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Turned the car off for five minutes, went back outside and all of a sudden won't start.

Still no power to computer monitor and radio

The temp was fine, no warning lights came on. I pulled over and it kept smoking. Drive it home, it smoked intermittently. it sat for a few days. A mechanic looked at it, and couldn't get it to smoke again. I drove it to work today, made it about 15 minutes into the drive, and it started smoking really bad again. White smoke. What could it be?

I want upgrade my 330i to six speed manual please advise

I even checked the fuses

My car all the just would not start. I put my obd on it to see what was going on an it states. Ignition low voltage.

Why will it not move in gear

My AC is not working just completely stopped

it has a cover over it and there is a strange noise coming from it. sounds like a ticking noise but almost like a water noise . car wasn't even running

I ran into a center median and no damage to car, Exception Flat Tire and dented rim. Right after the "accident" the car started flashing hazards, and all other "cluster Lights" were on. I was able to drive it home however once I Parked it in the garage it would not start again.

I got the repair parts a few months ago to fix it and it has already broken again, leaving me locked out of the car and the car sitting in a parking lot as it is Sunday and no one is open.

I know that my BMW has front wheel drive, but I always wondered why is it that most models of the BMW I have always gets the front rims of the wheels dirty just driving on a regular cement road.

My transmission malfunction light pops on and once in a while my car will jerk especially going up a hill why is this happening

What are the symptoms of a cracked head on the BMW 330i

Just wanted to know if it shorts anything out when you get a jump directly from the battery

My friend didn't know any better and kept trying to start it and belt wrapped up to the motor bad .we replaced belt but it don't make a sound when try to start bought new battery

my speedometer and mpg on my 330i zhp is not working my cruise does work some are saying my abs module could be bad , any help please

I need a diagram of the cooling system. I feel like im going in circles.. ive replaced water pump,raditator, hoese, thermastats, sensors, maybe im missing something, can u direct me please. The do's an don'ts.

Everytime I drive my 2006 BMW 330i I hear a squeaking noise that sounds like its coming from my right side rear seat... Anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas on the source? Thx.

come on. it was filled last night and by the time I drove home 7 miles. the light came on again.

How do you reset the service engine light soon on a 2006 330i e90