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the low side is holding high pressure like its not regulating. I can spin the clutch on the compressor but can't find the relay
It wasn’t getting as cold so we added more Freon to it, it then started working then not and the idle don’t seem to have any influence on it???.
My Nissan rogue stalled as I was braking for traffic. The vehicle stopped and the engine shut off. check engine light, oil pressure warning light, brake warning light and charge warning light illuminated and stayed. Any idea what could be the issue?

It is a 2009
"Can you change your automatic transmission fluid too often?" This is a scheduled maintenance question for my recently purchased 2016 Nissan Rouge. The Nissan manual says "inspect" the auto. trans. fluid at various service intervals. I had a bad experience with my previous vehicle (Scion Xb) changing the trans. fluid at 90K miles. And, it seems that 10 different mechanics will advise you 10 different ways when it comes to "When do I change my auto trans. fluid?". A Honda service manager friend says- "if you want to be safe - change it every 30K miles". Presently this is what I am considering. Advice please? Thank you.
pull over and it restarts runs fine check for codes with code reader shows nothing no trouble lights come on either
The air conditioning just all of a sudden started to blow warm air. When they went to fill it up thinking that it needed recharged there was air in the lines. How much to fix?
The air conditioner when first turned on is cold then starts to get warm then hot. I shut it off wait a minute then turn on again it’s cold then gets warm then hot again. Some friend said it might be the relay switch???? It’s a Nissan 2013 rogue
Over 55 MPH a vibrating knocking sound is heard. Not very loud, yet varies in decimal level. Fixed the wheel wheel covers, checked the heat shield, checked the exhaust and no indication that noise would develop. Nothing loose under seat. Does not make any noise unless over 55 mph or higher.
About a year ago my ac quit blowing cold air, so we charged it with AC pro in NC. That did not fix it. Over the winter after suffering through the summer, our AC compressor went. We replaced that in hopes it would also fix the AC issue. Well its practically summer and its still blowing hot air. We charged it again and no change. Does anyone have any ideas?
the air conditioning blows air out vents however stops cooling when coming to stop at stop sign or setting idle in park postion
What is most likely cause of stalling
Air condition isn’t blowing cold air
Radiator fan isn’t cooling the radiator
They are both SL AWD drive models with Navigation.
My a/c isn’t working it’s blow a regular air this car I bought in January so I don’t use A/C before but heat is working good
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