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i have changed my oil and added a new air and gas filter. there are no lights on the dashboard of my car, but when
Im at a red light it stutters then shuts off... Ive gotten new spark plugs to be put in to see if that's the problem. Im just lost... HELP!
it looks like the inner seal is stuck i am trying to pull it out with out any luck so how does the inner seal on transmission from cv come out
2003 Saturn LW200 with 125,000 miles. Air Conditioning stopped working suddenly. Clutch engages normally as well as engine revs for air setup. Even secondary fan starts as well. But no cold air. No signs of oil on engine or floor of garage. Will running the air conditioning pump ruin the system? Not turning the air on for now, but do need it on hot days. Fuses seem ok as well. Thanks!
Need to know what I need to fix and how to fix if you know and can help, I'd appreciate it, rainy season and window stuck down, so need help ASAP.
A mechanic told me he would look this up for me. My car makes a whiny sound.
Usually we smell it after returning to the car, especially if it's been a short period of time. Mileage remains the same so it couldn't be much fuel escaping.
The seat adjustment to recline down worked (obviously) but it won't come back up.
I usually drive a standard truck but i was driving my automatic and my passenger jumped out and the shifter must have moved or i was just in the moment thinking it was a standard to slow down.. noew the rpm is screwing up and the gears.. what do i need to fix the timing belt?? please help.. thank you
wher are the oxygen sensors located?
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