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Hi I have Ridgeline RTL 06 and I recently changed all my interior lighting to LED lights. I noticed after I finished the driver's door monitor indicator light is on. I thought maybe it was a faulty front door switch, so I swapped it with the back door switch. The problem did not go away, same indicator light was on, and because this indicator is somehow tied into the security, I can't lock my doors with the remote. I can lock the doors manually, however, the security LED does not come on. This circuit is also tied into the dome interior lighting. Therefore, the interior lights when the switch is set to the middle position (door) will stay on as well. I can turn those light off at the switch...Has anybody else had this issue. I would appreciate any help on this, I know there are a lot of ridgelines owners out there and any assistant would be great.
Ok had some major work done, replaced battery, head gaskets, fuel pump, hoses,
Cooling sensors (2). Was told running a little rough because compression effected from blown head gasket. Once on the road, runs well. Engine light on again with the VTM-4
I have no power to the glove box light.
most of the time this is the condition. seldom the right front one will light up
Our 2018 Honda Ridgeline radio display is gone. This is NOT the touchscreen. All we have at the top is the time on the upper right-hand corner.
The a/c takes a long time to cool, even when in recirc mode, and even when it's not really hot out. When it finally starts to cool, it is nice and cold. Any thoughts?
Typically when A/C is on, dealer claims it's a relay switch and perfectly normal.
temp would change from cold to warm but also the blower would change as well.
goes on and off by itself.
all the buttons and knobs seem to work fine, air just doesn't respond to commands.

How long have you had this problem? Two days
Both brake light not working
when pulling out of driveway steering is stiff at first
2008 Honda Ridgeline. Changed actuator but nothing. Is there a separate relay. All other doors work fine. If I don't manually lock that door the alarm won't come on. What could be my possibilities for this trouble.
would like to repair this issue before something happens to the switch in the glove box .
It's like it has No Passing Gear and Overdrive is not kicking in.
A mechanic friend, said: It sounds like Speed Sensor and some valve or something behind a plate on side of Tranny?

Transmission was replaced 1½ years ago, was running fine!

He thinks the Honda Dealership did not put some old parts on it when replacing it?
AC blows hot air and than cold and goes back to hot. It doesn't look like it is low on coolant.A part by the belt does seem to move. could this be a condenser
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