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It runs and drives but all the dash warning lights come on about 15 mins after you start it
Driver door scraped same day. Key fob may have been touched while car was
This is the first time I experienced this. A Mitsubishi mechanic told me that it was just probably a glitch. Any thoughts??
I can go down the road a mile and it adds on 51 miles no warning lights have came on
What is the tool code in the display by the odometer
1) My blue Media button isn't lit up and doesn't respond to touch
2) Whenever I put a CD in, it spits it back out saying it's not responding
3) Although my Bluetooth connects and works with my phone, it seems to not be related at all to why my CD's won't play
4) Yes, I've tested my CDs and they DO work otherwise
when the engine is warm it works good
When I leave the lights on and turn the key off the buzzer no longer alerts me that the lights are on.
I have a 2001 mitizubshi mirage it has 95,000 miles on it when should I replace the timing belt
I was told by someone who isn't really good with cars but knows a little bit more than I do at least that my CV boot was completely gone on my right side and now it's been about a month since then and I'm hearing noises on my left side now. it's like kind of screeching and creaking noises when I go over bumps and when I turn the wheel while driving
I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage and I just replaced the alternator and battery, and am not getting a charge. I checked the fuses and they look good still. I did not replace the alternator belt, and it has good tension on it. I did get the alternator on eBay maybe that was the issue, but I'm not sure. Some help would be appreciated, thank you.
Recently I've noticed I've been having to put more and more oil in my car. It just won't hold it, there's no leak at all and I've done multiple oil changes in the past month to try to fix it. Me and my bank account are basically dying at this point, if anyone knows a solution it would be very very much appreciated. Thanks! Janice.
Went to put gas in afteer buying it and the pump at gas station keeps clicking off on me but i need gas in it cause i drove it home after buy it 59 miles
Where is the horn located under hood?
I park my car and left home with the key in my pocket but wen o came back and push the start button it wouldn't start the key light came on
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
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