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My timing belt shredded on the highway doing 65mph. The plastic belt cover broke and I see a little bit of the belt remaining. I'm wondering if the engine is ruined.
Just noticed since fuel injectors was fixed a week ago dip stick says full but the leak is more on the right side. I don't want to put more money in this car
I noticed a leak from under the radiator I saw it was by the drain plug near the bottom passenger side of the radiator. I went to turn the plug it came right out. Can this be fixed without getting a new radiator.
What's wrong and where do I start?
when it starts it idles ruff then may die several times. the rest of the day it starts fine. check engine light is on now codes 12, 22, 54. I think code 22 is a coolant sensor problem the other 2 are not trouble codes.
Every time I accelerate my car i geta very loud knocking sound that lasts until I turn the car off.
It's been getting worse and worse. A week ago, it was dinging probably once in ten minutes. Now, it's more like every ten seconds. What's the problem? I thought it might be the speed sensor but I'm not sure.
need to know the type of antifreeze that Chrysler suggests and what water ratio
The car was made in California, but the guy put in a non-California engine. I put new spark plugs, hoses, filters, and everything else I could touch on it. It surges on acceleration, only going up to 20rpm
Driving at relatively low speed, I was in the front passenger seat when suddenly there was a loud grinding sound seemingly from the front end and it felt like weight shifted from the center toward the outside under my feet. My dad checked the U-joints and axle on both sides including the axle bearings but cannot locate the issue. Now on the rare occasion that he does drive the car the grinding continues worse when starting from a full stop, and the front end feels completely instable.
left work it started just fine got hone went to leave nothing dash lights come on unless you take something to the starter an it will start then
This has occurred several times during the last month. The starter motor is relatively new; less than 2 years old.
The car has started every time this has happened. When I try it again, starts normal.
Is that where squeaking coming from also water pump replaced recently thought squeaking was from that could it be from tach. Is it connected to belt. The alternator was recently replaced .
the speedometer & tack work. but the odometer & trip meter do not work. the odometer stopped at 40999.
what would cause this. electrical or mechanical? any help would be appreciated.
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