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the injector electrical connector came from a 1997 s10 blazer at the junk yard but the wires were matched wire for wire the truck ran prior to replacing the parts a few days ago the garage pulled the spark plug coil wire tried to start the motor with the coil wire held close and at an angle causing a piece to break off the coil wire i put a code reader on the truck after replacing the parts but came up with no codes so is it the coil wire the injector electrical connector or the fuel line causing my issue not starting?
Other lights work at tail light assembly (hazard, park lights, turn signals). Brake switch is working. Relay is working. Tracing back from relay, no power on pin 30 (should always be hot?). Fuse panel slot 18 (brake) has no power coming in. Slot 1 (stop/haz) has power and good fuse.
I have a 1995 Chevy s10 over heated bad now temp sensor don’t work now. Well my problem is i cannot get the truck to run unless I take away the fuel source and it runs long enough for me plug it back in. As it cranks it sprays out fuel but won’t start got good fire from everywhere. The weird part is I take the fuel away and in a half turn maybe full turn it starts right up no excessive cranking plug fuel back in and everything good. Until I kill it for longer than a minute than nothing again till I disconnect the fuel and it starts right up again.
Whenever I drive a good distance I feel my clutch starting to get stuck at some parts coming back up. Do I have to replace both the Slave and Master Cylinders to resolve this issue?
thought i got bad gas . because 15 minutes down the road and it starts bucking and hesitating it's been surging especially when it's low on fuel changed mass air flow sensor spark plugs wires oil oil filter air filter. fuel filter twice drained all gas. also temperature gauge is fluxuating when it starts to buck. its been kind of hard to start got to hold gas pedal down and let it crank for a bit before it starts.
just died, wont do anything, and no warning light came on
Coming up a exit ramp to get on the highway, it accelerated to full throttle for about 5 seconds, spit spuddered, got to 255°, smoked a little and died. Try to start it, it cranks then makes a butbut noise like a set of valves opens and closes but that's it. No oil in the water or vise versa.
I have made sure that there are absolutely no vacuum leaks. I have replaced the 02 sensor.
I have given the truck a complete tune up. new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor.
New fuel injector. New throttle position sensor. New fuel filter and air filter. I am wondering if my ecm might be bad or if there is a bad connection at the ecm.
Sound like a big vacum when reving up
I've been getting different answers by different companies, I know it's called a t5 transmission.
Brand new fuel pump, fuel filter, ignition coils, spark plug wires, spark plugs, battery, clean injectors, air filter, and crankshaft positioning sensor. Truck will crank but no start. It seems to want to catch when I stop cranking but it just back fires out of the intake. Tried starting fluid, didn't start, but when I stopped cranking a flame came out of the intake, the starter fluid catching? All fuses are good. Only code is p0452. Please help!!
Smelling antifreeze and a slight leak in the passenger floorboard
I am getting p0446 p0453 and p0453 evap codes I have already replaced the canister and vent valve and still throwing a high pressure code
Grounded single wire and gauge maxed out. Put new sending unit and 2 pin connector in and it will not work. The guy at parts store told me to just use 1 wire and cut the other one of the new pin connector.
truck has been running good started yesterday fine this morning won't start checked for lose wires didn't find any
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