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I can not see anything on the instrument panel.....not the speedometer...or the fuel levels...
When I turn the key to start my car there is no noise. Tested the starter and it's good. The battery is good. Going to change the relay but I cant find the relay fuse. What else should I do. What else could it be other then the starter
On September 2017, my car Toyota Matrix 2010 was in dealership for replacing dip stick tube (holder). Dip stick tube was broken on 2 parts. During evaluation this problem, 2 things were done in the service department:
1. BST - Special Service Campaign (SSC) BST Multiple Model and Model Years Smart Stop Technology: ELSBOS UPDATE ECM SOFTWARE AND INSTALL UPDATE LABEL 29246 WS
2. COM - Safety Recall COM Remedy Notice - Power Window Master Switch (PWMS)
2611HB WA

After that updates has been done, I did not have any problems with the car. Until now. In May 2018 my car required an annual inspection. The Emission test failed. The Safety test passed. Vehicle Inspection Report shows on OBD Readiness Monitor Results : Catalyst & Oxygen Sensor -NOT READY, Pin 16 Volt-13.7 No diagnostic lights appeared on the car's dashboard . The dealer recommended to drive about 200 ml to pass inspection. I drove 340 ml but car again did not pass inspection. What I should do? Please help
Looking for timing chain marks for 2009 Toyota Matrix Dual VVTI Please.
The a/c randomly blows warm air; Freon levels are correct and blower runs fine.
right side front head light is works .
Switched from premium gas to regular gas in the last 3 weeks
Tires appear soft ,original tires 80,000Km car has been sitting all winter
Each time I am driving the car, some smell of petrol fills the car at intervals
My 2003 toyota matrix xr transmission is stuck in drive in when I put it in reverse and neutral. I was driving and all of a sudden it reved up real high wouldn't go then it got a little power then lost it again I've changed the transmission filter and fluid twice since I got it and it smells like its burnt and now since that has happened my car will rev up over around 2,300 rpms. I'm on disability and have a family and 3 boys can't afford to pay thousands of dollars to get it fixed and can't afford a new car payment all extra me and my wife have barely gets us by month to month. And so my boys have not been to school all week car is broke down. Can some one please tell me what is wrong with it cause ever one I've talked to wants 1,600-2,300 dollars to fix it. I'm lost and don't know what to do
My car won’t start I have a brand new battery in it but it chokes. What is wrong with my car?
I can't get the passage axle out
Matrix 2003 : When I start the car, engine starts well but indicator lights doesn't come up, radio not working, I can't roll down the window glass , a.c. system not working too.
Vibration noise in rear end only between 60mph and 65mph. Hit the gas and slowing to 60mph. My 06 Toyota MAtRIX 4wd
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2005 Toyota Matrix code PO0420
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