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While driving the car sputters and loses power. Feels like it's going to stall while driving.
it is like a very faint ding ding ding, if I then manage to get out of congested area and fasten up the noise does not occur again for the rest of the trip, no matter how long it is.
Why does my heater blow out cold air
When driving the security light goes on and beeps, the radio goes off and on, then everything goes on and off on the dashborard. gas gauge don't work, speedometer goes on and off. etc.
dashboard warning messages keep popping on , check tire pressure, abs light , gas cap loose. all these things have been checked out and are fine,
Brakes squealed when we bought car so was told to replace brakes all around. We did but the brakes still squeal when we back out of drive. Why?
Im trying to install a blower motor resistor in my lesabre, 97. W got everything off, and we went to install the new part, (Duralast part # JA1619) that we bought from Ato Zone, and we can't seem to get the new part to go in all the way. Is there something we're missing?
There's a cylinder 3 misfire with a knock in the plenum surrounding cylinder 3. Lower speeds and lower torque cause knocking to lower as well. If unhook the #3 plug, the knocking stops completely
Have oil in radiator
Hit a watet puddle went to give gas wouldnt proceed pulled over will take off in drive wont switch gears.lost reverse
Then it died put 5 gal. gas in it still won't start after trying serval times.
When I turn right I hear a loud clicking noise
Heater and defrost blows cold air. Will not heat up at all. Even when the Motor is heated
I cut off my car and now it won't start what could be the problem that's all the details I have

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