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Where do I️ bleed the hose at? Do I️ put the water in through the coolant or the pipe?
There is a clicking noise only when turning on ac. The ac works great, but the heater doesn't get hot like it should
It is happening all the time now. The back end won’t open but the glass lift gate will. When I push the button it just clicks like it does when it opens but then it won’t open.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? intermittent
How long have you had this problem? few weeks
cant find the flasher relay switch under dash. I want to replace it
My Lincoln goes into programming mode but But keyfobs will not program I have one original and 1 Brand-new from Napa
Lincoln enters programming mode but the key fobs will not program.. I have 1 original and 1 new from NAPA
what is average mileage to replace the timing chain?
My headlights will not work I'm not sure where the fuse box is at to see if its the problem or what else could it be??
I replaced spark plugs boots could replaced fuel injectors fuel filter replace valve cover gasket got a compression test and number 8 failed what's the problem
Fuel pump was replaced along with the starter and all the relays but the truck still won't start it clicks over and acts like it wants to but doesn't what could be the other reasons to why it doesn't?
Car is not engaging the gears
instrument panel went black. checked fuses all to good
I priced all 32 at 240.00. What should my labor be and how long does it take.
AC Compressor ceased, don't want to mess with it anymore. Gives nothing but problems
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