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Is the red light with the car symbol in the center of the instrument panel above the steering wheel part of the security system?
When I turn the car on the warm-up turn the heater on on the right side blows hot air on the left side blows cold air and the backseat blows cold air as well: it is field and reserve but it still blowing cold air on the left side and in the back Seat of the car what can you be
It's a 2013 Rogue with 121,000 mi. After running for about 30 min or more and I turn off the car, it won't start. Usually the first crank will get it to start but it will immediately stall out. After that it will just keep cranking, but not catch. Once the car cools down, it starts.
The other vents are heating up but the one nearest the drivers door isn’t
I filled up and should have been able to reach my destination and have some fuel left, however just before my destination I almost ran out of gas. Filled the tank and the display only registers 272 miles to empty when normally it’s over 300.
Battery is only 2 months old. Tried jump starting and would not engage. Lights, radio, gages working.
check engine light comes on for a few days goes off for a few then back on again code says mass air flow sensor which has been replaced twice along with air filter now what?
Air blowing cold, no problems with it ever.Driving home on Interstate, air goes from cold to hot. Turned it off, waited a couple of hours, still blowing hot. What could it be?
Sometime my AC takes 20 minutes to blow cold air. I took to the dealer they said everything checked out fine
Anyone else have this issue
The noise only starts once the air has been on for a while. Turn it off and back on runs for a while then might or might not happen again
My understanding was that when I want to direct the airflow to the floor or other part, I need to press the appropriate Air flow button. On my 2017 Rogue, the air flow button is "always" on, and when I press the button to turn it off, it does not turn off, the light remains on. WHY? Or is that the way it was designed?
My car is making a rumbling sound when I'm backing up or going really slow. I've also noticed that a belt is starting to make a slight squeal when starting. They may be unrelated. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Rouge SL 2016 - Why does the front sensor quit working at odd times and in the rain constantly? Side mirrors ALWAYS work.
The blower motor in my 2010 rogue is on full blast all the time. What is causing it. It's a 2.5
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