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Flasher relay switch in behind glove box buzzes non stop. Replaced and still buzzes used contact spray , this worked for awhile but it is buzzing again. It’s very loud,this only goes away when you turn on signal or brake. Help please. Thanks Linda
No power to light's when key is on
When computer cleared truck runs like new. Once turned off then restarted the trans dumps hard into second gear and roughly thereafter.. mechanic says some sensor is telling computer to load pressure to trans. It is not throwing a code so how do we find out which sensor is the culprit?
Quit running gets fuel to rail spark greate pour gas in it runs .cleaned distributor pins and button w/sand paper was worn a little spark is strong from coil and plug wire changed fuel pump in case wasnt working constantly no vapor lock either pls helpran great stoped put gas in wouldnt fire back up again when cranking sounds fine just not hitting at all
need location of abs pump motor relay
I have a 1999 Chevy blazer and it needs a abs module. My dad has a 1999 GMC Yukon with a brand new abs module. The Yukon was wrecked and I’m taking parts off of it for my blazer and wanted to know if the abs module off of the Yukon will work on my blazer.
I try to hook my odb2 scanner up to the ODB plug that keeps telling me make sure air condition is on have it on the one when I'm supposed to and it comes back either cannot connect or make sure ignition is on
I have tried PB Blaster and a wrench with two foot pipe, and it will not budge. It looks like i may have to cut the line, and then drop the oil filter if not the entire pump to replace the lower return lines.
I don't know cars very well but with the car jacked should the wheels spin freely?
Just had my Serpentine belt replaced drove about 3 miles check engine light came on? So I took home parked then drove it 18 miles and engine lost power and a big cloud of smoke come out back of the truck & it just died! I pulled over and there was a caramel colored fluid coming out! Firemen just behind me pulled over, they said I had a blown a head gasket? Which gasket set should I purchase & do I need to sets of head bolts as my Blazer is a 4X4? Before this all happened I had seen what looked like petroleum jelly at the top of my oil cap & where I put oil in at?? I have replaced the radiator ($220), the over-flow tank ($30), the metal elbow looking thing at top of engine & a brake sensor ($1164.40). And the "S" belt mentioned above ($385). Quick ?? ~ Shouldn't the owner/operator (mechanic) of the shop that replaced my "S" belt have at least checked my oil, water, etc., before letting me drive away from his shop??
Thank you in advance for your attention into this matter.
When turn key to crank engine makes like engine not turning over cranking, once step on the gas peddle giving gas engine will turn over and crank, sounds rough. I am not sure if this could mean the starter going out on my Blazer,, there is an oil leak in engine as well
Rattling inside section of exhaust, appears to be catalytic converter.... Can I remove it ??? How and can I cost effectively replace it with a hose or pipe... Looks feasible!!! PS.. I have no inspection to pass as I'm in Florida.. If I have to spend $2000, I'll just deal with the noise..
I have a 2000 Blazer ZR-2. With its age, and how thoroughly the last owners beat it up, it has some...special qualities. One of them being that the ignition doesn't automatically pop into the On position from Start. Not a big deal. It's a habit now for me to turn it back a click once the engine rolls over.
A coworker left his lights on tonight and borrowed my keys to use my Blazer to jump his car. I forgot to leave the ignition tidbit out, as I was busy with a customer at the time. He presumably left it in Start as he pulled it out of the parking spot I had it in and backed it in next to his vehicle, because it screeched at one point. Got his car jumped, yada yada. Gave me my keys back, things were fine.
Got into it after closing up the store and...nothing. Dash lights come on, radio kicks right in, I can hear the hum of the fuel pump but nothing else. No clicks, no attempts at cranking.
I have another vehicle that runs at different rpms but with a blazer i am not sure what its suppose to run at. 98 blazer V6 4x4
i have a 2002 chevy blazer i had new fuel lines put in and fuel pump but every time i go to put fuel in it goes really slowly so slow it comes back out and not in we think its the flapper in the tank might not be letting the fuel go in but not to sure
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