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power locks don't work , can't lock or unlock from inside of car, and don't work on fob. When I held down the lock button on the fob, horn honked, but car did not lock. What is going on?
It wad a clicking noise then it got worst then it got loud then my car shut down
My car had a misfire so I pulled the coils out clean the oil out because it’s got a bad valve cover gasket put it all back together went to start the car none of my gauges are working and it won’t go in gear but if I plug in my OB to scanner everything works fine once I unplug it everything goes out again
The car just died at drive thru wimndow and wont even turn over. Never had any problems b4. Also it has almost new battery.
It will turn over and won't run. The security light is flashing
The warning chime in my Saturn will not shut off the whole time I am driving. Seatbelts are fastened, doors are closed, etc...the really odd thing is it doesn't seem to happen if it under 65 degrees outside. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
cambios largos y jaloneos en cada cambio de velocidad
if the trac control is on the transmission slips. also when it shifts it shifts hard. if i change the filter and fluid will this help?
I'm smelling a very strong gas smell on the same side as the tank. Doesn't matter if it's low on gas or full tank. What could the issue be?
It switches at 10 mph and then at 30 mph but after that it doesn't change anymore
I'm about replace head gasket
Used autoscanner and identified 19 codes. Cleared the codes, but now the car won't start. Battery has full charge, but when I turn ignition key, all I get are clicks. Interior lights and fan come on - just won't start. Any ideas?
The plastic over the lights are so dull I wonder if my lights are on. Has there been a recall? It should have been.
What do I do?
It just keeps cutting off in traffic whats wrong?
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