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I want to replace my ac compressor on my lincoln aviator. How would I approach this top or bottom an what parts will I remove to take compressor off?
Why are gets cold and then warm and then gets really cold again the freon has been charged and at night it works good but during the day the compressor will not stay running and kicks off and then they are gets warm again
I took it to the ford place and first they replaced the thermostat..It ran about a month and ran hot again..I took it back to the ford place and they replaced the water pump ..It ran about another month..Now its back in the ford place ahain running hot..Can sombody help me
Put it on drive don’t move put it on 3rd and put it back to drive then it works
I need directions to remove the radiator , Ihad a pressure check done and it’s to expensive at the auto shop.
I have a 2005 Lincoln Aviator and I cannot locate the camshaft position sensor. Please help?
Is the headlight design of 4 little lamp reflectors better than typical design, i.e., 2007 Mercury Mountaineer
Would a diagnostic pin pinot the problem of a low oil pressure light
can I use a shifter from a different year.
do the part numbers have to match up.
Lincoln aviator is a 2003 but I have found 2004 2005 shifters that look exactly the same.
I was driving my 2005 lincoln aviator when all of a sudden it died,didnt show no over heating no warning lights,tried stating but wouldn't start,so i changed the battery with a new one an it cranks but slowly an wont start,what could be wrong?
My turn signals don't work but my hazard light do
we had the car break down and had towed to garage, was told there are three convertors and one was bad but had to replace all three, we are thinking there are only two, and said the co2 sensor needed replaceing
Where do I️ bleed the hose at? Do I️ put the water in through the coolant or the pipe?
There is a clicking noise only when turning on ac. The ac works great, but the heater doesn't get hot like it should
It is happening all the time now. The back end won’t open but the glass lift gate will. When I push the button it just clicks like it does when it opens but then it won’t open.
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