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2002 Saturn Vue the light comes on in the dash intermittently not sure why or what it's referring to.
What is the picture of Saturn 2005 vu e check en g one light a picture of a yellow item looks like a hole in top
I replaced clutch master cylinder problem still occurs the old master was bad but still pedal wont pump up
I recently went to Mr. Tire for an oil change. I was told by the mechanic that my brake fluid was old and was becoming acidic, which would eventually damage the entire brake system. The mechanic suggested that I should let them replace the brake fluid by having them bleed the brake line. Is this true?
seems to be loosing power then it shimmers you let off the gas, (feels like your going over a bunch of railroad tracks cause the whole car vibrates) let it coast for a little and then give it gas again, it continues, coast a bit more and then slowly accelerate up to speed. It did that twice today Could it be the fuel pump? or fuel filter? It has 147,000 miles. it has always been maintained on time and tires rotated the only trouble we had was when the radio kinda blew up the dash was hot and we switched that out other no other problems from it.
Thank you in advance for your expertise on this matter.
I purchased my 2010 saturn vue in march of 2017 and bought a battery the 2nd day. after about a week i had to start jumping my car every few days to eventually every time i need to start it I was jumping it. been a yr and 3rd battery. Something is killing my $200.00 batteries. checked alternator and starter. told they were fine. i can turn my key and have power and ALMOST start and lose power and sounds like battery to weak to start. wait a few minutes turn key again and cranks right up and starts sometimes with the jiggle of the key
have had car ln shop all day they cannot clear code
cannot erase check engine light dealer could not erase
Need fluid type and how.
As I drive my car the steering wheel squeaks as I turn the wheel to the left of the right. You only hear it inside the car not outside?
The light blinks 6-7 times when i push the button. But no a/c comes on. Just blows hot air. Not sure what to do. Any suggestions? ?
Just wondering what would be a reasonable price for repairs. Deciding if it's worth repairing.
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