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2005 Cadillac xlr
Car hasn't been started for 3 months.
It did not do this until recently. Now I can hear the disk drive 4 separate times of about 5 seconds over a period of 30 seconds.
I get heat only when i turn on my air conditioner
Unhooked battery, kept running.
Found fuse box and pulled the eng
I used the key to open the trunk at the rear bumper, now the trunk won't open automatically with either the fob or the button. Is there a re-set switch?
The CD player has cd's in it, but it won't allow me to play them or eject them. At the same time, the trunk will not raise automatically. This all began over the winter after I changed the battery.
top won't retract. I can not find a specific fuse
We store our XLR over the winter, and after charging battery fob is not recognized. We put a new battery in fob also
I took it to the local GMC but nobody there had ever worked on an xlr? They replaced the cigarette fuse. $140 I don't smoke. They spoke right away about having to remove the lid? The battery went dead. really, remove the lid? No re-set button or? Someone mentioned Fluid? where? Know of a great mechanic near Santa Rosa,CA 95436 ? Thanks so much... jc
Just purchased a 2006 xlr - base and am interested in locating lowering springs (1 to 1 1/2" drop), and an h-pipe to eliminate the resonator. Can you be of any help in letting know where I can locate these parts.

Thanks in advance, Larry
All electronics working. Code reader didn't return anything.
We were in a accident the car is totaled but the airbags never deployed. I am going to try to rebuild the car, I am sure it is going to be tough. But I am going to give it all I can.
Change the fan but it's still not working
Tried the switch in the glove box, went to on and off and tried both ways still not help. trunk button works, goes up and down but cannot figure out why the top will not go up or down, like I said just replace the battery cause it went dead. the top was down at the time the battery was replaced. never happened before.
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