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engine will Start but when i take it out of park into another gear it doesnt move
Have to fill the radiator before every trip made. It cools itself down when coasting in neutral or between 40 and 45 mph.
Headlights only work on bright, go off on dim
the timing belt as well as the crank belt broke at the same time ,is that normal for both to break at the same time,,or did the cam lock up causing both to breaks ,and yes the car is 17 yr old
Did the cam lock up
everyday today
Go anywhere fast and doesn't accelerate
The car idle. Will go up and down when your driving or at a stand still
It has rough start when car is warmed up to running temp.
My 1999 Metro just quit running one day. It is a 1.3L, manual trans. It has a distributorless ignition system. There is no spark. Engine turns normally, there is gas, there is compression. With the key in the on position it blows a 15A fuse. I'm pretty sure this fuse is the IG Coil fuse which powers the instrument cluster among other things. None of the lower indicator lights will work such as "Air Bag", "Brake", "Check Engine". Accessories such as radio work fine, starter engages with key in the start position. Alternator tests good, ignition switch seems fine, fuses and relays under the hood are fine, Wire from fuse to instrument cluster shows almost no resistance. Anyone have any ideas?
Where the dip stick is?
Checked electrical connections and vacuum hoses
please help
This is an Airporter bus, 27 passenger. We have had it run for long periods of time, then for some unknown reason, it will shut down by the security system. This has happened several times and we hqave had 2 mechanics work on it and cannot find out the problem. We had it to a Chevy dealer in Juneau, Alaska and all they did was give us the procedure to reset it if it happens. We operate a tour company in Haines, Alaska and cannot use the bus because we cannot trust it. It is unacceptable to simply go through a procedure to reset it, if it shuts down because we would have passengers in the bus and it is a very uncomfortable feeling for them and embarrasing for our driver. Please help me. We can't even sell the bus with this issue.
I overhauled the engine five months ago when I pulled off the pipe it had RV Sealant on it over th eO ring.

We put it all back together and the coolant intake Pipe had a new O ring but when we started to fill it with coolant it leaked. I pulled the pipe off and gooped it up with high temp gasket sealant and it stopped the leak.

Now it is leaking again. It seemed either the O ring was not the right one or something is missing from the pipe to make it fit tight.

Does anyone know why the pipe does not seal with the required O ring?
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