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I want to change the exhaust system in my car to make it sound louder, doesn't necessarily need to sound super loud but rather just have a nice rumble, what the cheapest or easiest way to do this?
I cannot describe the sound but it makes a sound like something is rubbing up against something else. It does not do this all the time. The car drives great but I wish I could figure out what it is. Someone told me the e brake might need adjusting. No leaks
I have a new battery fuse boxes great new boots on airfields are with new air carstill would not come on all ac works radio plays
When I turn on the car The engine does not sound smooth, it idles pretty bad then the engine shuts off by itself but the power, air works fine. (Air turns on automatically when I turn on the car idk why) I tried turning it back on and it turned on but then engine shut off again I left it over night, came back and it drove fine. A few days later same thing happened I don’t know what’s wrong.
lights go on. Dash lights blink on and off; hear the rattle sound. engine wont crank over. Solenoid may not be connecting to starter.
Temp Guage not going hot, replaced thermostat 4 months ago, so I don't think it's thermostat.
Turned the car off for five minutes, went back outside and all of a sudden won't start.
Still no power to computer monitor and radio
The temp was fine, no warning lights came on. I pulled over and it kept smoking. Drive it home, it smoked intermittently. it sat for a few days. A mechanic looked at it, and couldn't get it to smoke again. I drove it to work today, made it about 15 minutes into the drive, and it started smoking really bad again. White smoke. What could it be?
I want upgrade my 330i to six speed manual please advise
I even checked the fuses
My car all the just would not start. I put my obd on it to see what was going on an it states. Ignition low voltage.
Why will it not move in gear
My AC is not working just completely stopped
it has a cover over it and there is a strange noise coming from it. sounds like a ticking noise but almost like a water noise . car wasn't even running
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