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I just replaced both hub bearings on my cavalier and both ball joints and I was driving the car and the hub bearing broke what causing it to break it hasn't even been a month since I replaced them?
Don't need any other details for my question.
The horn will not stop
Go over bump too fast. Car suddenly shakes from 30mph on getting worse the faster. Increase speed and let off, right around 55 I hear a clunking noise for a second. Over a bump, shakes, clunk, gotta be rear shocks, right? Front struts replaced few months ago. Then, go to drive to pick up new shocks and the first time I touch the brakes in lot, the left rear SINKS, bad! When I let of the brake, it pops back up. Doesn't seem to do it when I brake at normal speed though, or its much much less of a squat that I don't notice(Also I being so ginger with it currently, its my only car). Is this the rear shocks? Brakes? Both? Something else?
98 Chevrolet cavalry z24 2.4l twin cam...changed fuel filter and lines.. idles and then loses RPMs as idling. When put into gear loses RPMs and wants to shut off engine shakes car shakes
I ran out of gas on the side of the road. I put more gas in it, so it had a third of a tank. Gave it a boost, and it would turn over and sputter out. The mechanic says it will turn over and stay on when it's manually pumped, but another mechanic said that it's air in the lines. What do I do?
95 Chevy Cavalier 2.2l. No spark after new ICM, pcm, both coils, crank sensor and spark plugs. PCM was changed be cause I believed it was bad but nope. Checked the three crank sensor wires back to the pcm for continuity, same with ICM and no flaws. ICM has 12volts and perfect ground. Still no spark.
And the check engine light is flashing 02 cavalier it just started running rough and use in gas real bad
'96 cavalier. I replaced head gasket. now the engine turns over strong but it won't crank. what are some possible issues I can check? it's a 2.2 engine. checked crank sensor and ground wire.
2004 Chev Cavalier. Shift interlock solenoid not working. NO NEW PARTS AVAILABLE. Chevy no longer stocks and no dealer in USA has. Dorman and so forth never made a replacement. How bypass? And still be able to remove key? I'm told the entire assembly must be replaced, but only available at junk yard. Since mine croaked at 80,000 miles I don't think a used one is a good investment. I am aware of safety concerns, but am capable of remembering to set ebrake if only option. Thanks.
PS brake light switch is good
It over heated a couple days ago and now the heater don't work right. It goes back and forth hot then cold
The car was vibrating after coming off the highway at a speed of 40
Took Ac fuses out let car warm up heater air still blows cold the Ac light comes on with defrost I was hoping the Ac button was just stuck and that's why air wouldn't get warm but removing fuses made no change in air temp
ok when it is cold and I turn the ignition on, the check engine light only comes on and the temp gauge goes up to half way point and car starts to run for about a second and shuts off no matter how many times I try but I put a space heater in the drivers seat on high for 20 min. then turn the ignition switch on and all the dummy lights come on and the temp gauge goes down to cold setting and the car fires right up and runs fine but if I shut it off on a cold day and it gets a chance to get cold inside the car then it won't start until it is warmed up again
the problem is not in the engine it is electrical I've changed the Ignition switch still have same problem

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