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I am getting error code p0442. My gas cap loose message comes on randomly also. I'm also running through gas faster than usual.
all of the normal lights on the control panel remain after start up, such as ABS light
I hit a deer and it tore up my whole front end. I had to replace the radiator, etc. So now I need to know what do I need to put back into it. The used one I put in had some kind of green looking fluid. Do I fill the radiator up with that or do I also add water or just water, or what?
Car want go while driving runs great then boggs down
What would cause the car to bogging down but not cut off it runs good sometimes my check engine light come on a d off all the time it runs great when the light is off ones the car warms up is when it want hardly run
Battery New, Shop says not the starter. Say they cant figure it out unless theey can duplicate the problem
Shaking and blowing back oil towards my filter and stutter when I slow down and start picking up speed and my window doesn't go up
Take the pump out and put it back it it will run for 5 min then stop getting fuel. And repeat
When I go around a corner it sometimes studders or completely stalls, I can shut it off and restart it then it'll drive fine for a while before it happens again. When it happens the 'service engine' light, battery light, and temp light all come on or flash. I also hear all of the electric door locks clicking when it happens. Any suggestions that might cause this?
I just put in a you steering column from a junkyard hook everything back up turn the key nothing happens what do I have to do do I have to reprogram it
I have a cracked engine cradle I was wondering if I should fix it. and the cost?
My 2002 Buick Lesabre starts but then shuts off. I can be on the road or in my drive way. Sometimes it seems like it works just fine but then it shuts off. I can start it up with one turn. It accelerates on its own. I have already changed the fuel pump, coils,spark plugs, vacuum hose, map sensor, Intake manifold,fuel pressure regulator vacuum. So could it be that another vacuum hoses is leaking and how do I go about finding it. Ty
The check engine light keep coming on and when I went to get it check. They said that my 02 sensor is bad, I need to get a new catalytic converter.
In the morning battery is dead.brand new battery
When I turn the switch on my parking lights the side ones come on and the turn signals and Hazards work but the bottom two lights do not stay steady burning why please help
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