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Almost daily since I bought this backup car 18 months ago, the ABS brake light on the dash comes on. Sometimes not at all. According to what I've seen, there was a recall on the braking system, but my VIN# didn't show as having the recall done. If it is raining, the ABS light ALWAYS comes on. I hadn't had any problems until recently. I noticed a few weeks ago that the parking brake doesn't really work. I've checked the brake fluids and anything visible, but see nothing wrong. I've been driving it as if it has no ABS. Just this week, I started feeling a vibration going down our mountain when slightly braking. I believe that means the rear brakes are probably ready to be replaced. However, these current events have not increased or decreased the frequency of the dash ABS coming on, or not coming on. Should I take it in and have the brakes done as if there is no rear ABS (as that is the only brakes that's supposed to be), or should I do something different?
it will start up and you can drive about 2 miles and the truck will cut off -lost of acceleration, engine light and the other engine light with a down arrow comes on. At that time the vehicle is non responsive.
I have the Izuzu rodeo Denver 2007 model and have a problem with the key fob. Sets alarm off and wont drive unless the fob battery is changed daily and lights in fob work. Can you help, I'm using spare key at the moment but am worried that the fob will go the same way.
The brake lights works fine when my head lights are turned off. The tail lights are brand new. Turn lights works fine when lights are on. Just the head lights don't work. Everything works when the head lights are turned off.
Am thinking of purchasing a 2001 Trooper. Is a RJQ engine a 3.2 liter V-6? And does RMQ-trans mean it has 4L3 0 E? if the trans does not engage is that usually an electronic controlled problem or is the problem with the transmission normally? it makes no sound of engaging at all. Since the 4L30E is an old GM product (I think) and the fluid level and color is good - could the filler plug have been left open and therefore not have pressure to operate? What should I be looking for and about what will it take and cost to make functional? Will this vehicle tow a 1983 - 25' Wlderness camp trailer? respectfully, Chad
92 isuzu rodeo
Problem occurs every time I drive it . I have a new battery
I drive a diesel truck and recently had lots done on the truck,
the radiator was replaced
the thermostat was replaced
the turbo was serviced
the boost pipes where replaced

On a hot day like today or when the vehicle is working uphill then the coolant pushes up into the reservoir not all the way to the top but a decent amount from the (max line)

The vehicle has been pressure tested and no problem on the system.

What is the acceptable amount for a diesel truck to push coolant into the reservoir on a hot day on long climbs....?
Rodeo never over heated water never leak but had to keep putting water in it now I need a new timeing belt and eater pump could engine be bad
Some times stop for a few seconds
it runs great till you go around a curve to the right then when get back strait it runs fine
The car is a 2000 yr isuzu 4x4 trooper. The car was running fine before it got overhauled by a local mechanic and now it wont start. The mechanic said he pieced it all back together with no problems but it wont run. He said that it's like there is something wrong with the fuel supplied to the engine. Please help us what should we do?
It knocks and also sounds like water pressure going up and down when I stop. That solution above was given to fix a knock as well and I was wondering if that was the case. Just a temporary fix.
is there a fuse for key fob?Should I seek lock smith
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