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On takeoff at normal operation it will not go into 2nd gear. Automatic transmission. Doesn’t feel like it’s slips but won’t go into 2nd even manually shifting.
not hearing any noise. a/c is blowing just can't feel it from the vents, floorboard or dashboard
Car has run perfect for its first 52000 miles It started w/a little miss & got worse. Now will barely run
The car still won't start after putting computer on it after replacing Power Wagon later window on the passenger side 2000 Corvette
Power window will go up but often will not go all the way down.
Shop claims that slght damage to the panel edges cannot be repaired
Also claims thar paint will eventually bubble at repaired areas

three times car would not start after driving it for a short while.each time nothing happened when turning the key everything worked but starting the car. after sitting for about two hours the car started again as if nothing was wrong. my mechanics havent been able to find the source of the problem

Passenger side power window motor stays hot what cause that on a 2000 Corvette
Can you replace a pulley on a air compressor on a E500 2003 Mercedes without buying the whole air condition compressor
My 2000 Corvette is in wake up mode how can I unlock wake up mode
Key will turn car will not start 6-speed you can have the clutch when it clicks when you turn the key it will not start it this started once I replace the window regulator and motor
I just bought a wrecked 91 zr1 corvette. I don't have a key, and the steering column is broke. How do I start this car with no key? Most of the dash is missing also. I want start it to make sure that I have a good motor. Plans are, at a later date, is to transplant this motor and transmission into a 49 to 53 Chevy pickup. Can anyone help me
Gauge only reads 1/2 full no matter what the fuel level is? What causes this to occur , never had this issue before and have owned 4 Corvettes...
I was going at 70mph and accelerated too fast - when I came back home, the car was idling and still shifting but it's slightly shaking when idling (from left to right).

I drove it around but definitely something is broken. What did I break and what is the estimated cost to repair.


On my 93 Corvette the digital part of the gauges in the center does not work it just flickers all the time the previous owner had the gauges replaced and all the wires checked nd still never fixed it any help here
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