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When starting up an incline won't shift ,and have to pull over,then will go again,it is an automatic transmission
My 2000 blazer turns over will not start. I am at a loss on what could be last time I got it started I put it in reverse it died off. Brand new battery in it
Chevrolet repair in stockholm which alliwed to do this service
Rolls over but won't actually start. Makes loud noise when turning g key off.
my car was leaking fuel so I put a patch in the pressure line . that didn't work so I ordered brand new vinyl pressure and return lines . after I got the lines installed I tried starting the vehicle to no avail . I tested fuel pressure ... 0 lbs and the fuel pump is not running , at least I cannot hear it run . I tested for spark , no spark . I put gasoline in the vehicle just because but no change . I sprayed starting fluid into throttle body no change . I think a sensor must have gone bad . 1997 chevy blazer LS 4.3L
any help would be very appreciated
I was backing my Chevy Blazer out of my driveway in 4WD, my foot slipped on the accelerator, and the car stopped reversing. Instead, it just gave a high-pitched mechanical whine. It seems to drive forward fine, but the whine is still present, and I only pulled it forward into my driveway, so I didn’t drive it at all, just eased it up. It wasn’t a revving noise, like it slipped into neutral and was spooling the engine, and it wasn’t fighting for grip on the snow, it was a definite mechanical whine from the engine. Any ideas what could have gone wrong and how to fix it?
It only runs on high to start with. Trying pulling the fuse but it still runs. Disconnected the battery is the only way it stops
What can I do to get the fire going to my pocket again jumping or something please help me
lost the key to my blazer. all the videos i saw on how to change the ignition lock, they all had the key to turn the ignition to remove it from the steering column. i cannot turn it cause i have no key.
What can i do to temp fix it till to keep from loosing fluid from the rear driveshaft that fell out? If i can drive it still just using front wheel drive of the 4wheel drive or will it mess up my transmition when doing so?
When I turn on the ignition,there is alot of fuel coming out somewhere on the driver side seat area under the Blazer which is a 1999 Chevy sport utility 4x4. Is there any clamps or couplings that I should look for or check? Any helpful input will be appreciated.Thank You
I have a 2001 Chevy blazer 4x4 2dr ls with 4.3 and it there is a coolant leak coming from above the transmission and I cannot see where it is coming from
It would not move so I put fluid in it. It would still not move. I tried it the next day and it would move
I had the vehicle put on a machine and it came back that oxygen sensor is bad, and i found out the vehicle has more than one sensor. The vehicle is idling very rough and has a hesitation to it
I have a/c but no heat. I tried to have a radiator flush but was told the hoses had leaks.
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