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Doesn't move back automatically when key is removed

I got head gasket rebuilt, I drove the car 2 weeks later, and a hole blew out from my oil pan? Could that be from the gasket rebuild

door will not unlock when i approach the vehicle. car will not start when i get in the car thru the hatchback.

Problem still exist, changed batteries again today, maybe this will solve problem. Car battery, alternator and starter all ok. Ignition switch still lights up, could this be the culprit? Any insights to this problem is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Part is 60$ amazon 172$ Chevy dealer'.They claim 3Hr work for 300$ total cost 472$ is this correct. Thx Ron

Fuel gage only goes to half full, even
when tank is full of gas, on my
1979 Corvette

they stopped doing this. They are suppose to go down. But they have stopped.

I can rev it up when idling, but as soon as its in gear and I give it any gas at all, it stalls out

Could it be the traction control is on? How to take it off?

at first it seemed to be the switch inside car, it would sometimes work, so I replaced switch, didn't help, not have no fog lights, replaced fuse, still nothing. is their more than one fuse on fog lights?

I need to know how much pressure this pump puts out so I can tame it down to operate the rack and pinion in the car that this engine is in now

High idle speed will not drop to low speed

Lights not on/open but when I turn off the engine the system beside the light tries to close. Is there an adjustment or does it need to be replaced?

I was going to install a remote starter and I cut into the orange wire at the ignition switch and accidentally touched the frame and I got a spark then the check engine light came on. I used my OBD tool and got a code of P0340. So I cleared the code and cranked the car up again and the check engine light came back on so I cut the car off checked the code again and this time the code came up as P0343. I have checked all the relays and the test light comes on when I ground 85 and power to 86 and 30, so I ground the test light and touch 87 and the light comes on each relay. Is there another way to check relays to see if they are putting out the right ohms or does that matter ? I check the fuses with a test light and also an ohm meter and they test good. What do I do now or what should I look for now ?

When the ac is running it makes a clicking noise. When the ac is off is does not make the noise.

the car is a 1975

auto transmission of 79 Vette Slips into neutral, seemingly, and intermittantly, at 20mph to 40mph and does not slip at any other speeds. Vette on blocks for 5 years 2011-Mar2016; replaced Transmission fluid and filter May 2016

Battery is about 1 year old, and can't get it to charge. 2nd battery that's "died" in 2 years.

gauge drops to empty and low fuel message comes on

just bought this car 4 days ago the 2nd day my check engine light came on so I checked the book and it said maybe the gas cap or gas is the problem after a day the light went out it came back on today I'm worried bought the car as is check engine light stays on steady what is the problem

Is there any other way this system can be bypased

Below 2,000 rpm ea shift ok around 2,500 to 3,000 rpm 1st to 2nd very hard and 2nd to 3rd it's like it missed a shift and sometimes 3rd to 4th all other shifts ok

reputable corvette service and work shop, with staff that cares and are knowledgeable. I've have so many bad experiences. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you. P.S I live in Dallas Texas

When it's cold it feels like the transmission slips from 1st to 2nd when it warms up it feels like it slips from 2nd to 3rd auto with paddle shifts

Two of the top fan mounting bolts are missing.

On the rear right speaker I have very low vol when vol is turned up hi. |On right spkr front I don't hear anything. Does not matter if it is a cd,cassette or radio station.

I am about to get a 2007 vette, owner put headers and tuned exhust on it will this have an effect on the alum heads?? all so I've heard the a lot of corvettes have harmonic balancer problems WHY???? and what other problems should I ask about???

ck engine light intermittently came on and car would stall it seemed when foot was taken off gas, but start back up again by putting in Neutral and starting while driving. Checked by mechanic, on paperwork it says -24 No Vehicle Speed Signal Received. Also ckd wiring from ECM to cluster in VSS instrument cluster. What is this and what could it be. He drove it and it didn't stall. However I had just filled it before giving the car to him.

the passenger side is blowing warm air while the driver side is cold. i suspect the motor on the draft diverter or a control that controls the diverter. how do i get to the diverter?

1st time it happened