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The symbol just appeared today. I cannot find a reference to this in the manual

So the battery died, which isn't unusual considering my sound system is slightly draining my battery somewhere. Went to jump start the car and as soon as I take off the jumper cables, it dies. So I figure its the alternator. Replaced the alternator, now the car still won't stay running AND my radio is now dead. Kind of at a loss here I'm not sure what happened

When it turns dark outside, there is no illumination around the gear box so that you can't see the letters P,R,N,D,B when you are ready to shift. Should there be some lighting or is that the way it is. Thank you.

The readio will not work unless i have the coad

Someone cut my radio wires and im trying to put a radio in it

I bought a instrument cluster of same year but standard, will that work for a manual?

My clutch has worn out at less than 30,000 miles. Shouldn't this be covered under the warrenty?

This started when it started snowing about 2 weeks ago. My brake light on my dash only turns on when my e-brake is engaged. But for the past two weeks from the moment I turn my car on to when I shut it completely down, the brake light is lit.

if the maintenance of the vehicle is kept far as oil change

In an accident with 2 airbags deployed. steering wheel and drivers feet. what can I expect for cost to have these replace?

Air conditioner fan control knob when turned to off position the engine turns off also

it's only has 17,000 miles it's brand new.

I connected a new battery and crossed the terminals and turn the car over , nothing happened , there was a strange noise and then i realize what i did , fixed the terminals and the car started right up , but the ac/heater/fan and radio wont work , need some help , I did not smell any thing burning ,

At the bank

I was driving home when my '94 mirage suddenly started to lose power and then cut off and would not start back up. The battery was fully charged too.

Driving on city streets This was the first time had this problem and now afraid to drive.

No problems with car but it doesn't say the speed or how many miles the car has

It won't engage when put into each gear, it's an automatic an I know nothing about cars an cannot afford to be without one right now! I put 2 wet of fluid in an it didn't work, it's not leaking either.I did have the wiring harness try to fry itself the day before this started an under the hood right next to where you put train fluid in there is a Lil black cover thing with wires going into the top that has a cracked in it but not sure what it is! With all of the electrical problems could it be something like that or what other problems could cause it to do this?

the car runs awhile and then will not restart the battery and alternator are brand new and starter has been tested the ground cable has been replaced and will not hold a charge any ideas?

Could it be play in the cable clutch

I had my battery die and had it charged it died again got alternator checked said it's only outing out 10 volts. The alternator has been replaced with a new one and new battery. A few days later battery died again and alternator still putting out 10 volts. What else could cause this problem?

2001 Mitsubishi Mirage ES (5-speed manual)
Because I live in really cold weather. I'm searching for the best cold weather manual transmission fluid (synthetic)
What brand name should I buy? I'm looking to drive during the real cold temperatures but also maximize* fuel economy with the transmission fluid I put into

the valve taps while car is cold but goes away after it is warm. major tune up has been done. before the oil change it tapped all the time. now it taps while cold.

My Mirage 1.8L was not starting here and there for several years now (usually when temps were hotter outside. I thought maybe it was the starter (solenoid possibly?). One mechanic said not starter, but battery. I have used it on more than one occasion to jump my SuperDuty F350 Diesel Truck with no problem, so, I don't see how it can be the battery.

Problem has gotten worse and very quickly, (within a few days) it is barely starting at all anymore. Could it in fact be a problem with the starter? or something else? Not getting any codes, check engine light not on.

**Always had problems with power and lights dimming when AC running (more than your normal surge).
**Always have problems with Static Electricity with this car (you can see ARCS of electricity at times) Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
**Always had problems with feeling of almost wanting to stall when stopping at a light after driving on Highway for a long time (especially when temps are warmer)

Please help. Thank you.

No power going up hills and will not speed up. Someone said converter but will burn hand at end of exaust. Please help ?????? Don't know what to do.....

Car was running and stalled. Would not re~start.

Only 2 spark plugs out of 4 are firing