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I really like this car and I enjoyed doing repairs on it. But I am moving and I cannot keep it. It has a few issues that I am sure can be fixed. It is most certainly good for parts. The body is in good condition and except for the driver seat the interior is good also. Its kind of loud and leaks coolant and reverse does not work. I started to replace the brakes but I had leave it to deal with other life issues. I hate to send to the junkyard when it could, at least, be a donor.
1997 saab 900s 2.3l
I have an evap leak and i am car illiterate. I understand some of the info i am getting online about this but any other info or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. I have also sank a lot of money into this car since i bought it not too long ago so I am trying to find the most inexpensive way of fixing the problem. My check engine light came on about a mth ago and had it checked and the code it is reading is p0455.
The customer bring me the car with the heater blower motor bypassed was asking to have it repaired oe speck I have power to all the heater controls but nothing going to the blower motor
Fuel filter? Fuel pump? Battery?
It starts cold fine. But dies (no coughing or sputtering) after it has warmed up. Will start again after waiting 4-5 minutes, but will die again shortly thereafter. Any suggestions?
Checking my oil and noticed a gas smell on the dip stick.
Resetting code
Is have the check engine on so i want to.know what is the sensor p1617
only when accelerating, my saab will begin to shake violently. Just bought the car yesterday, doesn't matter what gear I'm in, shaking still occurs. When I let off the gas, the shaking stops. Tires are fine, previous owner told me its a CV axle, but I've also read that's probably not the case... Please help!
every time i take the key out of the car the window and sunroof automatically open on there own, and it will continue to try over and over please help
sometimes wouldnt start unless i took out fuse ....put it back then it started(happened often). finally died while driving lost all power ....check engine light blinking
Or crooked starter. The car starts but stalls when put in gear and is losing oil from the bottom
The A/C is charged and the heat is working. The dash vents are good except the center one which is weak and the floor is weak
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