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My fuel injector is leaking in my 2005 Chevy Cavalier. You can smell the gas when the car is turned on when you pop the hood you can see where it's leaking in between the rings of the fuel injector. How do I fix this without taking it to a shop, and how much are the parts for me to buy on my own?
It does not appear to be leaking from the pan or the coolant hoses and when I say leaking it looks like with dumping a court upside down and pouring out
Such as subframe rust and corrosion. I need to know the date of the recall and hopefully a link to the recall itself
It stopped working, the car drives fine
What’s could the problem be if all my gauges on my car start acting up all of a sudden
started driving, Service engine came on along with ABS and Trac Off light, on dash. pull over, turn car off/on. all lights came back on. Trac off light has come before( 6 months) but when away.. can runs good with lights on, brakes ok????No leaks, sounds are normal....
My gas gauge is stuck on full I never know how much gas I have I have ran out of gas 3 times since I had the car how do I fix my gauge please
I'm working on a 2005 Chevy Caviler, on the pass side. Trying to remove a stub shaft. The first time I pulled the axel out, the stub shaft came out with the axel, then I was able get the outside seal out that needed to be replaced.
So I guess what I'm asking, is how do you remove a stub shaft. There really isn't anything to grab onto that stub shaft, so I tried put vise grips on it as tight as I can, put 1 pry bar on both sides, but when I try prying it out all that moves are the vise grips, not the shaft.
So if you have ANY ideas of any kind how to pull shaft out, PLEASE share them with me. Thank-You
parked the car on a steep hill got back in and brakes only worked when pressed really hard and not alot of stopping power no assistance at all drove home replaced 2 small brake lines in rear and brake booster bled them the best I could got a lot of air outand brakes worked pretty good still felt like a tiny bit of air but worked rest that day then the next morning felt spongy again granite I'm unable to bleed the rear left wheel due to snapping the bleeder valve could that affect the bleeding process or could I force it all the way through to the rear right to expelled the air .just don't understand why it worked pretty good not 100% but next day went to a lot worse again I also did cycle the abs to get any air out of it via an abs stop on gravel
It's a 2005 Chevy Cavalier transmission leak. On the passenger side is where it is leaking. There is a speed sensor on the passenger side as well. replaced the sensor, with a new one. there is two wires that come from the top Drivers side behind the motor. The wire plugs into the side of the sensor. When the sensor is plugged it forms a small loop in the wire. the fluid leaks from the bottom or that wire. I'm at a loss. I also changed the transmission fluid and filter
Brand new Battery Thermostat
started 2 months ago. There is a wire that goes to the sensor, transmission fluid dripping off the wire that plugs into the speed sensor on the pass side. I changed the speed sensor on the pass side, but that didn't work. I also changed the transmission fluid and filter.
Trac off light is on. Wheel sensors are ok and so are wiring harnesses. What else should be checked? Why is mechanic saying take it to a dealership?

It was on before but coincided with fuel pump and injectors problems. Those have all been replaced. No more engine codes, except Trac off light.I'm afraid to drive it to dealer because before these repairs, on 2 occasions it wouldn't go over 15mph or so. I almost got rear ended. How do I know that won't happen again?
i just bought this car iam a 52 year old female who cnt afford to take car to repair shop it turns over but wont start and backfires. it was parked for a year
I have a new battery new starter & also a new alternator the car cuts on and then cuts off
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