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Clicking when turning the key
2015 Z51 all mufflers and pipes are missing. there are to electrical connectors hanging just before the mufflers. what are these for? can i install a used system that does not have a adaptor for these two connectors? there are two sensors just after the muffler.
Right side opens left side will not release.
I replaced the optispark
.Tried starting it back fired. Did I install it wrong or did I miss something? Also sys light flash on after several attempt to start. Help!!!
Locked car and security system engaged do not have book too car. Fob does not deactivate security system. Looking for solutions to problem.
I drove it two days ago press the key fob to lock it the horn blew twice and the next day when I press the fob no response and the doors are lock
I'm not sure which sensor is the one to replace
Fell into dash just with normal usage.
niose is none stop is fuel pump mounted in or outside of gas tank?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? no
How long have you had this problem? dont know just bought car he said its been doing for a while he dint drive it much
no fire at plugs and no rpm"s on tach when trying to start
front parking DRL bulb's burn out quick ,bulb;s have already melted the housing cover;s twice . heard LED;s don't burn out as quick .
pop up headlight passenger side front headlight will not pop up
It looks like the mechanism to open the door does not respond.
charged on my bill. Wondered what it serviced.
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