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Drove to store,cars been fine but now won't start installed new starter,still no sound,is oil on alternator the problem?
I don’t really want to put in my own car kit or stereo but I don’t know where to start. Who can do that for me and will it cost more to do one or the other? I want to do use my phone for music and voice recognition. And, of course, the microphone. Seeking the most affordable option, the best for the least. Thank you for your assistance.
Washer fluid works when I turn the knob all the way up or all the way down, but when I select wipers on or intermittent it does nothing. Rear wiper doesn't move at all. I posted this because most of you mentioned it was your defogger and washer fluid that didn't work along with wiper. Mine is only wiper. I don't know if this trick would work? What do I do, just turn on the car and roll my mindows all the way down and all the way up? from the switch up front?
I can find the top bolts, but it is obvious there is a third bolt. Where is it and how am I to get to it for both right and left headlight assembly? I'm not talking about a bulb, but the whole unit. The glass is so bad that I can't clear it so I will have to replace it.
I have a passenger side front brake/caliper sticking problem. I've replaced both front Calipers, brake pads, brake hoses, and rotors. Doesn't make any noise when you brake.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Happens randomly whether cold or warm
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
in June one engine failed, started knocking look at dip stick and saw no oil at all. Got another and 5,000 km later driving along, knocking started and she oil on dip stick but plenty all over bottom of engine. I read a few reviews but nobody mentioned this. what are the chances though? It is def. not my driving on the second but ex-wife ran it from Halifax to here in second gear on first engine once, 350 km.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? no idea
How long have you had this problem? since 220,000 km
Battery is good but car won't turn. Turn key on and check engine light doesn't come on.
my car has a code of PO420 that indicates that the bank I catalyst system efficiency was below threshold for a predetermined period of time. Do I have to replace the entire exhaust system or just the catalytic converter?
Is it safe to drive 20 miles to the Toyota dealership, or should I have it towed? The light stays solid in park.
Hasetates to accelerate
Alarm will not not work after it is locked eith remote. Light flash but but car can still be broken in to. Alarm does not go off
Died While driving. I didnt notice right away since the radio was not affected and its a manual. After pulling over, they car would turn over but not catch then slowly stopped doing that. Now it wont turn over at all. Battery tested fine. What gives?
I was driving for approximately 20 minutes when all of a sudden my 03 Toyota Matix died for like about 5 seconds (everything shut down) and came back on again. It did this 3 times until I parked it and turned it off. It didn't want to start again at all, not even lights but, then it cranked like nothing had happened. When I turned it off it didn't want to turn on again.
Please tell me what these codes have in common, po171-system too lean bank 1, Po133- o2 sensor ckt slow response bank 1 sensor 1, Po420- catalyst efficiency below threshold bank 1, Po741- torque converter ckt performance or stuck off.. If any of them are connected to the other please explain to car idles rough and at times feels like it might die, my gas milage has sky rocketed and occasionally my lights will dim when the idle gets rough..I need to fix ASAP any suggestions?
The cost of a replacement radiator and how difficult is it for a laymen to do.
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