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We can never get the air in the rear to come on, be at AC or heat. And if the air does happen to come on and we need the AC it is not cool air that comes out it is hot air.

My truck is a v-6 99 iszuz rodeo it runs hot when I drive about a mile. I don't have antifreeze in it just water . But soon as I drive it the water bubbles in the Reservoir . What is wrong with it .

At cold start it takes around 10 minutes for rpms to drop.

I am stuck in a strange town with 2 broken rigs...o bought the 2nd on good faith, my mistake....2 week mistake...i am almost broke and cant seem to find a mechanic with time. 1993 isuzu amigo 4x4 has blinking check engine light codes that come up 12,44,61,63...besides ebrake not connect and dragging etc etc. I really need to get home. It loses power if throttle pushed very much and totally up even a small hill. PLEASE help me get this going

The salvage yard wants me to pay to go on the lot to see if the air controle are the same

The compressor works and it has freon. All of a sudden, it stopped blowing cold air.

Where to order the part and how much?

there are three lines connect to fuel pump.
i disconnected all three but which one is the fuel pick up line? I'm concerned that one of the lines "if connected to tank" could push the bad fuel back into tank!
i just need to turn the key pump fresh gas into system like a flush but into bucket. I'm at a loss please help.

What cause it to lose power after driving for about 30min

I changed the alte but today when I drove it the battery died and gages went crazy

just installed new ac compressor, dryer, and orfice tube, noise coming from the area of the in line muffler

Charged battery up. Changed fuel filter.

My car keeps running hot.

white smoke

How much coolant do I add to the system?

We jumped the car but as soon as it's put in drive car dies

Where is my knock sensor located

All other lights work properly. I've taken apart entire dashboard checked all wires & connections & there is no visable wire damage. Changed out every 10/15/20A fuses with new ones. Also changed out both bulbs for brake/tail light & checked those connections too & the fuse for it still blows when turned on.

iv recently put diseal in my tank but ive already drained it and drove it .

Camshaft sensor had been replace a week ago. Transmission fluid was drained and put a new fluid. Sometimes it's leaking . I hear cranking, and slipping while driving . What seems to be the problem? I am still driving my car for work .

98 rodeo from Washington Maryland, I'm looking to buy another car. There were no leaks or clicking noises from the engine please respond quickly I'm needing a new car ASAP

The switch thay controls your bright lights, and windshield wipers is going bad in my 03 chevy trailblazer need to know if i can use an 04 ascender

thinking of purchasing a 1996 Isuzu Trooper with a broken head gasket and cracked windshield. Is this vehicle dangerous to take on the freeway/highway? should i buy this vehicle?

I m driving all of sudden it's like I loosing power as
If I was missing on 2 -3 cylinders.
Lacking power when give gas

My car wants to stall but it don't once car gets going it's ok then when you come to a stop it wants to but dont

My transmission will not drive forward at all the it will only go in reverse how do I fix this problem

Started after installing a new radiator

Light stays on breaks work fine

How about this 95 model Isuzu Trooper 3.2 600 brought it home on the way home it was losing power specifically coming up the hill I finally coasted into the house got here and since I've been here I have basically replaced all cool packs spark plugs oil change transmission fluid battery everything that I can think of that would cause it to not crank back up when I first bought it it crying tried up although I found out about this connecting the battery causes the anti-theft to come on it's at for almost a week with the battery off when I put it back on now the anti-theft is blinking and I cannot get it to go off what can I do to either bypass it or to just cut it off

"stabilitrak off" light comes on and car will only do 5mph. turning car off, waiting a minute, then starting it again fixes it for a while. disconnecting the battery was tried also.