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Dash lights show the 4x4 is working but still in 2 wheel May be a fuse or selector switch Need to know more info

when i drive at slow speed, my car sometimes activates auto brakes

some time the gear hard to change when am on the speed.

Also shifts hard into drive when you first pull the shifter into drive will not shift into 4th gear and cannot do it manually

What to do to fix the problem

When braking, the car occasionally shakes

Need a new engine

The problem is when I press the accelerator, I hear a lot of vibration on the passenger side. Please help... I've looked at a lot of questions and answers on here but that does not sound like a broken motor mount. You can only hear it inside the car. I've tried listing outside while the throttle was being pushed didnt hear anything. What could it be?

What could be problem ...thanks

hi i have a familia mazda bj timing belt burst and i got a mechanic to put on a new one and time the engine..since then my car is cranking but there is no pulse so it wont start the electrician dont know whats wroung..can you help

Vehicle has 275,000 miles on it. When I push in my clutch pedal. I get bearing squealing noise, shuttering, and RPMS drop sometimes to the point it kills the vehicle. Does this sound like a clutch throw out bearing?

When I plug the wiring harness to the temperature sensor in the engine, the temperature gauge goes hard over right.

was driving the car it just stopped running tried to restart by after a few time the battery was dead. I tried to jump it. try to start it but it ran ruff and had a engine light on but it stopped running again

I have replaced it 2× thus far and now I need another one
No condensation on the bulb so I'm not understanding

After replacing spark plugs and wires, it Idles great when in park, neutral and reverse, when put into drive, truck idles great for 20-30 seconds, then surges forward hard without putting foot on gas, then shuts down. Check engine light came on after the first time it surged forward. Can not drive to get a diagnostic check done. Just started doing this 2 weeks ago.

Fearful of breaking it if done wrong.

The automatic transmission in the Mazda 626 is basically garbage after 130,000 miles from what I'm finding. Is this the case with the manual transmissions as well?

I have had my 07' MS6 for 9 months and I just noticed that there is a switch inside the center armrest. I can't for the life of me figure out what it does, any ideas?

My main relay isn't getting power to turn my car on. When I bought it they bypassed the relay by winding copper around the terminals. The CE code was saying that the ECU has been staying on and killing my battery. I had it rigged to work but I just want it fixed. I have a bigger blue wire coming from my ignition harness, and I know that's the issue. I've traced it to around the ECU location, but can't get further in without tearing my dash apart. The wire that isn't getting voltage on the relay side is a small hello with 2 silver dashes. If anyone can think of anything PLEASE help me out.

I recently acquired a mazda b2600i and I fixed a leaky valve cover on it. It ran get for about 2 months and then I noticed I needed to do an oil change bad, so the plunger may have been clogged during this period. I put 10w-40 synthetic in it, then about 2 weeks later it starts to tick from the around the valve cover. I got a stethoscope and put it on the fuel injectors and cylinders #1 and #3 injectors sound like they're ticking. But it doesn't run bad so that's why I believe its the lifter/s. It has 208k miles and my friend has the same model that lasted for 325k before it needed any major work.

New alternator and battery.

been sitting 1 yr. added fuel additive, using prem fuel, changed spark plugs, wires, coil packs, HELP

I let it down it went half way and will not go up or down. It is stuck

manual tranny, V6, want to tow it behind a motorhome Thanks for any help

no longer avail. will a ford ranger p/n fit and if so what p/n . taking apart is a big job so need correct info. not interested in whole inst. cluster. Dealers no help. Need Mech. who has dealt with this before and taken apart cluster to change gauge.

I was driving and stop at the store and when I tried to get on the road again it made a pop kinda sound and would not go anywhere?.

This only happens when I slow down,and may speed up. It doesn't happen all the time but occassionally. When I stop, but the car in part and start over I don't have any problems.

odlight flashhedonand offthencarjustslowlydiedthen drove5mtresnext daywhatnext?

It does this every time I ouch in the clutch , I have bad gas mileage I don't know what to do

wont sift out of park,over drive not working, no indicating park,drive frame,wont start