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my BMW 1 series had a problem with the valve tronic, and engine lamp showed up. i replaced the valve tronic and reset, but after 3 weeks the engine lamp comes up again. how do i remove it
i have oil leak on side of my engine
The car will not conduct any functions
Just got full fuel service, tune up. Plugs replaced, serpentine belt, alternator drive belt
It comes on and then go off.
Factory shock is leaking - considering modification to coil over shocks - is it worth it and is it safe on this model BMW?
Eve tying worked until I tried to use my BC computer settings
It's behind the glove box, but when trying to release the damper arm it won't release. I don't won't to press too hard for fear of damaging it? There are no screws, so it should release.
Have there been others with tires sensor malfunction that causes seat belts, ABS, Brake light, engine light, etc. to go on. Nearly had an accident due to deer and seat belts didn't restrain us. 2009 and only 12000 miles. BMW problem? How should I deal with this and now almost $900 bill?
engine was chugging; got worse and engine light came on; mechanic said computer said coil 1 misfiring, replaced coil 1 and 6 spark plug (expensive plugs); still chugged a little; chugging getting progressively worse; tried gas treatment, and then seafoam too, but no effect; no engine light but chugging getting worse and now happening almost all the time; mechanic is stymied cuz computer reads no problems.
Took door panel off today 2/1/2014 tested power to motor apon pressing up/down switch the power would come on 1/2 a second and off. I could hear and clicking from under the dash pulled lower panel and side panel to see there is no window relays like I thought. Just this black box mounted behind that panel and I think the clicking is coming from this. The pass window works great. Any suggestions??
white smoke sometimes come from tailpipe and car shakes and knock when i turn off engine
She has brought to the dealership and number of times and they have put on new tires and rotation, but nothing seems to fix the problem Any ideas???? Thank you
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