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Hard to change gear when the car is cold and all the time too. Then it shut down. I turn off the engine for 10 minutes and start again and it starts but still its hard to change the gears and the clutch starts making a noise...why? The battery is new all the lights are on
My car is manual transmission. It started with its hard to shift from 1 to 2 and to 3 to 4. Especially if its in neutral. And all of a sadden the whole engine just shut down. All lights are on and good conditions. Strong battery but wont start even when i press the clutch..I turn off the whole engine off and let it rest for 10 mins and give it a was amazing it starts but still the gears are hard to shift..please why???
Hear a set of 5 chimes in a series, repeated 4 times.
When driving once in while or when turning but not all the time
a few hours and let it cool off and it will start back up and drive, this will happen every three day of driving it, the check engine light comes off and on, i notice before it cuts off it will starts to flutter band then dies, i try to start it back up and it will start back up and then it flutters and cuts off. could this be a oxygen sensor malfunction?
Coded for gas cap. Changed the cap. Then radiator light came on. Drained radiator and block. Strong smell of fuel in radiator fluid. Won’t start just turning over like flooding.
when driving the car sometime when its cold it makes a rattling noise
I think it might be blown but I'm not sure one day I was listening to music and it didn't stop working till I was driving home and I noticed it sounded weird
So I've had my car about 6 months. 3 months ago I had gotten new plugs, those "wires" for the plugs (I want to call them 'cables' but are not sure that is correct and do not want to mislead you, thinking I'm referring to some other part) and an oil change. Car was very peppy and fun to drive after that. But about 2 weeks ago, I noticed my acceleration was kind of sluggish and it felt like my rpms would run higher before switching gears. I checked trans fluid and added some (probably should have just drained and started fresh, but did not have the time or resources at the time) which seemed to temporarily help the issue. I noticed that it was only happening after work when my car had been sitting in the sun all day or at night when I had been driving it a bit. But in the morning to go to work when it had been sitting and cooled, it ran peppy again. But it struggles up hill, and even trying to accelerate further it would lose speed uphill. I do also notice that once it gets into 3rd gear, it seems to shift normally. I enjoy learning about my car and doing small repairs myself, I actually "fixed" my MAP sensor when the garage told me it needed replaced (CEL was on for months) when in fact it was a disconnected vacuum hose! So i really hope this is something I am capable of remedying on my own. I am in no way a mechanic and looking up similar problems on the internet has left me confused because I don't understand much car lingo but I am very eager to learn and fix this problem. If I missed any other important info, please ask! Thanks in advance!
My Tribute beeps for 5 times set of 3 beeps every time after I start,and repeat it every 30 minuets.
So my check engine light is on since i bought my Tribute,I took it and replace anything my Mechanic told that has to be replaced,(such as coils,plugs,air sensor, exhaust..) but no one could figure why the light not goes off,as why my car beeps,please help me,I'm sick of it.
In the morning you have to gas it up to keep the rpm going or it will shut off.
on a stop the car idle rough, almost wants to cut out.
Furthermore on each acceleration, you can sense that the car doesn't have enough power.
I can be at 75 mph then suddenly I will start losing power. After down shifting to 4th, it will act like it is out of air or not enough. The power lost will continue then it will finally start taking off.
I replaced the fuel filter, 02 sensor, check the fuel line but nothing.
P.S you can smell fume inside so as through the exhaust.
CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON. Have checked map/Iat , evap canister vent solenoid,evap solenoid valve, replaced fuel cap, reset light and will be off for a day
My car has been doing this for a year or so now, when I'm driving long distances i'll go maybe 80 mph for and hour. My check engine light flashes and i can no longer accelerate. So i this means i have to pull over for a moment let the engine recent and them be happily on my way. The codes read that there is a misfire in cylinder 1 & 4. After receiving this diagnosis i have since changed the crankshaft position sensor, all spark plugs and coils, resealed engine block and cleaned off carbon build up, so far nothing has fixed the issue. Each time i have tried to replicate the issue i am able to after driving 75 to 85 mph for over an hour.
I have a 2003 sedan mazda 6, the floor has 2 plugs, one of them fits in the 2006 hatches seats, but the other one doesn't, and I believe that is the plug for the electric motor, I was wondering is there is a fix for this
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