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the rubber gasket around the insert that is supposed to hold the MAP sensor tight is old and worn out. if that is causing a vacuum leak would a leak in that location cause the engine to backfire and lose power when i ...
DTC says vss, and O2 reading rich,all known sensors,fuel injector,relays,fuel pump,fuel filter,vacume hoses,electronic firing modual mounted under coil pal replaced,new rebuilt ECM from O'rileys but had to use main co...
Codes u1301, u1040,u1064,p1626
after replacing lock cylinder, it started,then died.the anti theft light came on steady for a few seconds and then went out. I waited ten minutes and retried, it did the same thing. doesn't enter then relearn mode
I had a minor accident and My car will turn over but not crank. i'm on disablty and can afford to pay alot to get my car fixed several people have told mr i need to push the reset button for fuel relay but ...
Steering feels tighter,harder to turn steering wheel
Just had the transmission rebuilt 2 months ago, good clutch on it, is all of the sudden barely going into all gears. I have to double clutch to shift into any gear, which makes me think it's the synchros in the tranny...
car would just die while driving or would not start but would after a while not will not start at radio or anything would not make even a clicking sound when trying to start
how does the front and back bumper come off? And does that have to be done? Is there a bodykit that just slips over factory front and rear bumper? Ans Side Skirts? How?
It looks like its a hex key but I tried the 4mm it slipped the 5mm was to big, so I bought a 4.5mm and that's to small. Also I tried using a t27 but that's to small also n I tried a t30 but that's to big please help.
car began to not start...nothing no radio nothing...changed starter,no help,changed alternator no would run and die while driving now will not even start...checked battery and its good any ideas?
Dipstick tupe leaking transmission fluid badly
The car was not starting and we had it jumped but it started but it quit three times and each time we had it jumped and when we started the car started losing power 1 mile from where we started and it stopped and then...
where does the fusable like attach to on an alternator
OWhat Would Be The cause? It Has Spark And Turns Over Just Fine But It Won't Run! Could It Be Th E Timing Jumped?
Title says "rebuilt". I bought it as a loaner car for out of town guests & adult chdren to use as a spare. Car runs wel except I don't know where the cruise control is & the driver seat doesn't sit straight up so driv...
just replace a radiotor & heater hose
Changed the injectors, spark plugs and wires, the starter, the fuel filter, a few undercarriage things and when she started up the check engine light is on. There is no power when I tried to test drdrive. Seems like n...
I've had the car over 2 years and this winter is the only time this happened. Don't know if it is the windshield or something around the driver door or firewall.
Freeze plug behind bell houseing
Today my cavalier randomly stalled going down the road. When I went to start it back up it was fine but then continues to stall after a few minutes of driving. Help? Idk what this is.
Up I checked the termanals the are good what say you?
What is the Low and High AC readings. and how long should the AC system be evacuated? Also for R134 should it be put in as gas or liquid?