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Recently while driving the Check Engine light came on and the furl gauge began to move towards empty. Within ten minutes the gauge went from just short of a quarter tank to empty. I was able to get to my mechanic, who checked it out and said it was out of gas. Upon re-starting the engine, the Check light went out and the fuel gauge registered about an eight of a tank. What happened here?.
My car keeps on reading it's overheating and then it goes down and then it goes back up and it goes down and it goes back up then goes down I don't know what's wrong with it and someone please help me out cuz I change the thermostat I change the radiator and I change the temp sensor
Runs for 2 seconds then shuts down. I replaced fuel pump. Replaced battery
Also, have a vibration when braking at high speeds. What could be the cause of this?
Temperature sensor guage doesn't work
My odometer lights up fine it just didn't function
the fuel pump is no longer pumping gas to engine and the gasoline gauge stopped reading. wont start
Okay between the water pump and the power steering pump I've got water dripping down on the ground in a tedy steam the engine is a 6 cyc with a 4.3 and z body code
it has the 2.2L engine. It just quit one day and have checked for spark and has spark and fuel injectors are spraying fuel into the throttle body but it just cranks and won't fire.... any help is appriciated
It's fine at low speed less than 20 mph, but higher it has a constant vibration
Highest speed on fan blower works off and on. Replaced resistor. No change. Mode setting dial on dash board for heat, a/c, Max, vent, blend seems slightly mushy when finding specific printed stop points per labeled stops on heater/ac controls on dash board. You can turn the dial past all of the labels without feeling a click when passing by each labeled stop point. Feels as if dial needs to be tightened to circuit board from behind heater face plate ???????????????

I gotta prime the throttle body and it will fire but to keep it even remotely runnimg i gotta pump the hell outta gas pedal and all it wants to do is spit and spudder. Its getting fuel to the throttle body all my lines are right no leaks anymore i was told change the throttle position sensor. Anyone ever have the same problem? Evrything seems to go fine until i try and fire it up its a 93 tbi 5 speed single cab 2wd id appreciate it if someone can get back to me its the only ride i got and a family and job so i gotta have wheels. Thanks in advance.. Like i said pump works sending unit pushes gas to motor i got spark but will not stay running it fires spits and spudders and dies
It turns over 6-7 times then starts rough then smoothed out and going up hills it slows down
Have 2000 s 10car stalls and has a difficult crank will drive perfect for maybe thirty mines then car seems not be getting any gas.sometimes it will crank right up other times it starts after 8 tries but will putter out put feet on gas and break charges out the gate runs fine for a while then does the same thing all over again
Sometimes when I'm driving my truck down the highway it'll sometimes smother itself out like it's not getting either enough fuel or its getting to much air idk and every time I try to crank the engine I have to loosen the fuel injector I need some help
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