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2000 Jaguar XJ 8
I'm looking to purchase a 2004 Jaguar XJ8. The owners says that it starts and runs find when cold but skips and stalls when it warms up. He says a mechanic came out and told him that the oxygen sensors upstream and downstream need to be replaced. Would bad oxygen sensors cause this type problems? Could it be bad catalytic converters?

after replacing my battery, i have no sound from my radio or cd player. the unit seem to power up but no sound through speakers
2004 xj8 Jaguar, I took the battery out of the trunk to replace it and closed it accidentally. How do I open the trunk? It has no key hole on the trunk.
how to install oil pump
Almost every thing has been done to fix the car but it still misses and the engine light comes on immediately. New spark plugs, all new coils. It still stutters on backup and the engine light comes on when starting. Then it runs smoothly. There are no noises or leaks. Could this be the fuel cap?
This has never happened before but the car sat awhile in the garage while it was freezing and snow.
But, new battery did nothing.
everytime I wash. I have to change the fuse and it works fine. Now it doesnt start at all. Doesnt turn over
Car is a 98 XJ8
Car sat for 4 months with battery disconnected, everything else worked when battery was connected, but not the radio
My fuel pump was actually in the gas tank of my 2002 Jaguar Vanden Plas V8 4.L The mechanic had to extract gas to get to it.

Is this normal? or has my vehicle been modified? I inherited it from my brother.
airbag (srs) indicator stays on
my battery dead and don't know how to get to it in trunk
Needs new engine
The manual says that if it is set to the wrong country to contact the dealer, but I did not buy it from a Jaguar dealer.
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