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V6 3100 automatic transmission

Problems started when door locks and speedometer stopped. Now it shuts off upon stopping and skipping and weak power going down road no horsepower and runs hot driving in town

I know I need a radiator it was doing good till hot I had turn it off n put water in I had to get a jump off n while n park it start to driving n wouldn't go n reverse just forward before it did that everything was going good can you tell me was wrong

I am a human being not a computer robot trying to get info the tools needed to change a flat of a 1995 Chevy beretta

I bought a 96 Chevy beretta with the 3.1L v6 it ran fine when I bought it but 4-5 months later it developed multiple misfires I've done a complete tune up (plugs, wires,coils) I've change both intake gaskets and narrowed it down to cylinder number 6 I've got good spark and good compression but the cylinder is flooding it self out and I can not figure out why I need help

or does the ECM tell the fan to go on?

And when I'm running the car the engine only heats up halfway but when I stop it goes up to 3/4 of the way to overheating why?

The head lights stay on when the switch is turn to the off position. They also stay on when the switch is turned to parking lights only.

the long bolt in the back of the alternator, what do I do to remove it?

Exhaust. I just changed fuel injector .what could issue be ?

It ran perfectly fine two days prior replace fuel pump and filter clean throttle body believe I all vacuum lines are fine it only has 43,000 original miles as well

Put into gear and grinding noise goes away. I guess starter is engaged stuck in park and neutral. I got new starter and still the same noise or problem. What to replace, check, or adjust next. Thank you

All of the fluids are fine. I have noticed a wire hanging down but cannot tell where it goes though. Could that have something to do with it?

Car got hot as pulled into driveway. Looked over and noticed low coolant added some and then noticed started poring out from firewall so replaced coolant and now won't start

Car was backfiring when I'd step on the gas. I'd let off and feather it the car would go.The car was sputtering like it was about to back fire but it didn't. I came to a stop sign it stalled out (it's an automatic) I did all I could to get it restarted once I did it was sputtering like it was going to backfire. I got it home now it wont start. I checked to make sure it was getting fuel IT IS. I checked to make sure it was getting spark - IT IS. I thought the cat could be clogged, cut it off- Still wont start. PLEASE HELP! This is my only car and I need to get to work!!!

the magnet behind front pully of crank-shaft,no change,getting gas,runs real rough,thinking maybe water in gas?tryed to get codes,would not read them?put a new heater core,a couple days before the car stoped running,thinking maybe the technition may have unpluged something?was thinking maybe fuel-filter?or injecters,need help?wifes car help,help before its to late??thanks

They had a rebuild starter put in and it started fine for awhile. Now it doesn't start again so they took the starter out and took it back to Advanced Auto and they tested it and said it was fine. Could there be a dead spot on the starter that they wouldn't see when they tested it? Seems strange that it worked fine for a couple months and now it won't start again. Occasionally it will start and run for a couple days. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

out but that use also operates my rear view mirror lights

Replaced water pump. Jist cant find bleeder screw

Bottom yellow running light needs bulb replaced

It will start and run great till it hits about the half mark on the temp gauge then it dies and won't start up again till the next morning I've replaced the icm ecm crank shaft sensor fuel pump coil packs battery. No check engine light coms on I'm stumped

the heat only comes out the vent and floor and will not switch to another location on the control panel

the car will do fine until it heats up then I turn it off it will crank over but not start up. If I do get it started and take it down the road and stop and let it idle or shift into reverse or any gear it will shut off again.

when turn the key it is in between lock and start position will not return to lock position and will not start car