just the catalytic converter?

Is it safe to drive 20 miles to the Toyota dealership, or should I have it towed? The light stays solid in park.

Hasetates to accelerate

Alarm will not not work after it is locked eith remote. Light flash but but car can still be broken in to. Alarm does not go off

Died While driving. I didnt notice right away since the radio was not affected and its a manual. After pulling over, they car would turn over but not catch then slowly stopped doing that. Now it wont turn over at all. Battery tested fine. What gives?

I was driving for approximately 20 minutes when all of a sudden my 03 Toyota Matix died for like about 5 seconds (everything shut down) and came back on again. It did this 3 times until I parked it and turned it off. It didn't want to start again at all, not even lights but, then it cranked like nothing had happened. When I turned it off it didn't want to turn on again.

Please tell me what these codes have in common, po171-system too lean bank 1, Po133- o2 sensor ckt slow response bank 1 sensor 1, Po420- catalyst efficiency below threshold bank 1, Po741- torque converter ckt performance or stuck off.. If any of them are connected to the other please explain to car idles rough and at times feels like it might die, my gas milage has sky rocketed and occasionally my lights will dim when the idle gets rough..I need to fix ASAP any suggestions?

The cost of a replacement radiator and how difficult is it for a laymen to do.

Any speed over 10mph what sounds like a faint bell or alarm. Just sounds once when I hit the brakes, but every time I hit the brakes. Sounds like it is coming from below the dash.

The car is actually a Pontiac Vibe. I don't know the history of the car. I am looking to buy it from a friend who's daughter drove it to college. I drove it about 110 mikes yesterday. I put the scanner on it and got back PO 420 Catalyst efficiency below threshold and PO 741 Torque converter CKT Performance or Stuck Off. Car has 180,008 miles on it. Where should I start looking? I have felt a shudder once while slowing down from 70 mph. any help appreciated.

replaced the vapor canister and replaced the gas cap with an oem.PO 442 code comes on

Radio seems to work fine.

If I go over 70mph.

It happens when I step on the brake all the way.

I just had the engine replaced. Now I have had the code twice for P0907.

i have a fairly new Battery, radio,power windows work , but i turn the key to start the car and nothing happens ,Does not even turn the engine over.

I just bought the car used so I don't know yet how often it occurs, but I noticed it after it had been driven a long distance in the rain. The edges are dry, only the middle is wet.

Brakes have been grinding for a little while now and I'm worried about the rotors being damaged from it. How could I at least get an idea of what condition they're in?

I was driving in the palmetto highway I passed under something since that time the wheel want to stay to the left side and when I accelerate the car shake

Does this have anything to do with my problem and with the dealer fix it at no charge?

Had a mechanic repair valve gasket for an oil leak. What should have taken him one day, took him three days. Ten minutes after driving away my check engine came on & the chain started making noise in my engine & vibrating my whole car. It sort of feels like a misfire but it's not (I had another matrix that misfired @ one point). I also stalled out twice while turning on & when I put it in drive another time. I'm trying to avoid having someone disassemble my entire engine to figure out whether or not he dropped something down my engine or something is very wrong. I had my friend's dad look @ it & he rewired the thing & put new engine coils, fuses, & a couple of sensors in it. My check engine light is still on after all of that. The guy who repaired the valve gasket says I hustled him (I asked for the money back because my engine was never acting like that before I brought it to him & he went budge on telling me what happened). Is this a common problem? Does anyone have any idea on what it could be? I need the car for school & I'm also a full time nanny who needs a car to drive the kid I nanny for. Any response would be appreciated! Thank you!

I have tried the spare key, with no success. There is no response.
I do not think the battery is dead, since the car started up fine a couple of hours earlier. How do I override/disable the security system, if it's keeping me from starting the car?

has anyone had this issue? car only has approx 67000 miles on it.

the repair shop quoted me $795 to replace both axels and boots and they are planning to use after market parts. is this price fair and are after market parts safe to use? i'm planning to keep the car as long as possible, will the axels and boots need to be replaced again in another 67,000 miles? thanks for any input.

Locks keep on locking and unlocking by its self

the codes coming up are 8-22-15 PO442, PO446, PO441. 442 and 446 came up twice on that date. Also 8-19-15 PO456 came up. I have a codes reader and have erased them but want to know if I should look into fixing them. I did have a evap code about 1-2 yrs ago but nothing until this.