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How do I fix this problem myself with the switches not working on driver door?
replaced the Vss and the speedometer and still nothing
The problem has been occurring weekly, just fixed one hose and now the other blew off
Looking to fix a stuttering issue, while car is idling, and upon initial take off. Also I tend to hear a slight tap around transmission upon acceleration, just one tap when engaging. What could be the issue?
I can put it in reverse and it will drive backwards. It won't go in any other gears.
Only the headlights work no other lights already checked fuses
4 wheel drive will not engage but light on dash shows it is. I cannot find a blown fuse anywhere. I get a grinding in the front end when trying to engage in neutral.

What could be the problem & what would be the fix??? DUHHHHHHHH
The mirror housing has been manually pushed back over the ratchet and it now slips back over the "knobs".
What kind of tramission fluid go in a 2000 isuzu trooper
I have a Isuzu diagnostic interface pin out chart for the Isuzu's OBD2 port. It has a pin in the #2,4,5,9 and 16 slots. Going by the chart it shows that this is a J1850-VPW interface. The chart also describes the #9 slot function as ECM/TCM (GM8192 Protocol). Isn't that a ALDL Protocol and does that mean I need to use something more than just the OBD-II port male connector, or is that something a OBD-II scanner can pick up by itself? I am kind of new to OBD Scanners so I'm not sure what is what, or what will work.
I have been looking for a OBD2 Scan Tool for my Isuzu. Every time I find one that says it will work with all 1996 and newer vehicles and then do a product to vehicle check it says it does NOT work with my truck. It has a 2.2L 2180CC l4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated Engine in it and it does have an OBD2 Port with pins in the number 2,4,5,9 and 16 slots.
The car sprung a leak at the back of the valve cover and the timing seems to off a tiny bit.
Several time while driving,engine turn off by itself.
I just got my car back where they replaced the Fuel Pump, Fuel filter and fuel regulator. As soon as I got it home, check engine light came on with the code P1311 and P1312. Should I be concern? Im assuming it is related to what was just completed as the check engine light was not on before. Tried to reach the original mechanic about it but I have not received a response for 2 days.
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