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a/c is not cooling, has plenty of 137A

Serpentine belt not turning car won't start.

Why does my air conditioner shake when turned on?

So driving today on the interstate my car suddenly activated the cruise control that I don't supposedly have. I'm perplexed at how this happened, and as with most screw ups this was unusual as it was so perfect. Most cruise controls 'flutter' the speed within 3-4 mph of what was set and this stayed at a perfect 80 mph and 2.25 rpm. I found it glorious as I don't normally have this feature, but I am wondering how this magical moment happened.

The water pump hose is expanding looks as if its going to bust when car is running.

does not blow cold air when sitting still

Cooling fan didn't run, Found blown fusible link. Replaced it and new one blew when fan started to run. Current fan motor shows less than 2 ohmns resistance across the terminals. Cooling fan resistor is cracked and I can't find a replacement part number.

It's a 1994buick lesabre

I drove it for about 15 minutes,then all of a sudden it just shut down while driving down the road.lost all power to steering wheel and brakes.Pulled over restarted it 3 times then it ran,but engine light came on and has stayed on

Both sides will go down perfect but going up it only moves up 1/2" at time & most of time u have to let it rest 5 mins r so in between!!!! And if u press hand on window & power button at same time, sometimes it'll help it go up a little quicker!!!
Need help!!! PLEASE!!! Thank u!!!

When i start the vehicle the engine will shake in a back and forth motion not side to side. After about 10 seconds it will go away.

My car is not getting enough fuel.

No warning or security lights are on my dash. I let foot off gas when it seems to just rev itself up sometimes

Is there a sensor I should replace

The occurred twice within five minutes.

I was driving and my car completely cut off. It restarted about two minutes later to cut off again.

There is no check engine light, won't accel or deaccelerate until eng is shut off. No power.

battery checked from engine reads zero from directly off battery 45% touching body causes shock

My oil pressure reads 35 to 40 once the vehicle is stopped once i accelerate it goes up between 40 to 65. Is that normal if not what does it surpose to read?

Mechanic said cyclinder po365 didn't work repaired there is smoke from tail pipe off/on at stop lights and signs, drive thru.

When hot outside car will stall and die untill it cools off then will start.Happens all the time when hot outside.

Stays on heater position will not switch

This is the 2nd time the last time it just went off by its self

The air works fine. But the ticking sound is very annoying. Was told I would have to pay 200-300 to remove the dash to fix it. Anyone have a cheaper fix.

it will come on both a/c or heater.
the a/c came on after hitting a bump in the road (once)

took car for an oil change and now it wont start they said it was fuel pump but i know there is a relay fuse and a reset button SOME WHERE ? Please help cant afford a fuel pump & sending unit or i think its they pumped the gas on a fuel injected car.. a big NO NO..

Changed oil changed radiator fluid changed spark plugs and wires. Like I said it starts fine on cold start but after being driven for awhile car won't start

Feels like nothing's wrong. 1 repair guy says there ok. 1 says I do need ball joints. The other says the car is unsafe to drive. Who do I believe?

We have replaced the battery, alternator, and also the crankshaft position sensor. We have tried a mass air flow sensor and a module sensor that did no good. The fuel pump is still pushing out around 47 pounds which is normal.

transmission hesitate when changes from first to second gear