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rear wheel bearing need to be replaced can not get brake cable and emergency brake shoes off to remove hub hub is off axle caliper and assembly is removed i have no more to add how do i get brake cable off and since you ask for more how do i get bearings out without press

added fluid to reservoir , it helped but now worse

po333, Knock sensor 2 (bank 2)
po335, crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction
po442, po445, evap emission control leak and central control leak large

I have to remove my old plate and need an answer to do this

I have replaced the oil pan gasket twice thinking I may have done it wrong the first time but it still leaks. Will leak a 1/2 quart in 2 weeks parked in the garage. Can't figure out where its coming from.

stability control fail lights come on and car goes into safe mode. resets at engine restart. What is this?

Car sat along time I put in a new fuel pump and next a line filter I checked the fuel pressure seems fine can't Rev up engine cause of bogging at 2 the rpm or around that

It come on as soon as the car is started. It seems to run fine.

need to pull the tank and change the fuel pump

when i lock door some times it does the doubble beep and sometimes it dosent. after 3 or 4 minuets the alarm goes off. it does it even when i manually lock door. how to reset?

I want to change my leather steering wheel (SW) to a part wood SW, but the two switches described below are missing.
Are the two SW controls pull-out, plug-in, or hard wired from the switch.
They are the two in the rear of the controls. It appears by the look they could be plug-ins.

Right says "RES"
Left has two icons, "telephone & dash w/a triangle"

I just had the pump replaced (noisy) and it runs for about 20seconds

When I start the car both reverse lights are working all the time also when the transmission is in Drive and no lights are turned on

The alternator was fixed but now the car will not move because of the restricted access feature.

the car sat for 5 months when I try to start I realized the trunk is locked and the battery isn't accessible

A hose burst all the water ran out i kept driving the car and the motor locked up i had the motor replaced about a week later the transmission started acting up

Fail safe mode light came on car would not start

car engine fan stays on for a few min after car is turned off

What makes my car say cruise control not available

The back shoocks are broken too

Not causing any problems when driving.

it act ok , but amber indicator stay on

Anytime car is driven then sits for a day or so, battery goes dead. Can recharge and start. Generator does not get charge to battery. Voltage regulator is in generator. I am stumped for ideas.

I dropped my oil pan on a no start xj8 I bought to see if there was any plastic pieces from worn tensioners. The pan was clean. I turned the key to the on position and heard the fuel pump run for a second. About 1 hour later I looked under the car and fuel was on the floor. What Im asking does it only come through because of leaky injectors?

The owner's manual says premium gas only, but, I heard that regular gas is now much better than it used be. Do I need to keep spending the big bucks at the gas pump?

My Mechanic charged me around $1400 for total including labor.

I live on Gulf Coast & this problem started in July and most frequently during the day.

Inside air filter

engine will go to limp mode shut off engine wait a few minutes and faults go away after restart-- average bout twice a month ??

only way to unlatch is use the key manually at key hole