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Slight squealing when turning on occasion after bushings replaced.
A light comes on says low trac
The car rwill not come
Out of park, engine off mor on
Battery good, jumped starter-Good, turn key on-nothing, all fuses good, but there is no power to the ign mdl fuse, should there be, was running then just stopped, have headlights, no crank, no click, no dashboard lights, took cover off and popped ign switch wiring, no power to the red wires, help, this is my son's car
I have replaced the battery and the starter with in a month. Even with the new battery the car will not turn over when I turn the key on you can hear the fuel pump ingage, all the dash lights are on and the key dings and all but will not turn over
What does my slave cylinder look like in a 2004 chevy cavalier Ls. sport 2.2l and is there a video that shows the replacement of it also
Took to shop for antifreeze leaking. Told it was bad water pump. Picked it up was making whirring noise took it back (only 3 blocks from our house) Now they've changed pump 3 times. They say they all 3 different brands still makes the same noise. Maybe timing or bearings not really sure. Something about new parts not liking old parts. We've always taken good care of our cars. Any advice?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? After driving antifreeze would leak never did before
How long have you had this problem? Off and on for a few weeks I though it was because I had over filled the resoviror a little but we don't drive very far only 7 miles to work So only after a longer trip
03 cavalier was running good stopped at the store and water blew from back of motor and now it won't start at all any clue..
Engine jump time
If u give it gas while trying to start it will start but barely runs and can barely give it any gas. Has no power.
It was once in awhile and now it is every time,I am afraid it won't turn one day
after driving home from work tried to shift to park. could not shift. never had a problem before this
It used to be I'd turn the key and the lights and radio would come on, but the car wouldnt start. I'd have to hit the brake a couple times itd make a hissing noise and then itd turn on. It never ticked though. Sometimes i would get out and wiggle the wires connected to the battery and itd start. I left it parked for a couple of days them when i went to start it it wouldnt start and my light on the inside ceiling way very dim and it made a hissing noise like it normally does but woudnt start. i kept messing with it until it completely was dead.. i took the two cords (black and red one connected to the battery) and wiped them down and hooked them back up.. still nothing. then i tried to jump it and nothing, no lights or the hissing noise :( any advice or answers would be helpful! thanks
a/c woks fine on highway not at idle
we are going on vacation and we are going to tow the car behind rv but , the steering wheel wont go into lock position
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