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My A/C only blows warm air. In order to get heat, I have to drop the glove box and pull the rod on the actuator box towards heat. But when I pull the rod box towards cold it only blows out warm air. I have a brand new compressor. I was told my actuator might be bad. But wondering if it was more then one actuator
Was backing up fine and just stalled.
The car starts in park only if cooled down other than that it starts in neutral
Won’t start stalls when coming to a stop
My window came off track how do I fix it have door panel off
I was given the car my family the dash lights the speedometer odometer nothing's worse since I have been in the car
My headlights will not turn on when I push down the relay on the lcm they turn on and go off as soon as I let go.
My 2000 Buick lesabre had a clicking sound and then all lights on dash and interior and headlights began blinking on and off killing the battery in the process. The clicking was coming from fuse box under the Backseat had someone who know about cars tell me it's a relay fuse and to go buy a new one but he said it might fix the problem need more than a might any suggestions
We turned the air on a couple days ago and the air came out the dash vents after only coming out defrost for several months. It worked until car was turned off. Then next time we turned it on air came out defrost vents again. Been doing this at least 5 years. Bottom line---Air comes out defrost vents most of the time. Like I said above, I replaced a couple bad hoses going to firewall, so, there is strong vacuum there.
speedometer registers about 50mph over actual speed and mileage jumped up by 80,000 miles
replaced accuator behind glove box still blowing hot air on drivers side
2004 Buick Lesabre
Where is the fuel pump in a 2002 Buick LeSabre
Cat covrt, battery and fuel pump have been repaired on the car.
Park lights break lights don't work at all push the button to turn them on and all you here is click like they are coming on but nothing happens
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